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Who Are the All Star Pitchers?

Since pitching is still the name of the game, I think it’s only fair that the best pitchers make the all star team, not the pitchers who can fill in the roster merely because each team needs a representative.

Joe Torre has imposed a rule that you don’t make the team as a starting pitcher if you can’t work in the game that Tuesday.

Ridiculous. The best part of the game is the introduction of the teams and recognition of the achievements of the players.

Plus, the game should be played on Wednesday to avoid these issues. This way players can get to the game, everyone can play (with proper rest), the festivities can be extended to a true midseason break, and the season can start back on Friday (weekend) with some excitement.

The actual all star game for the last thirty years has been boring, low scoring, and anticlimatic. Why jam it in on Tuesday?

So here’s my list of pitchers who should be in Milwaukee. Click “Read More” [Read more →]

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Giants, A's playing Hardball This Weekend

There is some good baseball being played between the two Bay Area teams as they wrap up interleague play Saturday and Sunday in Oakland.

Last night, John Mabry had four hits against the Giants. After his third staright safety, Giants starter Livan Hernandez drilled Mabry in the back with a fastball. Mabry seemed stunned by the tactic, almost reaching the third base coaching box as he recoiled from the pain.

No problem. A’s pitcher Mark Mulder promptly drilled Shawon Dunston in his next at bat, obviously retaliating for the shot taken at Mabry. Dunston walked to first shaking his finger at Mulder.

Mulder didn’t look at Dunston, a dead give away that the pitch had a purpose.

Let me tell you who handled the situation the best.

[

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Who is Now The Newest NL All Star: Bartolo Colon

Nothing that happens in baseball ever amazes me.

Bartolo Colon, an Expo. Cleveland traded him because he makes too much money and wants a long term deal.

Colon would have been an AL All Star, does Bob Brenly put him on the NL squad?

The last time I checked the Expos were supposed to be going out of business.

Montreal gave up their top three prospects to get Colon for the rest of the season, which by the way could end in August, if the players set a strike date next month.

What does this trade tell you about the future.

Click “Read More” and I’ll tell you. [

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Fox Sports Glen Kuiper on Right Off The Bat

Glen Kuiper is in the unique position of being the pregame television host for both the A’s and the Giants telecasts on Fox Sports in the Bay Area. Glen will give his perspective on the weekend series between the A’s and the Giants on Right Off The Bat beginning at 5:50 PM Pacific right here on, the A’s web site, or KFRC 610 AM, in Northern California. [Read more →]

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Momentum is the Next Days Starting pitcher

As we watched with excitement and anticipation on Monday night as the A’s clobbered the Mariners 13-2, you had a sense that the A’s can possibly leave Seattle in first place.

Afterall, the A’s are hitting the cover off the ball, pitching well, and Seattle is missing 3 starters in their batting lineup.

Well, Seattle put a wrench in those plans right away. In fact, after last night’s loss, the pressure is on Zito to keep the series at a draw. No one said it would be easy.

Seattle eased the streaking A’s with starting ptching. First by two crafty veterans in James Baldwin and Jamie Moyer, which shows that statement so true , “Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher.”

The A’s were scorching hot going into Tuesday nights game, but starting pitching killed the momentum. The A’s also benefit from this concept as they are often the momentum killers to other teams as one of their aces pitches.

So, with all of the injured players out of the Mariners starting lineup, once again here’s evidence that good pitching is the momentum killer for any team. [Read more →]

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Bonds and Kent; All In The Family

Nothing wrong with the Bonds – Kent feud.

An excellent commentary follows by Amaury Pi-Gonzalez, Giants Spanish language broadcaster.

[

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Mariners, Twins, Braves Can Wrap up Series Today, It won't be Easy

In what is turning out to be an exciting week of baseball, the front runners are in a position today to take the series today from the pursuers.

Minnesota and Chicago are developing a real dislike for each other in the blah AL Central.

The A’s Aaron Harang matched Jamie Moyer pitch for pitch in a game which demonstarted the baseball adage that good pitching will always stop mediocre hitting.

The Mets bull pen blinked first when the Braves Gary Sheffield hit a late inning grand slam to win the game, setting up today’s match up between Pedro Astacio and lefty rookie Damian Moss.

How about Mo Vaughn’s shot off the scoreboard in right?

What will today bring, click “read more” and I’ll tell you. [Read more →]

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Fox Broadcaster Steve Lyons on Right Off The Bat

Capping an outstanding week of guests on Right Off The Bat, Steve “Psycho” Lyons joins me on Thursday at 5:50 PM Pacific. Lyons follows Wednesday’s guest, Don Newcombe one of the National Leagues top pitchers in the 1950’s and baseball’s first Cy Young Award winner in 1956. The show is heard live right here on, the A’s web site, or 610 AM KFRC, in Northern California. [Read more →]

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A Fans Perspective on Steroids and the Big Stars

One of the things I enjoy about having this site is the opportunity the site gives the fans to state their views on the game of baseball.

When you click on “read more” you will find another perspective on steroid use by some of the major stars in the game.

The author is Tisha, who collaborated with “The Kritic.”

Click “read more” and tell the authors what you think. [Read more →]

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One Fan's View of Bonds and Kent, Where Does it Go From Here?

The Barry Bonds – Jeff Kent pushing match spawned the following commentary from one of our faithful readers on the future of these two ball players.

Just click “Read more” for a very thoughtful and well analyzed article on who is at fault, who should stay, and how Dusty Baker fits into this sordid tale of two baseball players who just flat out can’t stand each other.

Is there a trade in the works?

Read on. [

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