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TRADE TOWN: Vizquel, Kendall, Benítez

Both Bay Area teams are
loading up for the 2005
season. So far the
three biggest names
might be the best that
both teams can get.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Adding Benitez, How Do the Giants look? by Ed Stern

Marty; Nothing is more heartwarming to a committed fan, on a cold, end of autumn day, than to pick up the morning paper and discover that your team has made a major move to buttress it’s chances for a successful 2005 season. The prospective signing of Benitez is such a move.

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Witnessed Boston last two World Titles

Many stories came out of
the sensational 2004 season
for the Boston Red Sox,
including the World’s
Oldest Man.

By Amaury Pi-González

Check the comments below, we’ve been talking about the Kendall trade and other things. [Read more →]

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The Giants' Proper Off Season by Ed Stern

Marty; The story in this morning’s Chronicle, by writer Henry Schulman, who covers the Giants, is disconcerting, to say the least. Schulman quotes the Giants’ assistant general manager, Ned Colletti, as saying “We’re more focused on a closer and fixing the bullpen than we are on adding an outfielder right now. If we go into camp right now, we’re fine with the outfield we’ve got, with Bonds in left, Grissom in center and a combination of Tucker and Mohr in right and Pedro Feliz might get some time out in right field as well”. Colletti is the well thought of assistant to Sabean. There is no reason to believe that he doesn’t express the thinking of management.

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Daily Dish As Thanksgiving Approaches

Free agents who are anxious to get the process behind them will sign by Thanksgiving. It happens every year.

The White Sox thought they had Omar Vizquel locked up, but the future hall of famer (?) decided that he’d rather play on the west coast and chose the Giants instead.

So what does this say about the Giants? One, they won’t have a first round pick again in the amateur draft if Vizquel is a type A free agent as my colleague Bruce Grimes points out.

Two, they are casting their lot with a 37 year old shortstop with a history of knee problems. They better get healthy years from both Vizquel and Barry Bonds (40 yrs) if they are to be serious contenders in the west. One misstep by either spells trouble for the Giants. How many years can they get by with Bonds at his age leading the way?

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Possible Bay Area Off Season Moves by Baseball Writer Bruce Grimes

Bruce Grimes is a regular in the press box at Giants and A’s games during the year and I respect his analysis. I asked him to give me his thoughts on possible moves that the two teams might be thinking of making over the next few months.

Bruce also writes a weekly baseball column in Palo Alto.

His thoughts follow:


Good to hear from you. Have given off season moves a lot of thought.

At this point, and it’s still early, some of the following just might happen:



They’ll as Sabean puts it, “kick the tires” on Beltran and quickly move on; next they’ll go after Finley (again!) and be rebuffed; they will back away from Drew because of injuries; they’ll realize Alou is not a good defensive fit in right-field, at least at SBC, and wants too much money anyway; they’ll inquire about Guillen and then get cold feet (defense and attitude) and finally: they’ll work out a one year deal with incentives with Magglio Ordonez, with a mutual option for a second year. He wants to prove he’s healthy and if he is, it would be a terrific signing. Fall-back position: Jeromy Burnitz. Since he’s around 38 and has been “up and down” as to production, he sadly fits their “MO”.


Radke would be perfect but I bet he’ll either stay in Minnesota or go to Cleveland; Milton’s intriguing. Even though he gave up 43 homers, it was in a hitters park; Ortiz would be perfect, but he’ll have a lot of money waved in front of him, especially by Cleveland, the Rangers, maybe even Tampa Bay (you can bet Pinella loves him)– my guess he signs with the Rangers or possibly the Mariners will add to their depleted staff, especially if they fail to land a power hitter (Delgado)

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Sunday Thoughts by Marty Lurie

Tim Hudson will stay if the A’s put money on the table. Clear and simple, his agent knows the game and will see where the A’s want to go in the negotiations. Seeing Mulder and Zito struggle last year might swing things in Hudson’s favor since he is the most reliable of the three. His propensity to break down is disturbing as well as his avoidance to throw a split finger pitch last season. He is Pedro like in that he wants the ball in the big game and will deliver. I’d sign him before the other two. It’s a gamble but he’s married and a more mature man. If I was investing my millions in the future I’d put it on Hudson. Plus I wouldn’t wait around if I was convinced he is healthy.

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Daily Dish Batter Up November 6th, 2004

Each year the story of baseball plays out like a captivating book. We don’t know how the story will turn out, but every day we read another chapter, then try to predict the next twist in the plot.

Such is the life of a baseball columnist.

Some forecasts are right on the money, others not so close.

Here’s a few of my favorite analyses from “Batter Up” 2004:

2/21: “A Rod is a loser folks.” It took the NY fans about two months before realizing that A Rod won’t produce when it counts. Joe Torre even batted A Rod second in the order, in a desperate attempt to awaken his bat. A Rod’s pathetic swipe at Bronson Arroyo while running to first base in game six of the ALCS brought the boo birds out in full force.

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There is no doubt than when
historians review this 2004
World Series they will have
to admit that Curt Schilling
was the inspiration for
this incredible season.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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