Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Final Winter Show From Crogan's Thursday Night

This Thursday night Feb. 22nd at 6 PM our final winter show will air from Crogan’s Montclair on 1550 AM KYCY.

Ken Korach and Matt McKenzie from Street and Smith’s Baseball Annual will join me on the show.

Then it’s off to Arizona for spring training. First show from Phoenix will be at 10 30 AM Pacific on March 3rd.

Raf will have our final winter show posted on the site this Monday Feb. 26th.

What are your thoughts on how spring training is looking so far?



1 Randy_Bell { 02.22.07 at 3:55 pm }

I just saw a blurb on A’s Spring Training last nite on TV, and I am just amazed at how young many of our A’s look. We are far from the AARP gang across the Bay {no offense giants fans}. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Harden, Crosby and Chavez will remain healthy this year. Also would be good if Bradley had a healthy year. On that our season swings; if we can get lucky and have a healthy year for a change, the sky’s the limit! Spring training has just begun so it is hard to say, other than that we appear healthy right now and just have to keep our fingers crossed. Sounds like Milton wants to stay healthy, Crosby too, I’m sure Rich is tired of the DL stints; let’s hope they are trying things this year that will make them successful in staying healthy.

2 Anonymous { 02.23.07 at 3:50 am }


I love the show! I don’t live in the bay area any more  so I really appreciate having it online here.  Once the season starts will right of the bat be available here?  or will it only be on the radio?

thanks a ton for the great Baseball show!

( and so far I think spring training looks good, I’m really excited about this season, more so than last season.  It’s going to be fun to see what Harden and Crosby can do when they play a full season. )

3 marty { 02.23.07 at 9:54 am }

During the season you can hear Right Off The Bat on MLB’s radio coverage. If you subscribe to the package my show is included. We will try to post Inside Baseball each week on the site. Raf does a great job of keeping up with the flow of information. Last night’s show will be on the site this Monday. Ray Fosse joined us last night and gave great insight into the on line gold glove voting (Rawlings) and other spring training topics.

4 Anonymous { 02.26.07 at 12:30 am }

Hey Marty! I am very surprised at the large amount of positive press surrounding A’s Spring Training this year. It almost seems too good to be true. From Piazza’s and Embree’s solid transitions to Harden’s health status to Haren’s improvement on the mound, things are looking bright The only guys who haven’t appeared in the news are Blanton and Loaiza which makes me think that something might be wrong with these guys already or they haven’t improved much. Thanks for giving us something to listen to this offseason and I look forward to your future broadcasts.

-Shmirdawg from Berkeley, CA


5 Randy_Bell { 02.28.07 at 7:59 am }

To Shmirdawg from Berkeley, CA — so far as I can tell, Blanton and Loaiza are OK. They are scheduled to pitch in the ST rotation Maybe "no news is good news"? Main thing with spring training (ST) is for everyone to get his work in without injury or accident. Get ready for season and be healthy! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the A’s could have a relatively injury-free season for a change? 🙂

6 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:14 pm }

7 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:50 pm }

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