Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Evil Empire Falls, No Doubt About it!

It all started in 1946 when the Red Sox lost game seven of the world series to the St. Louis Cardinals when Enos Slaughter scored from first base on a two out short double to left center. Slaughter ran through the stop sign put up by the third base coach Mike Gonzalez beating Sox shortstop Johnny Pesky’s throw to the plate.

In 1949 the Sox needed one win in the last two games in NY, led in the first game, and then saw the Yanks come back and sweep the two games, winning the flag.

The trend continued through the 50’s, one disappointment after another, usually the Yanks posing as the villain.

In 1967 the Cards win game seven of the series behind Bob Gibson.

Future Hall of Famer Luis Aparicio slips rounding third base in 1972 costing the Sox a chance to win the AL East.

1975 the Reds beat Jim Burton in the ninth inning of game seven on a single by Joe Morgan. Bill Lee throws the blooper pitch to Tony Perez, boom homer, Reds back in the game!

1978 Bucky Dent homers off Mike Torrez in the seventh inning giving the Yanks the pennant in a one game playoff.

Bill Buckner, Calvin Schiraldi, and Bob Stanley in 1986! No more needs to be said.

The A’s beat Roger Clemens and the Sox twice, 1988 and 1990.

2003 Aaron “Bleepin” Boone.

Like Don Corleone in “Godfather One” when Michael Corleone took care of the family business wiping out the Barrzini’s, the Solozo’s, and Mo Green, as the picture ended, the Red Sox took care of the Yankees and all the earlier indignities by winning four straight to win the pennant this year.

Simply amazing.

What’s next? Either Roger Clemens and the Astros or settling the score with St. Louis.

Either will do!
The Evil Empire has fallen.
You can believe it.

The Red Sox are taking care of the family business in 2004.

I like it.


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