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The Krueg Show PODCAST: Breaking down the recent Giants’ additions with Marty Lurie

Another week and we have another episode of the Krueg Show / Talkin’ Baseball podcast for you. Larry Krueger and Marty Lurie discuss latest Giants additions with a couple week before pitchers & catchers report to Spring Training in Arizona

Another week and we have a monster episode of the Krueg Show / Talkin’ Baseball podcast for you. Larry Krueger and Marty Lurie discuss the Astros Sign Stealing Scandal among other topics and #sfgiants’ offseason

This week we have a monster episode of the Krueg Show X Talkin’ Baseball podcast for you. Larry Krueger and Marty Lurie hit all the big topics, winter meetings, the new Giants coaching staff, a new starting pitcher, and some new Rule 5 draftees. Buckle up, this is a good one.

The esteemed Marty Luire joins Larry Krueger for another crossover episode of Talking Baseball and The Krueg show. The two break down the Giants choosing Gabe Kapler as their next manager and his unique introductory news conference.

The intrepid Marty Lurie joins Larry Krueger again to give keep you up-to-date on the San Francisco Giants’ ongoing search to replace Bruce Bochy. The two also break down a slew of offseason moves the Giants have already made.

Marty and Krueg dive into the San Francisco Giants’ search for a manager, and what they think of the names that are floating around for possible Bruce Bochy replacements. 

Marty Lurie hops on with Larry Krueger to discuss all things Giants offseason. 

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Mid-Inning Relief Podcast — The 24th One: Going Over Trades & Comebacks in Giants History

The long homestand is over! As the San Francisco Giants head out on their road trip to Washington and Pittsburgh, Marty Lurie, Carmen Kiew, and Ally Williams discuss their April prediction. Who needs to step up offensively, what will be the Giants’ record at the end of the month, and who will be the offensive and pitching MVPs of the month? The Mid-Inning Relief crew also goes over the Boston Red Sox’s rough start, great comebacks in baseball, good and bad trades in the franchise, Joey Bart’s injury, and whether it’s okay to bunt to break up a no-hitter or perfect game.

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Mid-Inning Relief Podcast: The 21st One: Wild Predictions for the Giants’ 2019 Season

We are BACK! Mid-Inning Relief returns for Year 2 just in time for Opening Day. Along with our weekly discussions, we are excited to announce our new collaboration with Baseballism to give you a chance to win a $50 gift card each week! Listen for the secret word in this week’s episode and tweet it at @midinningrelief before the new podcast is released for your chance to win!

In our first episode of Season 2, Carmen Kiew, Marty Lurie, and Ally Williams return and discuss Bruce Bochy retiring, the constant rule changes and suggestions surrounding Major League Baseball, and wild predictions for the 2019 season. They also touch on the upcoming minor league seasons and predict whether or not the San Francisco Giants will finish above .500 this year.

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Mid-Inning Relief Podcast — Goodbye, 2018! The 20th One: Should Game 163 Count As A Playoff Game?

Goodbye, 2018 season! In our twentieth podcast, Marty Lurie, Carmen Kiew, and Ally Williams go over storylines of the season, who the San Francisco Giants should re-sign, and how ownership can incentivize season ticket holders for the future. Looking forward, the crew also goes over this year’s postseason, Games 163, Yasiel Puig’s World Series promise, and our playoff predictions.

A big thank you to our listeners for staying with us through our first 20 episodes of the Mid-Inning Relief podcast! Even with the tough year from the Giants, we appreciate you listening and sending us your feedback. We will have podcasts interspersed throughout the offseason – whenever something piques our interest, so keep up with us and let us know what you’d like to hear. We’ll be back in full force in 2019!

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Here’s to an exciting postseason, productive offseason, and positive 2019!

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Mid-Inning Relief — The Nineteenth One: Breaking Down The Front Office Shake-Up

It’s the penultimate episode of the season! In Ep. 19, Marty Lurie, Carmen Kiew, and Ally Williams welcome Bonnie-Jill Laflin (@BJLaflin on Twitter) to the podcast! Bonnie-Jill is the first and only female NBA scout, a former Warriors, Niners, and Cowboys Cheerleader, and the newest co-host of Murph and Mac in the morning on KNBR.

The four discuss Bobby Evans’ departure and front office shake-up, season schedules, and MLB’s fines and punishments for Carlos Gomez’s Periscope, as opposed to the Twitter storm of old offensive tweets that surfaced this season. They also share their favorite quirks about AT&T Park and their picks for this year’s Willie Mac Award winner. Finally, in light of Hunter Pence’s recent offensive surge, and the news that he’ll head to winter ball this offseason: should the San Francisco Giants re-sign the beloved veteran?

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Mid-Inning Relief — The Eighteenth One: Arguing Over Advanced Metrics

We’re at the part of the season where we argue about advanced stats. In the 18th episode of Mid-Inning Relief, Marty Lurie, Carmen Kiew, and Ally Williams get into the statistical revolution and how much we should factor in advanced metrics. They also discuss the San Francisco Giants’ pitching staff and whether they should try to trade any of their young arms for offensive power, whetheer players and umpires should wear more cameras during the game, and of course, we also had to talk about those meme shirts that the Giants wore on their final road trip.

Minor League: Joey Bart.

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Mid-Inning Relief Podcast — The Sixth One: Hunter Strickland Is Out – Now What? (Feat. Larry Krueger)

In the sixth episode of Mid-Inning Relief, Marty Lurie, Carmen Kiew and Ally Williams are joined by Larry Krueger of the Gary & Larry show on KNBR, weekdays from 10am-1pm!

The team discusses what to do now that Hunter Strickland is out 6-8 weeks, that leaked audio between Terry Collins and umpire Tom Hallion, whether the Giants should go after Bryce Harper in the offseason, and getting hit in the face with a hot dog

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Marty Lurie: @baseballmarty

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Ally Williams: @allykwilliams

Larry Krueger: @sportslarryknbr (Guest)


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Crime of the Big Leagues

A mini-doc about Lester Rodney, the unsung hero that helped desegregate Major League Baseball. The film will screen at the Hollywood Independent Documentary Festival Saturday December 10th.

For info: Hollywood Independent Documentary Festival

Crime of the Big Leagues from Tomorrow Media on Vimeo.

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Do You See What I see?

After reading this article, I hope Beane is just posturing when he says: "Most of our team is already in place." And "Whether or not we participate in the free-agent market or trade market, we’re not looking to reinvent the wheel." Well, Mr. Beane, do you remember that bargain, Frank Thomas? You know: the $500,000 man who put your team on his shoulders and pushed them into postseason relevance last year? Well, he’s gone. Not to mention that scrappy, left fielder with some occasional thunder, Jay Payton? Yeah, that one: He’s probably gone, too. And, last but not least, that tall, durable, lefthander with the filthy curveball, Barry Zito? Yeah, he won’t be playing his guitar in your clubhouse next year, either. Sorry, Billy, but this current roster doesn’t make me want to Loaiza on Highway 880, and snatch some World Series’ tickets just yet. But that can change next week. I remain, Professor [Read more →]

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And The Next Manager Of Your Oakland Athletics Is€

We’ll find out as early as tomorrow. Each candidate has marched into Beane’s office, pulled out their resume, and stated their case.

This gut-wrenching reality competition began with seven, with three having been or will be hired by other clubs, and now the final four, Bob Geren, Bob Geren, Bob Geren, and Bob Geren, wait patiently, hoping for that knee-buckling call from Mr. Moneyball.

Send your text vote, friends.

With all due respect for the other qualified candidates, Jamie Quirk, Orel Hershiser, and Trey Hillman, apparently they have a shot, too.

But interviewing for the managerial spot in Oakland negates years of conventional wisdom. Perhaps it’s not what trove of leadership skills you can bring, but your selfless ability not to botch a proven system already in place, that impresses Beane.

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