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Memories of the Game: Hank Greenwald, Longtime San Francisco Giants Broadcaster, dies at 83

Hank Greenwald – Here’s Marty talking ball with long-time Giants announcer and Glen Park resident, Hank Greenwald. Hank passed away at California Pacific Medical Center early Monday afternoon at the age of 83.

(Pic by M.Schneider) Hank Greenwald at the baseball diamond at Glen Park Canyon


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Little Hope for A's Radio in Sacramento

Once again, the A’s are without a reliable Sacramento radio broadcast affiliate. An article in this morning’s Sacramento Bee stated that KHTK 1140 will carry up to 60 A’s games this year. Are you kidding, the A’s are regressing from 160 games heard last year on KSAC to 60 games in 2007; this is truly ridiculous. Additionally, KHTK will preempt A’s games in lieu of Sacramento Monarchs games and even their amateurish talk shows. Unlike Giant’s fans in Sacramento who have no problem listening to all 162 games on KNBR, A’s fans are unable to receive signals from either KYCY or KIFR. This is a guaranteed way for the A’s to minimize / eliminate their Sacramento fan base. Its just ludicrous that a city of nearly 500K people can not receive free radio broadcasts from a team located less than 100 miles away.
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A Vote Well Worth Casting

Love of the Game Productions

Sender’s Name: Dave Suico

Message: Bill King is among a long list of potential Baseball Hall of Fame announcer candidates. Here is the link to vote:

2006 Ford C. Frick Award Nominee Voting
Once again this year, fans have the opportunity to participate in the Ford C. Frick Award voting process. Select up to three candidates from the ballot below. The top three vote-getters will be placed on the final ballot for consideration for the 2006 Ford C. Frick Award, presented annually to a broadcaster for major contributions to the game of baseball.

Voters may select up to three candidates. Voting will run from November 1, 2005, through November 30, 2005. Be advised that only one ballot per person, per day, will be accepted. The final 2006 Ford C. Frick Award ballot, including the three fan selections, will be announced in December.

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the end of the season

The 2005 Major League baseball season ended Wedensday night
with the Chicago White Sox as champs. While they swept the Astos in 4 games, it was a very entertaining close fought
4 games. With a key hit or a break here or there the Astros
could have won 2 games . But they didn’t and an wait of 88 years for a championship has ended for the White Sox.
This is the second time in recent memory that a former
Oakland Athletic has been named MVP of the series in his 1st year with his new club. Jermaine Dye was the MVP in 2005 and Scott Brosius did it with the Yankees in the 1998 series
against the Padres.

This year was delightful as the Astros won for the 1st time in their history. The Cardinals,Yankeess,RedSox,Angels and
Braves made the playoffs. The Padres sort of slid into the
playoff as representative of a bad division.

I enjoyed the run the A’s made after such a woeful start.
They may have made it but the injury to Bobby Crosby
couldn’t be overcome. I enjoyed the success of the pitching staff. Haren,Blanton,Street were terrific as was Zito.
Jay Payton was a nice fit.

The Giants had a tough year as Bonds was not a factor.
They need a lot of retooling for next year.

Some teams are getting older and are in need of makovers.
The Yankees and Red Sox are in thate group. Let’s see
what happens over the winter.

The saddest note of the season was the loss of Bill King.
Much has been written and spoken about Bill. All I can say is that he deserves to be in baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Time to take a breather from baseball.

Jerry Feitelberg [

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Tribute to Bill King by Wendy Ledger

It’s a funny thing when someone famous dies and it moves you seemingly beyond all rights, because, after all, you didn’t really know this person. But when I heard that Bill King, the A’s broadcast announcer, died this past Tuesday, I cried.

Then things happened because of his death. I got emails from people who I hadn’t heard from for a long
time, wondering how I was doing, talking of their loss.

I sent emails to people who I felt needed to know. I wrote to people who didn’t even know him. If they were important to me, they needed to know about this man.

Please click below for more, thanks Wendy, your words are beautifully descriptive of the real Bill King…Marty [Read more →]

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Remembering Bill King by Jerry Feitelberg

Today started off like any other day. I got up, made coffee,
had breakfast with my wife and at about 12 noon I went out
to do some errands. I was on Doolittle drive on my way to the UPS depot to pick up a package. I was tuned to KNBR and
listened to Rick and Rod when the news came that Bill King,the longtime voice of the Oakland Athletics had passed
away. I was stunned. I was shocked and saddened that Bill
was gone. I enjoyed the pleasure of meeting him at the Coliseum several times and it was always exciting. This year, while at spring training, Bill was gracious enough to give me an interview for my local show in Alameda. He talked about how he became a broadcaster and his journey
in broadcasting. I will never forget that day. He was a terrific
announcer.I heard him do Raider games as well but I loved his baseball work. His passing will be felt by all those who knew him, worked with him and listened to him. He is irreplaceable.

Jerry Feitelberg

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A's As Good As 70's Team? by Ivan W. Golde

This is my first article for Love of the game productions and it is an honor to be a part of Marty’s website. My basic premise is this club, the 2005 Oakland A’s reminds me more of the A’s clubs of the 70’s than any A’s club since
1975, the last of those great A’s seventies clubs to appear in the playoffs.
Why do you ask?
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Kenny Rogers

There have been many incidents of bad behavior by major league baseball players in the past. On wednesday this week, Kenny Rogers went to the top of the class with his unbelievable bad behavior. The
unprovoked attacks upon 2 cameramen was beyond the pale. These men were doing their job and did nothing to
Rogers to cause such behavior. Baseball responded by suspending Rogers for 20 games. Big deal !!
Rogers should be suspended for the rest of the year.
Just last year another Texas pitcher threw a chair at fans at the Oakland Coliseum and injured a fan. In that
case, the injured woman’s husband was baiting the players. Nothing of that nature occured o Wednesday.
Many pkayers have had temper tantrums in the dugout or in the clubhouse. Kevin Brown injured himself last year and Rogers hurt his right hand just last week.

If Rogers lived in the real world as most people do, he would have been hauled off to the local pokey and would have been charged with assault and battery.
That may happen later. This man makes more money in one year than most people will make in 2 or 3 lifetimes but that doesn’t give him the right to attack

As for me, I could care less if he ever played again.

Jerry Feitelberg [

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Losing never felt this bad…by Josh Brown

Ron Washington forgot to remove Bobby Crosby’s handcuffs in time for a game ending double play against the Mariners Wednesday night in Seattle. The loss kept the A’s in the cellar of the AL West—but something felt different after this heartbreaking loss to the M’s.

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Baseball: You Can't Predict The Outcome!

Hey Marty,

Ron Washington, the A’s third base/infield coach told Robert Buan, “baseball can’t be predicted”, oh well, this is why we love the game. Boston is sure helping other Sox team right now. Also, did the hear about the Jets beat the Bucs 20-11, er, Yankees/Rays. New York had 13 run 8th and a lot of homers. With the Red Sox and Yankees starting to get hot, those teams in the AL Central should starting getting worried. Twins, Tigers and the Tribe need to get their act together. In AL West, the Rangers need Kenny Rogers to be the ace to stop those Angels. It seems Texas doesn’t play hard in Anaheim then in Seattle or Oakland. Speaking of Oakland, all the talk amongst my fellow A’s fans is the Kotsay’s situation from trade rumors to contract. In the NL, Padres taking the first two against the Dodgers, although with some injuries, is starting to be the cream of the crop. The D’Backs were helping San Francisco with their roller coaster season. A Cubbies update for the NL Central, the North siders may want to get Alou back or even Kotsay, but I hope not. Williams pitch well last night thanks to Lee’s home run. What is up with the Marlins, even though they ran up against John Smoltz, their talent is underachieving right now except for Willis. Come on McKeon, bring back the magic. The NL East race is the another reason that Wash is right, “baseball can’t be predicted”.

A Blue sky with a bright sun, a beautiful day for baseball, Edgar B. Martinez, A’s Fan aka Pachyderm [Read more →]

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