Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

TRADE TOWN: Vizquel, Kendall, Benítez

Both Bay Area teams are
loading up for the 2005
season. So far the
three biggest names
might be the best that
both teams can get.

By Amaury Pi-GonzálezI was on a conference call
today(11/30/04)at 4PM
with Giants General
Manager Brian Sabean,
Assitant Ned Coletti
and Felipe Alou, who
just spoke at the
start of the conference.

The big news for the Giants
was the 3-year deal on
signing veteran righthander
reliever Armando Benítez.

Dominican born Armando
Benítez lead the National
League in saves last year
with 47 with the Florida
Marlins and his 1.29 ERA
was the best in both leagues
for a reliever/closer.

Armando has been in the
Majors for 11 seasons and
has pitched in both leagues
for: Baltimore,New York Mets,
Seattle Mariners and
Florida Marlins. In total
he has 244 saves in
283 chances.

I asked Brian Saeban
today(minutes after they
announced that Benitez
has signed with Giants)
if the Giants have a
set-up man in mind,
and if that man was
with the team today or
maybe someother team?

Sabean: “We are still
looking at that situation”
I then asked him If the
Giants might still be
looking for another
pitcher not with the
organization as of
today to become the
set-up man. Sabean
repplied: “Yes, there
is a possibility”.

So the Giants have a
bonified closer now, a
man that has done it
year after year(in NY
he had a tough time when
he blew up a few saves
specially during Postseason)
but we all know that in
New York you cannot
make one mistake,
because the mentality
there is to over exagerate
anything that happens
in the Manzana Grande
(for those having problem
with Spanish here in
bilingual California)that
means Big Apple.

Aside from signing
Benítez for around $20
million for 3 years the
Giants a few weeks
back signed veteran
(9 time Gold Glove winner)
Omar Vizquel. So, the
shortstop position has
been solved. I am sure
Pedro Feliz is smiling
today. The closer
situation is also solved,
with the great probability
that Robb Nen will never
pitched again.

Can the Giants get another
bat in this lineup to go
with Barry ? or will he
eventually be forced
to bat lead-off in the
near future ?

Hard to tell, we are just
ending November but
the Giants have signed
two solid veterans that
free of injury shall
be able to help this
team in two key


The Oakland Athletics got
3-time All Star catcher
Jason Kendall for two
pitchers: Mark Redman
and Arthur Rhodes. I am
sure the A’S are happy
about this one, I would be
too. Kendall fits perfectly
with A’S, he is an offensive
catcher than has even
hit first in his career. The
A’S might have lost some
defense as Damian Miller
departed, but Kendall
has improved his
defense and this (in my
opinion)is a great
improvement in the
catching position for
the Athletics.

Can the A’S swing a big
deal like getting a solid
slugger, i.e. Magglio Ordoñez
from the White Sox for
Barry Zito ? Is this in
the making ? Can it happen?

The Athletics are one of
the few teams in baseball
than can trade a pitcher
of the quality of Zito and
still have a very strong
starting rotation.

With another poweful
bat in the A’S lineup
and if they resign
Durazo then they might
have the best chance
yet to win the pennant.
The A’S bullpen is NOT
the strongest, therefore
simple math tells you
this team needs more
offense. Hopefully,
Octavio Dotel can
start from Spring
Training and have a great
season but he is not
the guy that when is
called from the bullpen
you can say: game is over !

The Bay Area is suffering
from “baseball withdraw”
with a terrible winter
for 49ers,Raiders,
Warriors(boy Warriors
looked like a college team
they are an embarrassment.
If Chris Mullin came back
he has to be able to
shoot over 39% -what
this team is shooring-
11 years with no playoffs
for Warriors and this season
“It’s a Great Time Out, Out
of the Coliseum Arena”.
Also, no Sharks because
of the strike. Many wished
that Spring Training
started in January !

We are lucky to have two
of the very best General
Managers in all of baseball
in Billy Beane and Brian

I think there will be a few
more deals, but hard to
think the Giants and
A’S can get more
players of the caliber
of these three. Vizquel,
Kendall and Benítez all
three solid All Stars.

The A’S can deal pitching
for offense but the Giants
are not in the same
situation, Bonds have
2 maybe 3 years left
and they better do it
soon or it would be
the R word like it

Merry Christmas
Happy Hannukah
Happy Kwanza
In the words of
José Feliciano:
…Feliz Navidad,
Próspero Año y..



1 Anonymous { 12.01.04 at 1:43 pm }

The A’s greatest strength is that they can put up a great starting rotation. Dealing one of the big 3 for extra offense would weaken their greatest resource without adding enough offense to match up to the overspenders (NY, Boston, Anaheim).

Their starting rotation of the Big 3 plus fast rising star Harden will be stronger than last year. Their bullpen will also be stronger. Another good bat would really help, but not at the price of any of the Big 3. The A’s have other trade options, such as some of their tons of catching prospects, and maybe one of their less crucial position players.

2 Anonymous { 12.02.04 at 12:17 pm }

True, true and true.
But let’s be real here, If they cannot
keep Tim Hudson then the whole store
is for sale ! And nobody is very sure
that Hudson cannot get much more
money in New York or Atlanta or
Boston or Anaheim.

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