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Daily Dish Batter Up October 30th, 2004

They call it the World Series, not the World Season. The series is 7 games, the season 162.

You can have a four game losing streak during the season and nobody notices, have one during October and you are remembered as a loser for all time.

No doubt the Red Sox clobbered the Cards, but St. Louis will be back in the hunt next year, I’m not so sure the Red Sox will, especially if they aren’t careful this winter.

Boston should think twice before letting their top free agents walk without a fight. It takes some special nerve to play on the big stage in October, especially when that stage plays in New York 19 times during the year plus the playoffs.

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The Red Sox Win the World Series

The Boston Red Sox have won the World Series for the 1st time since 1918. I have been waiting a lifetime to hear those words and tonight, as the game ended with a comebacker to Keith Foulke, I could finally let it go. Tears of joy streamed down my face. I called my former roomate from college
and we shared the joy of the moment. I have loved the Sox since 1946. I have suffered through the
46,67,75 and 86 series. I have suffered through the
playoff loss to Cleveland in 1948. The loss to the Yankees in 1949. 1978 and 2003 were pure misery incarnate. All that was erased tonight as the Boston Red Sox beat the Cardinals 4 straight after beating the Yankees in a playoff series by winning 4 in a row and then totally dominated St.Louis with outstanding pitching in this series.

To sum it up, I have reached baseball nirvana. Thanks Manny,Pedro,Curt,Derek,Tim,
Keith and all of the Red Sox players who have
brought so much joy to me tonight

Jerry Feitelberg [

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Daily Dish Oct 23rd, 2004 The World Series

The baseball season unfolds slowly. Amazing plot lines develop as we watch the 162 game season plus the playoffs, play out day to day.

When the season is over, and it happens this way every year, the two best teams in baseball end up playing for the championship.

The World Series is the most memorable week in sports. Whoever is the hero or goat in the series will be memorialized for baseball eternity.

My favorite Series memories:

Johnny Podres beating the Yankees in game seven in ’55 2-0 for Brooklyn’s only title,
Boston’s Carlton Fisk’s 12th inning game winning homer in ’75,
Bill Mazeroski’s 1960 9th inning walk off homer in game 7 against the Yanks,
Sandy Koufax beating Minnesota in ’65 in game 7 on 2 days rest 2-0,
Reggie’s 3 homer game against LA in ’78,
Jack Morris 10 inning 1-0 shut out of Atlanta in game 7 in ’91.

Every great October moment, still clear as day.

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Red Sox vs Red Legs !

Boston Red Sox fans haven’t
had this much fun since
the first 5 games of
the 1986 World Series
against the New York
Mets. And now,for
the third time Boston
will face St Louis
in baseball’s Fall

By Amaury Pi-González [

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The Miracle on 161st st by Jerry Feitelberg

Tonight, the Boston Red Sox made history by coming back from a 3 game deficit and defeated the New York Yankees 10-3 to earn a trip to the World Series. No team in baseball playoff history had ever come back from such a deficit but the Sox did it. And they did it against the team that has tormented them for 84 years.

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Evil Empire Falls, No Doubt About it!

It all started in 1946 when the Red Sox lost game seven of the world series to the St. Louis Cardinals when Enos Slaughter scored from first base on a two out short double to left center. Slaughter ran through the stop sign put up by the third base coach Mike Gonzalez beating Sox shortstop Johnny Pesky’s throw to the plate.

In 1949 the Sox needed one win in the last two games in NY, led in the first game, and then saw the Yanks come back and sweep the two games, winning the flag.

The trend continued through the 50’s, one disappointment after another, usually the Yanks posing as the villain.

In 1967 the Cards win game seven of the series behind Bob Gibson.

Future Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio slips rounding third base in 1972 costing the Sox a chance to win the AL East.

1975 the Reds beat Jim Burton in the ninth inning of game seven on a single by Joe Morgan. Bill Lee throws the blooper pitch to Tony Perez, boom homer, Reds back in the game!

1978 Bucky Dent homers off Mike Torrez in the seventh inning giving the Yanks the pennant in a one game playoff.

Bill Buckner, Calvin Schiraldi, and Bob Stanley in 1986! No more needs to be said.

The A’s beat Roger Clemens and the Sox twice, 1988 and 1990.

2003 Aaron “Bleepin” Boone.

Like Don Corleone in “Godfather One” when Michael Corleone took care of the family business wiping out the Barrzini’s, the Solozo’s, and Mo Green, as the picture ended, the Red Sox took care of the Yankees and all the earlier indignities by winning four straight to win the pennant this year.

Simply amazing.

What’s next? Either Roger Clemens and the Astros or settling the score with St. Louis.

Either will do!
The Evil Empire has fallen.
You can believe it.

The Red Sox are taking care of the family business in 2004.

I like it.
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High Drama From Jerry Feitelberg

For those of you fans that listen to Marty on a regular basis you are aware that Marty often tells
his listeners that when you come out to the park you never know what you will see. Tonight’s game between the Red Sox and Yankees certainly filled
that admonition. First of all,Curt Schilling pitched
seven strong innings on a very sore ankle. He gave up 4 hits and one run. Bernie Williams hit a rocket shot to close the gap to 4 to 1 at that time.
Prior to that in the 4th inning Mark Bellhorn hit a
pitch to left field that clearly was a home run. It
hit a fan and bounced back onto the field. The umpire called it a double but after a short conference ruled that it was a home run and put the Sox up 4 to nothing. The 8th inning was one for the books.Miguel Cairo doubled and scored on a Jeter single to make the score 4-2. Bronson Arroyo
now faced Alex Rodriguez and A-Rod hit a dribbler down the 1st base line. Arroyo and Mintkiewicz
converged and Arroyo reached out with his glove hand to tag A-Rod. A-Rod then slapped Arroyo’s arm knocking the ball loose and it appeared that he was safe and that Jeter had scored. Terry Francona rushed out to the home plate umpire and
argued that there was interference and that the batter should be called out. The 1st base umpire’s
view was blocked and again after a conference the batter was ruled out and Jeter had to return to 1st base. The Sox got out of the jam and the 9th inning started with police in riot gear protecting the players and umpires from the fans. I know its New York but ,come on, it’s only a game.

Anyway, the Yanks come to bat in the bottom of the 9th and the Sox bring in their closer,Keith Foulke,the former A’s closer. He proceeds to violate the cardinal rule in baseball. DON’T WALK
THE LEADOFF HITTER. He gets Bernie Williams on a stikeout. Gets Jorge Posada on a popout to Bill Mueller then walks Ruben Sierra. The Yanks have
the tying runs on at 1st and second and the winning run comes to the plate. Tony Clark,the former Tiger and Red Sox player, is filling in for John Olerud has a low batting average but can do damage with his bat. The Red Sox need this out . They are trying to force game 7 after being down 3 games to none. And, they are on the road in a hostile and loud environment. Foulke gets the Sox fans running to the cupboard for their Pepcid,Mylanta,High blood pressure medication
as the count goes to 3 and 2 on Clark. The runners
on 1st and second take off as a hit will tie the game but Foulke gets Clark to strike out to end the game. New York is a very nervous city. Will the Sox pull it off and make the comeback or will they break their fans hearts one more time. This series
is a thriller,folks. Stay tuned. The final installment
of this saga is Wednesday in New York City. Be there.

Jerry Feitelberg
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3 wonderful games

The last two Red Sox-Yankee games were a fan’s
delight. On Sunday night the 2 teams battled to
the 12th inning in a 4-4 tie. The fans in Boston could be seen praying for a miracle. David Ortiz,Boston’s MVP, came through with a game winning homerun and kept the sox hopes alive for 1 more game. Tonight in a taut game the Yanks surged ahead to 4 to2 lead until the 8th when Mr Ortiz hit yet another crucial homerun to bring them to within a run. The Sox scored another run and tied the game at 4 apiece. Extra innings again. Every pitch, every swing, every ground ball could turn the game. The Sox got robbed when Ortiz was caught stealing. Hs hand was in ahead of the tag but he was called out. Wakefield’s knuckleball was all over the place and there were 3 passed balls in one inning and yet the sox survived.I can’t remember if it was the 13th or 14rh inning but
Damon reached 1st and was moved to second
when Ramirez walked. I think it was Ramirez and that set the stage for David Ortiz once again. Estaban Loiza had pitched well and Ortiz fought off
several pitches and then hit a soft liner off his hands
into centerfield to end the game. The Sox live for
another day as the ALCS goes back to New York and Curt Schilling will be pitching against Jon Lieber.
The drama in the last 2 games is the stuff that makes baseball such a great game.It was riveting baseball.

Over in the National League. The Astros and Cardinals were locked in a scoreless game. Carlos Beltran made a catch will be on the highlight reels all winter. Bakke pitched a tremendous game as
did Woody Williams Brad Lidge finished the Cards off in the 9th and that man,Carlos Beltran
singled to right. Beltran stole second easily and Tony LaRussa had an open base and walked the hitter to set up the double play with Jeff Kent coming up. Kent is a guy that hits into a lot of double plays but not tonight. On the 1st pitch ,
he hit the ball a ton and it gave Houston a 3 to nothing win and a 3 games to 2 lead in the NLCS.

These games are heart pounding,thrilling baseball.
I just can’t get enough. It almost makes the World
series anti-climatic after these great struggles.

Jerry Feitelberg [

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EXCLUSIVE: More Cuban defectors

The situation inside Cuba’s
baseball is becoming intolerable
as more and more players
are defecting. These six
are the most recent
defectors.They didn’t
want to wait until
they were going to
play outside the island
to ask for Political Asylum
in the USA but they left
directly from Cuba on
their own.

By Amaury Pi-González [

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Batter Up by Marty Lurie

The A’s and Giants both face significant off season challenges this year.

Neither should try to put together a club with question marks at key positions.

Here’s why:

The competition is only going to get better.

Anaheim will spend and then spend some more to bring in top of the line players. The Angels knew what they were doing when they tried to pry Randy Johnson away from Arizona. The lack of a top of the rotation starter was missing from the mix in 2004. It’s clear that Bartolo Colon and Kelvim Escobar are not number one starters. Expect to see one of the premier free agent pitchers in Anaheim next year. Pedro Martinez is a likely choice, if the Angels can’t get Johnson.

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