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Possible Bay Area Off Season Moves by Baseball Writer Bruce Grimes

Bruce Grimes is a regular in the press box at Giants and A’s games during the year and I respect his analysis. I asked him to give me his thoughts on possible moves that the two teams might be thinking of making over the next few months.

Bruce also writes a weekly baseball column in Palo Alto.

His thoughts follow:


Good to hear from you. Have given off season moves a lot of thought.

At this point, and it’s still early, some of the following just might happen:



They’ll as Sabean puts it, “kick the tires” on Beltran and quickly move on; next they’ll go after Finley (again!) and be rebuffed; they will back away from Drew because of injuries; they’ll realize Alou is not a good defensive fit in right-field, at least at SBC, and wants too much money anyway; they’ll inquire about Guillen and then get cold feet (defense and attitude) and finally: they’ll work out a one year deal with incentives with Magglio Ordonez, with a mutual option for a second year. He wants to prove he’s healthy and if he is, it would be a terrific signing. Fall-back position: Jeromy Burnitz. Since he’s around 38 and has been “up and down” as to production, he sadly fits their “MO”.


Radke would be perfect but I bet he’ll either stay in Minnesota or go to Cleveland; Milton’s intriguing. Even though he gave up 43 homers, it was in a hitters park; Ortiz would be perfect, but he’ll have a lot of money waved in front of him, especially by Cleveland, the Rangers, maybe even Tampa Bay (you can bet Pinella loves him)– my guess he signs with the Rangers or possibly the Mariners will add to their depleted staff, especially if they fail to land a power hitter (Delgado)

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Vizquel, if he’ll accept a one year deal with option at reasonable ($3 million?) salary. Probably will go to the White Sox instead.


They’ll try to re-sign Hermanson as their closer, but are facing stiff competition from Cleveland. They’ll inquire about both Benitez and Percival, who would be a far cheaper alternative than Benitez.


They’ll shop Alfonzo heavily, maybe Durham as well, in order to reduce salary and to give Feliz an everyday shot. Bet the Yankees will show some interest (Alfonzo could return to second base), and possibly even Tampa Bay. Doubt Pierzynski will be back.



Though I think he’s about a year away, Swisher will take over for Dye, but A’s will either sign a (cheap) veteran to compete or count on Kielty to bounce back.

Not much change in the middle, but hopefully Ellis will be completely healed and compete at second. Look out for Omar Quintanilla, former first-round pick from University of Texas. He had a good season and is now tearing up the AFL. Outside shot of making squad, but probably will go to Sacramento.

I think Beane will trade Zito for a big bat who might still be cheap, e.g. Teixera or someone similar. Vernon Wells has a bit of an injury history and the Blue Jays are flush with outfield prospects. With Riccardi coming from the A’s organization, might that be a deal?

Zito’s trade value could slip, and but ironically if it doesn’t, it will make it even more difficult to keep him and still sign Hudson long-term, which I believe is Beane’s top priority. I would hope that Redman will bounce back (at home). Still, he could be traded but wouldn’t bring anything close to what Zito would.

I bet Beane doesn’t bring Dotel back. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Wickman leave Cleveland after the club signs a new closer. He’d be a perfect bridge until Street and/or Garcia are ready. From what I read, Street is looking very good in the AFL.

Zaun would be a great choice. If they don’t sign him, bet they sign either Blanco or Mirabelli.

Well Marty, I know this was longer than you probably wanted, but hey, it’s fun to speculate.

Take care,


1 Anonymous { 11.10.04 at 7:42 am }

hi, OaklandSi here (can’t figure out how to post using my login from the Forum).

Interesting that he doesn’t mention Dye as a possibility for the Giants in right field — many fans think that might happen since Dye has indicated an interest in staying in the Bay Area.

Seems that so many writers and fans insist that Beane will trade Zito away, despite Beane’s insistence that he wants to hold on to the Big 3. I still doubt that anyone will offer anybody big enough for Zito — Wells is not enough in my opinion.

how would Wickman be a better bridge than Dotel?

2 marty { 11.10.04 at 9:48 am }

The log in from the forum is seperate from the main log in so try again with your initial site log in if that makes sense.

Dye is most likely gone from the A’s he will get a three year deal from someone who wants a mid level salaried righthanded power guy who is capable of 30 homers if all goes well.

Personally I would rathe rsee Dye here for another two years than turn right field over to Nick Swisher. As a rookie Swisher might be OK but he’s not going to hit fourth behind Eric Chavez.

Talk of adding catcher Greg Zaun is way out there. Simply a journeyman back up who has never distinguished himself. I like the Charles Johnson suggestion much much better.

I’ll say it again the strength of this team is its starting pitching, there is no urgency to trade any of the big three just let them pitch along with Rich Harden and Redman and things will be fine.

Bob Wickman is a tough competitor. His durability and arm today would be a real question. He is worth a gamble but I wouldn’t make him anything more than a set up man in a bull pen that has another very strong righthander.

Maybe Durazo can bring a reliever from another AL team. It seems that the A’s have enough rookie types who could make it as DH’s.

I really like the idea of adding Magglio Ordonez if healthy. Anyone who goes to Austria for knee surgery instead of going to Dr. Jobe in LA makes me wonder what his medical problems are. He’s a winning player when healthy.

Dotel is worth keeping until another alternative is found. Again if not overworked I think he can have a 40 save season.

3 Anonymous { 11.10.04 at 10:27 am }

Oaklandsi here again. I just registered as a new user in the main page, should be confirmed within 24 hours.

In the meantime, I wanted to write in total agreement that the A’s should not assume that Swisher is ready to step in as the new rightfielder. What I saw from him last September was some promise at the plate, but as a right-fielder he didn’t look that great. Hopefully it’s just a question of lack of experience, not lack of ability. But someone else needs to start as right fielder.

I would love to see Dye back there, but don’t think chances are great of his agreeing to a 1-2 year contract at MUCH lower than his 2004 salary. On the other hand, the Giants might want to take him on…

If the A’s can’t sign Dye on more favorable (to the team) terms, I hope they do look around, because otherwise I expect Bobby Kielty to be doing alot of time in right field. and I’m not encouraged by Kielty’s refusal to switch to batting exclusively right-handed (his left-handed swings were painful to watch!).

4 Anonymous { 11.11.04 at 5:46 pm }

If the Grimes suggestions are the best the Giants can do, it’s going to be a long season. Hermanson will not fill the closer role any better in 2005 than he did this year. Bonds will continue to be a more and more unhappy warrior, being walked constantly and being deprived of a realistic chance to catch Aaron. Ordonez, if they can sign him and if he is healthy, would help but there is no guarantee that either of these uncertainties will come to pass. They still need a shortstop. Their major concerns are for a closer and a hitting outfielder. One outfielder may not be enough. They apparently are not depending on Grisssom to play regularly. Percival is going downhill. They need to do better than that and there isn’t much out there. Perhaps one of their young arms will suddenly blossom into a closer, but I wouldn’t count on it. Sabean has his work cut out for him. He probably has nightmares respecting Nathan, irrespective of whether Pierzinski returns.

Ed Stern

5 Anonymous { 11.12.04 at 12:06 pm }

Complain about the Giants all you want, but the A’s are probably going to be even worse. The team seems intent on “rebuilding.” It looks like there will be at least 3 rooks or young players playing regularly on the team: Crosby, Johnson, Swisher and Ellis. That’s weak. A’s window of opportunity is pretty much shut.
-Mike E.

6 Anonymous { 02.25.06 at 8:21 am }

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