Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Witnessed Boston last two World Titles

Many stories came out of
the sensational 2004 season
for the Boston Red Sox,
including the World’s
Oldest Man.

By Amaury Pi-González

Check the comments below, we’ve been talking about the Kendall trade and other things.When you think you
have ‘seen it all’
then this happens.

Mr.Fred Hale Sr died
November 19, 2004
in his sleep.
He was 113 years old
and considered the
world’s oldest man.

Mr. Hale was born
December 1, 1890
(he died just 12 days
away from his 104th
He was born in
New Sharon,Maine
and at the time of
his birth the US
flag had 43 stars.

He made de Guiness
record for the oldest
driver. At age 108
he stll found driving
annoying, according
to Fred Hale III.

But most important
of all, Mr Hale lived
to see his favorte
team the Boston
Red Sox win the
second World Series
during his lifetime,
(he was 28 years
old when the Red Sox
won the 1918 World

The Boston Red Sox
where his lifelong
favorite baseball
team. Born in
Bosox Country,
Hale retired
50 years ago
as a railroad postal
worker and beekeeper.

A real sportsman at
age 95 Hale flew to
Japan to visit a
grandson that was
in the Navy. As he
stopped in Hawaii
on his way back
to the mainland,
he gave boogie-boarding
a try.

At 103 Hale was still
shoveling snow from
his rooftop ! His son
Fred Jr is now 82,
born just 4 years
after the Red Sox
won the 1918 series.

Pneumonia took Hale
away. Now the world’s
oldest living man is
Hermann Dornemann
of Germany, age 111.

Dornermann is not
a Red Sox fan.


1 Anonymous { 11.21.04 at 10:21 am }

Here’s some more thoughts from Bruce Grimes on my suggestions for off season moves,

Took off for a few days to clear my head. I’m getting caught up and your posting was a big help. In response to some of your points:

Listening to the tape of Bonds’ press conference, I’m reminded (as if I had to be!) how arrogant he is. Simply appalling. You’re right. By not answering, he continues to make a case for all the doubters out there. If he is a user, he will surely pay the price physically as he continues to age. No award is worth that high a price.

Corey Lidle. I guess his picture’s in the Baseball Encyclopedia next to the definition of “second half player”. Still, he does eat innings and comes relatively cheap. Good signing by the Cubs: Glendon Rusch. He comes even cheaper than Lidle and last season was far more consistent than Corey.

Agree with you about Percival. He’s going to have a hard time pitching three consecutive (maybe even a consistent, two consecutive) days. Though if the Tigers keep Urbina, the two of them could be quite a tandem.

Looks like the Tigers will be the Giants chief competition for Finley. He and his wife want to stay on the West Coast, though, so he’s probably only talking with them to drive his price up. San Diego may be the dark horse when it comes to acquiring him, though I read he doesn’t like hitting in PETCO.

Finally, Soriano to the Giants? Interesting speculation. Makes some sense for both clubs, but I think the Rangers will want more than Foppert in a package with Durham. I bet it would take Lowry or Williams, since Foppert’s still unproven and coming off arm surgery. Personally, I would hope they’d take either Valdez or Cain, plus Hennessey and Durham.

Personally, I hope the Giants rid themselves of BOTH Alfonzo and Durham. It’s time to get younger at both positions. Feliz needs to play full-time at third, though Alfonzo could move to second if Durham’s traded. And, if the Giants can’t acquire Soriano, I do hope they’ll inquire about Roberts or Hairston. If all else fails, free agent, Placido Polanco would be a good short-term solution.


2 marty { 11.24.04 at 11:23 pm }

I put this comment into the forum as well:
Redman and Rhodes had to go. Neither fit into the clubhouse, both were overpaid, and neither lived up to the teams expectations. Pittsburgh is desperate to move Kendall, he gives the A’s a decent bat to hit second. Not sure about his catching skills or if they have deteriorated since his ankle injury. All in all, a win win situation for the A’s because anyone who saw Redman or Rhodes pitch knows that the manager and staff didn’t want any part of them next season. The whole thing is very similar to the Terrence Long trade last year and might work out just as well. Can you believe the state of baseball when you have to unload unwanted players with unfavorable contracts instead of really building your team through shrewd moves. Will Kendall stay in Oakland? Seems like he will because the A’s need a righthanded hitter and a catcher. Just getting Rhodes out of the clubhouse with his absurd contract is reason to celebrate. Ken Macha is going to have a nice Thanksgiving.

3 marty { 11.25.04 at 12:32 pm }

Kendall can’t throw very well and probably will be a drop off defensively, but the front office has always craved more offense at the expense of defense, so this is not a surprise. Melhuse wanting out should give one of the AAA catchers a chance to sit on the bench this seson. I my opinion trading Redman guarantees that the A’s will not trade one of the big three. Seeing how they insisted on Pittsburgh throwing money into the deal should be a sign that the A’s are reluctant to spend big money, no shock. I don’t think they will come close to signing Hudson because Pedro, Pavano, Milton, etc are all going to get big deals 8-10 mil and Hudson is better than all of the pitchers out there. It will take 50 mil to sign Hudson and the A’s won’t pay it. Next season Hudson will have a field day in the free agent market.

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