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Red Sox Go West, Giants Streak Not Over

The Red Sox take their road show to Anaheim to face a different Angels team than the one that started the season.

With Bartolo Colon on the hill tonight the Angels will bring out the new lineup with Raul Mondesi either in centerfield or DH. Can the Angels slug their way past the AL the way they did earlier in the year? Probably not. The biggest question will be which pitchers will step up and dominate in their starts.

As June begins, starting pitching should be clicking. Colon has not been the stopper that the Angels had hoped. Without an exceptional bullpen, this Angel team would be about six games worse than their 30-20 record shows this morning.

So, the question for Anaheim will the pitching standup? They have enough hitting and play good baseball to compete, but the pitching will tell the story of where they finish this season.

Derek Lowe looked awful yesterday again. The A’s lit Bronson Arroyo up last Thursday. The Sox don’t play as well on the road, this one looks like an Anaheim win tonight.

Bob Brenly is probably going to loose his job this week. Even though management likes him, the losing is wearing everyone down. There are many reasons beyond Brenly’s control for the downturn in Arizona. With the Giants pounding the Diamondbacks every game, things don’t look good for Brenly.

The Giants are riding excellent starting pitching and of course the home run bat of Barry Bonds. No reason this shouldn’t continue until they face Randy Johnson, a pitcher they somehow beat.

If the Giants make it through Colorado, winning that series, then they should be in first place within seven days.

Click below for more.The Cubs get Mark Prior back Friday. Don’t expect Prior to go more than five or six innings at most because he will be on a very tight pitch count. In fact, five innings might be more like it. Expect to see more changeups and not the overpowering curve and fastball of last year.

Brad Penny is the Marlins best pitcher. Interested to see what AJ Burnett brings this Thursday.

Al Leiter is back tonight for the Mets. The Phillies haven’t hit the Mets at all this year. Mike Cameron finally got a big hit yesterday for NY.

Atlanta is coming back to the race. Seeing the Expos never hurts. One thing about Montreal, Tomo Ohka is the real deal this season.

A’s face a very good hitting team in Chicago next two days with two lefties going. Esteban Loaiza has killed the A’s in the past, so has Mark Buehrle. The key for Chicago is getting the one two hitters on base. Juan Uribe not only gets on but hits for power. Willie Harris isn’t bad either.

If the A’s hit with runners in scoring position they should be OK at home. The on base percentage is going up but the key hits haven’t been there. Another two weeks of meltdowns by Arthur Rhodes and a change will be made at closer.

Key start for Ryan Drese who got hit hard the last time out. Always a question if he is for real.

June is here and the baseball will get more intense starting tonight.


1 Anonymous { 06.01.04 at 6:17 pm }

As far as I’m concerned, waiting to see if two more weeks of meltdowns from Rhodes occurs, is superfluous. I’ve seen enough and known enough about his history trying to close games to know that he’s not gonna cut it. Honestly, does anyone see Rhodes being an effective closer this year? Its time to start making plans now. He doesn’t have the make-up for the job.
I’m so tired of seeing Hudson “Cy Young” through games, and then inevitably get the no decision. His no decisions are the sole reason he hasn’t won a Cy yet. I’d go ahead and start making changes right now. Haven’t we seen what we need to to know Arthur Rhodes isn’t the man, and won’t become the man, to close ’em out?

2 Anonymous { 06.01.04 at 7:23 pm }

and your suggestions for closer are who, ned?
Rhodes just needs to start throwing a 2nd pitch consistently. I say give him a couple more weeks to make the adjustment. If he doesn’t, then get rid of Hammond and keep Rincon and Rhodes as the lefty specialists.
-Mike E.

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