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One Fan's View of Bonds and Kent, Where Does it Go From Here?

The Barry Bonds – Jeff Kent pushing match spawned the following commentary from one of our faithful readers on the future of these two ball players.

Just click “Read more” for a very thoughtful and well analyzed article on who is at fault, who should stay, and how Dusty Baker fits into this sordid tale of two baseball players who just flat out can’t stand each other.

Is there a trade in the works?

Read on.Howdy there, how is our little fan-group doing today?

Not only did Kent and Bones play a little push-n’-shove last night, but

Kent was heard (by more than one person) to say “I want off this bleeping

team, it’s his (Bonds’) bleeping team anyway.

Heaven forbid I take Barry Bones’ side in an argument, but Kent has been

an absolute clown all year long. First his ridiculous injury, then his

equally ridiculous lying about it, then lying about not lying about it,

now he’s a crybaby because it’s Barry’s team, not his.

The problem for Kent, and the Giants, is this: There are no teams out

there who need a 2B AND would be willing to: A, pick up his contract, B,

trade the Giants some good, young players in return.

Here are the clubs who would like to have Kent:

Boston, LA, Atlanta, Seattle.

Boston would take Kent in a heartbeat, but it has nobody, I mean NOBODY in

the minors worth trading for. So the Giants would probably not do it,

unless Sabean and Baker just want Kent gone, period.

The Dodgers would love to replace Mark Grudzielanek with someone like

Kent, but the old rule of thumb is: don’t trade with teams in your own

division. So that’s probably out.

That leaves Atlanta and Seattle. The Braves would pay Kent, but they may

not have a player they are willing to give up to get Kent. The best the

Giants could hope for is a minor-league pitching prospect, which the

Braves always seem to have plenty of.

With the injury to (and un-productiveness of) Bret Boone, the Mariners

might take a crack at Kent. They *may* be willing to give up someone like

Joel Pineiro, John Halama or Rafael Soriano for Kent. This deal might

come to fruition.

What I’m saying, Giants fans, is this: The Giants are hosed in this whole

thing, and it’s Kents’ fault. SF will very likely trade Kent in a few

weeks, but get little in return for him. Thanks for coming! And I’m sick

of hearing what a brilliant “player’s manager” Dusty is, and how well he

understands the “mind of the player.” Recall that last year, Armando Rios

and Rich Aurilia tangled up in the dugout. Did the wonderful psychology

of Baker patch things up between the two? Hell no, Rios got his ass

shipped to the Siberia Pirates. Now the two Giants superstars are

brawling. Other than break up the shoving match, downplay the whole

thing, then blame the media, what is Dusty doing about it?

The great A’s and Yankee teams of the ’70s were always at each others’

throats, and they managed to win championiships in spite of it. Perhaps

those teams won *because* of it. But I don’t see this Giants team in that

way. This is not competitive heat amongst teammates, or a stress relief

of some sort. It’s big, big egos colliding, and that’s just a big mess.

Just some thoughts from my high horse here in the East Bay. Have a swell

day everyone.


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