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A's Are There In Oakland

Batter Up June 10th, 2007
The debate has raged for decades, “Is there a there in Oakland”? I won’t attempt to argue that point, but I will tell you there is a darn good baseball team playing there.
The questioned was posed on the radio this week, how come the A’s can win with starting pitching, but the Giants, even with a terrific rotation, can’t?

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Doubleheader Part Of Nation's Celebration

Batter Up June 3rd, 2007
Baseball has been part of the cultural landscape of America for over one hundred years. Going to a doubleheader on Memorial Day, July 4th, or Labor Day was a welcome family event. Over the past fifteen years or so, the baseball leaders eliminated the traditional holiday doubleheaders (two games back-to-back, one admission) from the schedule. Now some teams don’t even play on the holidays.
How come? Baseball doesn’t want to give up the gate by scheduling two games for the price of one. Yet Bud Selig tells us this 5 billion dollar a year industry is in its golden age. Baseball has its own 700 million dollar cable deals. Attendance and salaries have never been higher.
The loss of revenue from playing a doubleheader is miniscule in baseball’s grand financial picture. It’s time to give the joy of seeing two games in one day (not a day-night affair) back to the fans.
Baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie, the phrase became America’s slogan when referring to the grand old game. Apparently, munching on hot dogs celebrating the national pastime at a doubleheader on a National holiday is not part of that pastoral summer picture.

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Memorial Day First Marker of the Season

Batter Up May 27th, 2007
With the 2007 baseball season approaching the one-third mark on Memorial Day things are beginning to take shape.
The Yankees are still very much in the playoff picture. The Bombers will be hard pressed to catch the Red Sox this summer in the East, but the wild card is within their reach.
The Tigers are the class team in the AL Central. Magglio Ordonez could be this year’s AL MVP. The Indians offense is explosive, but the consistency of their pitching raises serious questions.

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Summer Schedule No Peach For The A's

Batter Up May 20th, 2007
Seems every season the A’s struggle the first third of the season, then turn into a powerful club during July and August eventually landing a playoff berth at the very end of the year.
2007 might be different.
The A’s face a tough schedule this summer. Unless the ball club is at full strength on the field, it will be a challenge making up ground over the summer.

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A's Have Some Tough Decisions

Batter Up May 13th, 2007
Within the next few weeks the A’s will be faced with some interesting decisions as their veteran players return from the disabled list.
With Dan Johnson smacking the ball at a .400 clip, he has reclaimed his spot in the line up until further notice.
Left fielder Shannon Stewart is fitting into the A’s hitting philosophy more each day. Stewart who hasn’t hit for much power is a very capable leadoff hitter.
Milton Bradley and Nick Swisher round out the outfield right now. Once center fielder Mark Kotsay returns the plot thickens.

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Central Where The Power Lies

Batter Up May 6th, 2007
With about 30 games completed this season the AL’s Central Division looks like the strongest group of teams in baseball.
The Cleveland Indians are looking like the powerful run scoring machine that came close to winning the division title in 2005.
Jhonny Peralta, Travis Hafner, Victor Martinez, and Grady Sizemore can hit with any group in the league.

The pen, thought to be the team’s weak link, so far has been reliable. Closer Joe Borowski gave up a gut-wrenching home run to A Rod earlier in the season, since then he has been automatic saving games.Click below for more!

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Early Baseball Season Like The Weather: Unpredictable

Batter Up April 29th, 2007
Watching the 2007 baseball season unfold can be compared to watching the weather across the country: inconsistent and unpredictable.
The A’s starting pitching has been phenomenal. The injury bug has pulled the team down just when it appeared the club would build on its best start in years.

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A's Most Stable Team in the West

Batter Up April 22nd, 2007
Injuries to key players are an unpredictable part of the game. If a team is going to lose important players for any extended period of time it’s best that happens early in the season.
Right now the Angels are struggling. With Howie Kendrick, Juan Rivera, and Chone Figgins, out of the line up with various ailments, the Halos have become one of the most inept offensive teams in the league.

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Hitting Will Come Around, But Better Watch The 'Pen

Batter Up April 15th, 2007

The toughest thing for any baseball fan during the first month of the baseball season is to keep one’s composure especially if your favorite team is off to a slow start.
There is nothing more disheartening in baseball then following a team that is mired in a batting slump.
Don’t worry! Baseball has been played for many years, the hitting numbers will be there by the end of the season. They always are.
Even under the best of conditions neither the Angels nor the A’s are offensive juggernauts.

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Baseball Predictions for 2007

Fans always like to take their shot at predicting the outcome of the pennant race.

MM from Castro Valley California took some time to review his last year’s picks and actually has quite a theory on how the races will turn out in 2007 as you can see when you click below.

Enjoy what follows it’s pretty interesting.


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