Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

High Drama From Jerry Feitelberg

For those of you fans that listen to Marty on a regular basis you are aware that Marty often tells
his listeners that when you come out to the park you never know what you will see. Tonight’s game between the Red Sox and Yankees certainly filled
that admonition. First of all,Curt Schilling pitched
seven strong innings on a very sore ankle. He gave up 4 hits and one run. Bernie Williams hit a rocket shot to close the gap to 4 to 1 at that time.
Prior to that in the 4th inning Mark Bellhorn hit a
pitch to left field that clearly was a home run. It
hit a fan and bounced back onto the field. The umpire called it a double but after a short conference ruled that it was a home run and put the Sox up 4 to nothing. The 8th inning was one for the books.Miguel Cairo doubled and scored on a Jeter single to make the score 4-2. Bronson Arroyo
now faced Alex Rodriguez and A-Rod hit a dribbler down the 1st base line. Arroyo and Mintkiewicz
converged and Arroyo reached out with his glove hand to tag A-Rod. A-Rod then slapped Arroyo’s arm knocking the ball loose and it appeared that he was safe and that Jeter had scored. Terry Francona rushed out to the home plate umpire and
argued that there was interference and that the batter should be called out. The 1st base umpire’s
view was blocked and again after a conference the batter was ruled out and Jeter had to return to 1st base. The Sox got out of the jam and the 9th inning started with police in riot gear protecting the players and umpires from the fans. I know its New York but ,come on, it’s only a game.

Anyway, the Yanks come to bat in the bottom of the 9th and the Sox bring in their closer,Keith Foulke,the former A’s closer. He proceeds to violate the cardinal rule in baseball. DON’T WALK
THE LEADOFF HITTER. He gets Bernie Williams on a stikeout. Gets Jorge Posada on a popout to Bill Mueller then walks Ruben Sierra. The Yanks have
the tying runs on at 1st and second and the winning run comes to the plate. Tony Clark,the former Tiger and Red Sox player, is filling in for John Olerud has a low batting average but can do damage with his bat. The Red Sox need this out . They are trying to force game 7 after being down 3 games to none. And, they are on the road in a hostile and loud environment. Foulke gets the Sox fans running to the cupboard for their Pepcid,Mylanta,High blood pressure medication
as the count goes to 3 and 2 on Clark. The runners
on 1st and second take off as a hit will tie the game but Foulke gets Clark to strike out to end the game. New York is a very nervous city. Will the Sox pull it off and make the comeback or will they break their fans hearts one more time. This series
is a thriller,folks. Stay tuned. The final installment
of this saga is Wednesday in New York City. Be there.

Jerry Feitelberg

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1 David { 09.20.12 at 11:09 pm }

The chances of the Cubbies manikg it to the playoffs decrease with each passing day. The confidence I have that the Cubbies will do well in the playoffs, should they make it there, also decreases every day. But that’s not the end of the world.The Cubbies seem to do better when Alfonso gets hot (not likely this season), when Milton catches fire (not lately), when Geovany hits like a superstar (it’s been almost a year), and when Aaron Miles hits like a banshee (I’m still waiting).The Ace in the Hole, if you will, is that the Cubbies seem to generate more offense when the 3 Effs Outfield plays (witness yesterday’s game). My confidence also increases when Fox, Fuld and Fukudome start, and when Miles doesn’t.But Lou’s the manager and, if past performance is any indicator, he will probably start the guys who aren’t hitting right now, thus dooming the season.The Cubbies don’t owe me anything, but I’ll continue to watch each game. I’ll appreciate good pitching, I’ll take note of good defense (or the lack thereof), and I’ll have my eye out for good hitting, should it occur. I will focus on the little things which make baseball great.Enjoy the rest of the season.

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