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Baseball Predictions; A Fool's Errand by Ed Stern

Marty- Amaury, in his latest words of wisdom on this page, asserted that any serious observer of the baseball scene who predicted what was going to happen over the course of 162 games was starting out on a fool’s errand. As usual, he was unquestionably right.

More and more players seem to be ending up on the DL these days. The loss, for the season, of a player such as Sexson will bedevil Arizona throughout the year and may cause Brenly to lose his job and persuade Arizona to dump Johnson on the Yankees, come July. Players perform well below expectations and some do far better than anticipated. Some teams come together, unexpectedly, the Reds, for instance. Others fall by the wayside. It’s an uncertain world and the baseball world is as uncertain as the rest of it.

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Predictions in baseball are a joke

I never take myself seriously
when I make a predicition in
baseball because to predict
in baseball reminds me of
Rodney Dangerfield:
“let me tell you,let me tell you
I get no respect…my wife,
my wife is such a
bad cook, in our house we pray
after we eat”!
When you predict you
get no respect.

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez
Seattle [

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Hudson Toe Taps Past Blue Jays

Tim Hudson, one of the best pitchers in the American League changed his delivery Saturday. Hudson has given up more hits this season than normal even though he still has enough on the ball to dominate most batters in baseball.

Lefties were hitting .331 against him and the league .274 going into Saturday’s game, well above his normal lifetime batting average by opponents of .242.

So, Hudson now taps his toe on the ground before delivering the baseball ala Robb Nen. He claims it gives him more balance and keeps his weight back.

You don’t see many big league star pitchers make these kinds of adjustments during the season. Hudson has nerve on the hill and obviously has confidence in his ability to make a radical change in one of the most successful deliveries in the game today.

Let’s see how long it lasts? Probably until he gives up some critical hits and then balmes it on the delivery. That’s the way these things usually pan out.

Pat Hentgen will not be highly sought this July as he was last summer. Hentgen is strictly a five inning guy right now without much on the ball.

I’ll say it again, Scott Hatteberg should get serious consideration for the All Star team. He is carrying this A’s offense with key hits almost every game. His numbers don’t jump off the page, but if you watch the games, he is the MVP of the team.

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Batter Up

Batter Up June 5th

Interleague play starts next week and it is OK by me with this proviso. I would change the number of games played between the two leagues. I’d schedule one random series, then one weekend of whichever geographical rivals I could match.

It’s bad enough for a team trying to get to the playoffs to play teams in its own league an uneven amount of times, but throw in games from the other league and it just isn’t fair.

How do you think the resurgent Mets feel playing the Yankees six times while the Marlins get to square off half a dozen times with Tampa Bay?

You can’t blame this one all on Bud because the idea for interleague play was first kicked around way back in the 1920’s.

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The Giants and Their Illusory 10 Game Winning Streak

Marty– I ws involved in a spirited baseball discussion in the middle of last night’s game. Are the Giants for real? Was their ten game winning streak reality and not an erroneous perception? Are they in the hunt for a postseason spot? Finally, should we not have given up on them?

The gentleman’s view, despite his being, in every respect save his baseball judgment, exceedingly smart, might be somewhat colored by the fact that he is an ardent fan, has season tickets and it took a long time to convince him that Marvin Benard was an albatross around the team’s neck.

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Chavez Hit May be Painful

The A’s won the game last night, but Eric Chavez took a Damaso Marte pitch right on his hand leaving the game with a bruise and a trip to the X Ray machine.

More news on his condition today.

The White Sox are a much improved team and crush the ball from the right side. If they could get some high on base percentage hitters in front of their power hitters, they may have a lineup that resembles the early season Angels.

Esteban Loaiza wasn’t his sharpest last night as many balls were hit hard, then turned into long outs.

The A’s bullpen was excellent until Chad Bradford stayed in beyond what he is accustomed to. Frank Thomas took him deep to make the score 4-3 A’s. Jim Mecir hung a screwball to Jose Valentin and that tied the score with two out in the ninth.

Justin Duchsecherer who will be the closer before too much longer completely dominated the Sox until Bobby Kielty homered from the right side off of lefty Neal Cotts in the 12th to end the game.

Today it will be quick. Mark Buehrle and Mark Mulder don’t throw games that last more than two hours and change. The weather is good so expect some homers. Buehrle has gotten rocked in the Coliseum before so I expect this one will be the A’s game today.

The Angels must be concerned about Bartolo Colon and Troy Percival. Both got hit hard last night even though the Angels hung on to win the game. How much longer until Frankie Rodriguez is closing for Anaheim?

Today Pedro and Jarrod Washburn under balmy skies in Anaheim. Seems like good weather will agree with Pedro and his one or two relievers that will undoubtedly follow him.

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Red Sox Go West, Giants Streak Not Over

The Red Sox take their road show to Anaheim to face a different Angels team than the one that started the season.

With Bartolo Colon on the hill tonight the Angels will bring out the new lineup with Raul Mondesi either in centerfield or DH. Can the Angels slug their way past the AL the way they did earlier in the year? Probably not. The biggest question will be which pitchers will step up and dominate in their starts.

As June begins, starting pitching should be clicking. Colon has not been the stopper that the Angels had hoped. Without an exceptional bullpen, this Angel team would be about six games worse than their 30-20 record shows this morning.

So, the question for Anaheim will the pitching standup? They have enough hitting and play good baseball to compete, but the pitching will tell the story of where they finish this season.

Derek Lowe looked awful yesterday again. The A’s lit Bronson Arroyo up last Thursday. The Sox don’t play as well on the road, this one looks like an Anaheim win tonight.

Bob Brenly is probably going to loose his job this week. Even though management likes him, the losing is wearing everyone down. There are many reasons beyond Brenly’s control for the downturn in Arizona. With the Giants pounding the Diamondbacks every game, things don’t look good for Brenly.

The Giants are riding excellent starting pitching and of course the home run bat of Barry Bonds. No reason this shouldn’t continue until they face Randy Johnson, a pitcher they somehow beat.

If the Giants make it through Colorado, winning that series, then they should be in first place within seven days.

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