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Batter Up

Batter Up June 5th

Interleague play starts next week and it is OK by me with this proviso. I would change the number of games played between the two leagues. I’d schedule one random series, then one weekend of whichever geographical rivals I could match.

It’s bad enough for a team trying to get to the playoffs to play teams in its own league an uneven amount of times, but throw in games from the other league and it just isn’t fair.

How do you think the resurgent Mets feel playing the Yankees six times while the Marlins get to square off half a dozen times with Tampa Bay?

You can’t blame this one all on Bud because the idea for interleague play was first kicked around way back in the 1920’s.

Click Below for more baseball!The A’s bullpen sure looks different at home. Reason why: The A’s get to bat last so if the relievers cough up the lead in the ninth, Oakland still gets one chance to catch up. On the road, one mistake and it’s all over when the opponent scores in a tie game in the last inning.

If I’m the Padres I’m seriously scouting for a legit starting pitcher who might be available. With Jake Peavey, the best San Diego pitcher on the DL, there is no anchor on the staff.

The Pads David Wells should return soon, but who wants to pin their pennant hopes on a 41 year old who recently had this happen to him.

According to Wells, he was at home relaxing in his living room when he was slapped on the back of the head by a visiting friend. He then chased his buddy around the room until the lefty stubbed his toe on his coffee table. Carrying a wine glass during the hijinks, Wells stumbled and fell to the ground cutting tendons in his hand sending him to the DL. That ever happen to you at home or anyone you know?

With Eric Chavez out for two months the A’s lineup will need some adjusting. I’d bat Mark Kotsay in the third spot against righties, then move Bobby Kielty there against lefties. Kielty is a power threat against southpaws, but toast against righties.

The A’s should permanently move Erubiel Durazo into the number two spot where he thrived during the stretch run last year. Durazo goes through too many RBI droughts to be counted on down in the lineup.

With the AL Central out of the way until July, the A’s will be back to facing more righthanded starters than lefties. This means there is no rush to pick up a third baseman to man the fort until Chavez returns. Mark McLemore can pick it at the hot corner with the best of them. McLemore has always been a strict platoon player getting his at bats against righthanders. The tough part will be keeping McLemore and his balky knee on the field.

Dusty Baker better be careful with returning starter Mark Prior. No matter how good Prior may look, his days of 100 pitch plus ballgames are history for this year.

Remember Jeff Kent? The Astro second baseman is in the top ten in the NL in runs scored and RBI’s. With Kent, Andy Pettite, Jeff Bagwell, and Roger Clemens leading the way, I say the Astros win the Central when it’s all over.

Bay Area all stars? How about Scott Hatteberg, Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson, and Barry Bonds. Hatteberg, having his best season, is carrying the A’s with his clutch hitting, while the other three need no introduction.

Come September who knows who will be closing for the Angels, A’s and Mariners? Troy Percival might give way to Francisco Rodriguez in Anaheim. It’s anyone’s guess who Billy Beane will plug into the closers role in Oakland. Plus, I hear Everyday Eddie Guardado wants out of Seattle after only two months up north. Things sure have changed since opening day.

NL MVP leaders: Sean Casey, Scott Rolen, Barry Bonds. AL: Vladimir Guerrero, Manny Ramirez, Mariano Rivera.

Speaking of Guerrero, where do you pitch this guy? If you don’t literally bounce the ball in front of him, you better get the pitch way in on his hands like Zito did earlier in the season.

If Arizona lets Bob Brenly go as manager as rumored who gets the job? Diamondback coach and Hall of Famer Robin Yount is ready if asked. Arizona broadcaster Mark Grace might be a candidate. Hiring Grace would be poetic justice because Brenly came out of the TV booth to replace Buck Showalter when he was fired. Yount is the better choice, without a doubt.

The Tigers have the second pick in next week’s amateur draft and they won’t pick Long Beach State pitcher Jared Weaver, one of the top players available. After Detroit’s difficult experience with Jared’s older brother Jeff, who’s now pitching in LA, the Tigers have seen enough of the Weaver family.

Jared should go third to the Mets. New York pitching coach Rick Peterson has done quite well with college pitchers in case you had forgotten.

The Jefferey Hammonds era ends in San Francisco. The Giants need a firstbaseman, a starting pitcher, and a shortstop, so I guess getting rid of a backup outfielder was a good place to start.


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