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Losers are Winners on Tuesday Except for Bonds and Kent

All the teams that needed to get back in the win column did so on Tuesday, setting up pivotal series match ups for Wednesday.

Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent got into each others way in the dugout in San Diego last night when Kent was telling David Bell how stupid Bell’s throw to second base was, the throw pulled Kent off the bag and led to a big Padres inning.

Bonds and Kent had to be separated, dragging Dusty Baker and others into the fray.

The A’s lost to Seattle as Tim Hudson, usually unflappable, disintegrated before our very eyes.

More fireworks today around the leagues, I’m sure.

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Hot Teams won Openers, Pressure on Losers to Right the Ship

Sure, it’s only June, I’ve often said the baseball season is similar to reading a good book, you never know what is going to happen next, every day of the season is like reading another chapter.

One never knows how it will end, but one does know it is going to be a one heckuva good story.

Monday’s openers of the three crucial mid season series provided more grist for the mill.

Game two is tonight. Who has the pressure? Is there pressure on the Monday night losers? [Read more →]

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James Baldwin Tuesday's Starter on Right Off The Bat

Seattle Mariner pitcher James Baldwin who will start Tuesday night’s game against the Athletics will be my guest on Right Off The Bat beginning at 5:50 PM Pacific right here on, the A’s web site, and KFRC 610 AM, in Northern California. The A’s hit Baldwin hard in his last start against Oakland in the Coliseum. Badwin described as having a lot of heart when he goes to the mound, explains his pitching philosophy during the show. [Read more →]

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Dave Heaverlo on Right Off The Bat Monday

Dave Heaverlo, former big league reliever with the A’s, Giants, and Mariners is my guest tonight on Right Off The Bat. “The Tuna”, as he was affectionately known during his big league days, is currently a talk show host in Moses Lake, Washington. He knows the Mariners from top to bottom and will preview the series between the A’s and the M’s. The show starts at 5:50 PM Pacific right here on, the A’s web site, or KFRC 610 AM here in Northern California. [Read more →]

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White Sox, Mets, A's Face Big Series

With interleague play taking a break until the weekend the division leaders in the NL East, the AL Central, and the AL West face their pursuers in very interesting confrontations starting tonight.

The White Sox, barely alive in the Central, haven’t seen the Twins in 2002.

Manager Jerry Manuel is already accusing the press of being the negative force behind the Sox’ trouble.

Hey, Jerry how’s your pitching holding up this year? How’s the Big Skirt, Frank Thomas?

Most observers feel the Sox don’t come to play every night.

The Sox play the Twins 19 times this year, game number one is tonight.

They better bring their “A” game to the tough Metrodome, where the Twins have the best home record in the league.

How about the other leaders? Are they under pressure to win these crucial mid season games?

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American League Races Right Where They Should Be

It’s Sunday and it’s officially summer time, a good time of year for a baseball fan.

If you are a fan of a team in the American League, you are starting to get the feel that this race will be very interesting in each division.

Peter Gammons wrote in his column yesterday his just discovered revelation that as the big three of the A’s rotation goes, so goes the Athletics.

Hey, Peter when did you drop in from outer space?

I’ve been saying the same thing for two months ever since Mark Mulder pulled up lame in April.

Plus, Peter, the AL West isn’t going away.

Peter, you better start worying about your Red Sox because all of a sudden they aren’t beating any righthanders and are getting that New England “I told you it wouldn’t last look.”

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Jim Lefebvre on Right Off The Bat Sunday

The Reds are currently struggling on offense and Cincinnati hitting coach Jim Levebvre is our guest on Right Off The Bat Sunday morning beginning at 9:00 AM Pacific right here on, the A’s web site, or 610 AM KFRC in Northern California. Levebvre, a former major league manager, discusses his approach to hitting and what it takes to be a successful major league hitter in today’s game. [Read more →]

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72 A's Reliever Bob Locker on Right Off The Bat Saturday

The A’s faced the Reds in the 72 World Series with a strong pitching staff led by a formidable bull pen. Reliever Bob Locker was one of manager Dick Williams’ short men. Locker is my guest on Right Off the Bat Saturday heard at 2:55 PM Pacific right here on, the A’s web site, and KFRC 610 AM, in Northern California. [Read more →]

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Enjoy Miguel Tejada now.

Enjoy Miguel Tejada today, because

there is a change after 2003 he will

be Adios ! [

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A's Face Hitless Reds This Weekend

Sometimes the schedule breaks in your favor and that’s what is happening this weekend as the Athletics face the Cincinnati Reds in a three game series in the Queen City.

The Reds just were swept by the team the A’s and the Angels are chasing across the landscape, the Seattle Mariners.

How bad are the Reds right now, let me tell you. [Read more →]

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