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Who is Now The Newest NL All Star: Bartolo Colon

Nothing that happens in baseball ever amazes me.

Bartolo Colon, an Expo. Cleveland traded him because he makes too much money and wants a long term deal.

Colon would have been an AL All Star, does Bob Brenly put him on the NL squad?

The last time I checked the Expos were supposed to be going out of business.

Montreal gave up their top three prospects to get Colon for the rest of the season, which by the way could end in August, if the players set a strike date next month.

What does this trade tell you about the future.

Click “Read More” and I’ll tell you.The first thing that comes to mind is this. The Montreal club is owned by major league baseball. They have publically stated that there is zero chance of Montreal signing Colon to a long term deal as long as they own the club.

Why would you give up your best prospect for the future, Brandon Phillips and two other blue chippers for a pitcher that will be gone after next season at the latest?

Only if you thought or knew your team would be gone as well.

The owners are always trying to scare the players into thinking teams will be eliminated, thus costing hundreds of players jobs in the industry.

The trade sends another subtle message to the players that the owners are serious about contraction.

The owners are diabolical with their agenda, here’s the moguls thinking: the Expos deplete their farm system, we (owners) know they won’t be around anyway, plus we are helping out our friends in Cleveland by giving them the cream of the Expo crop and allowing them (Cleveland) to dump a problem player.

Ther biggest joke is the current Montreal administration telling the world that this trade will hype interest in Montreal.

Heck, the Expos draw 5,000 per game now, what’s next 6,000 based upon acquiring a Dominican pitcher who no one in Montreal will relate to.

They have the best player in the league right now in Montreal, Vladimir Guerrero, from the Dominican Republic and they don’t show up.

Is there a Dominican migration to Canada that is about to happen.

Anyway, The Expos are toast in Montreal after this season. Either they will be disbanded which does happen in business, especially in today’s world, or sold to another group in the States and moved.

For the integrity of the game, I hope it is the latter or else this trade is the owners gift to Cleveland.

More news:

The Giants moved Jeff Kent to the three spot in the batting order ahead of Barry Bonds. Dusty Baker came up with the move as a result of watching Rich Aurilia struggle in the two spot. Aurilia could not take advantage of all the fastballs he was seeing this season as he did last year. Kent knows what to do with a straight pitch. The one thing Bonds does for the lineup is assure that the batter who hits ahead of him gets plenty of hittable pitches.

Kent’s ability to hit will also mean that Aurilia will still get good pitches to hit because you don’t want to clog up the bases with runners before the big man Bonds comes up.

I like the move. Dusty pulled a rabbit out of his hat with this one.

The A’s are home after a very long and arduous trip, four cities, fourteen days. The bats are cold again. Baseball is a game of cycles. The Giants pose a serious challenge this weekend because their pitches throw strikes thus taking away one of the Athletics great offensive weapons, the walk.

The A’s are in good shape for the summer run, but as I have said in the past, if they are going to catch the Mariners, they will need help from the Angels and the Rangers.

The Oakland rotation is set up for the Twins as the A’s have two lefties ready for the Twins on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Billy Beane needs to find a leadoff hitter and a clean up hitter soon to bring this offense up to its full potential.

Let me conclude with this, I just don’t like major league baseball owning a team and making questionable trades for a team they say won’t exist.

It’s just not right.


1 Anonymous { 06.28.02 at 5:50 pm }

good insight on the expo situation,but will they

disband the twins after they win their division or

will the good ship Tampa Bay sink into oblivion

and don’t forget the a’s were on the list of possibles for extinction

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