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One of the things I enjoy about having this site is the opportunity the site gives the fans to state their views on the game of baseball.

When you click on “read more” you will find another perspective on steroid use by some of the major stars in the game.

The author is Tisha, who collaborated with “The Kritic.”

Click “read more” and tell the authors what you think.A few weeks ago a poster called “The Kritic” and I started threads on why the A’s traded McGwire and Canseco, as well as allowed Jason Giambi’s departure. We both summed it up in one phrase: Steroid Use.

Now the Kritic has more direct sources than me; I was merely speculating but it appeared to make sense. Consider:

1992 – Canseco is traded to Texas while in the On-Deck circle waiting to bat during a game in Oakland. Canseco confesses in 2002 his steroid use started around the time he was traded to Texas. Now Canseco states he not only used steroids, he was the supplier and will name names. Coincidence?

1997 – McGwire is traded to St. Louis because the A’s couldn’t”afford” to resign him. McGwire is also three times the size he was when he was a “Bash Brother”. In 1999, McGwire admits he was on a “legal” supplement which attributes to the increasing bulked up frame and the smashing of Maris’ Home Run record. You and I both know McGwire was blind as a bat and if it wasnt for the contact lenses, he wouldn’t seen enough to hit 49 HRs in his rookie year. All of a sudden he can see the ball better in St. Louis than Oakland? My theory: he was on more than andro, the A’s found out and dealt him.

2001 – Jason Giambi wants a no-trade clause with the A’s (so he says). The A’s are willing to resign him, but want to keep options available because of shelf life. Giambi goes to the Yankees since the A’s appeared to “drag” their feet on re-signing him. I’ve noticed Giambi has bulked up to three times his normal size as well. In New York, the media asks Giambi about Canseco’s book, which he goes out of his way to trash by saying “Canseco must need the money.” My theory: could it be that the A’s found out Jason was on the juice too and decided to let him walk rather than be saddled with the scandal?

The A’s do not deal well with scandal of any kind. The management prefers to quietly allow potential scandal players to just exit instead of airing dirty laundry. All three players were immensely popular in Oakland and management had to know what awaited them, fan-wise, with the trading and release to Free Agency of these players.

Submitted by Trisha


1 Anonymous { 06.26.02 at 11:22 pm }

What about Bonds? He’s way bigger than a few years ago. Yet he stated in an interview on TV that he has not used steroids. I wonder what he classifies as “steroids”.

2 Anonymous { 06.27.02 at 9:28 pm }

I agree with you; that’s worth looking into. However, Bonds has challenged those who thinks he’s on the juice to test him. Would he do that if he were on the juice…or is he calling someone’s bluff, knowing that MLB has no policy for steroid testing? I have looked at former pictures and compared them to him this year and everything, including his head, seems bigger. And he’s beginning to have that “jerk-motion” with his head like he has Parkinson’s (no offense to sufferers). When Canseco showed up on Jim Rome’s show, his head looked bigger and made the same herky-jerky movements…then he confessed he used the juice…Connect the dots, I say, and see where they lead you. Thanks for your question.


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