Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball


Marin Luriemarty


As a young boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York during the golden age of baseball, the game became Marty Lurie’s unconditional friend It grounded him, provided comfort and warmth, and has been with him throughout his life.

After a successful, but demanding career as a criminal defense lawyer, Marty tried his last case and closed his practice in 1995.  From his lifelong love of baseball, his next career was born.

Noticing Marty’s unparalleled knowledge of baseball history and the ability to communicate the story of the game, friends encouraged him to host a baseball show. With humble beginnings at a high school radio station, Marty’s new career gained momentum when he was offered the opportunity to host a pre-game show on the Oakland Athletics radio network. That move lasted 10 years, until 2010 when he took his current role as the weekend pre- and post-game radio host on KNBR, the flagship station for the SF Giants. Throughout the years, Marty has attracted and cultivated a devoted community of fans that reaches across the country and around the world.

Eight years later he came to work with the Giants, including three World Series rings to call his own and thousands of on-air hours later, the partnership among Marty Lurie, KNBR and the SF Giants is still going strong. Now, recognizing the value of his extensive collection of stories and insights,  Marty is sharing his passion for baseball and history with you.