Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Want to buy a Sports franchise?

Anybody out there

with this this type

of money can get

themselves a Major sport

franchise in one of the

four main pro leagues:

By Amaury Pi-GonzálezDo you want to buy a Bay Area


The Forbes Franchise Values

were recently published.

Here is the list of the reported

prices of professional franchises

here in Northern California

among the main four pro sports


#1 San Francisco 49ers $463 million

#2 Oakland Raiders 421 million

#3 S.F. Giants 355 million

#4 Sacramento Kings 259 million

#5 G.State Warriors 176 million

#6 San José Sharks 158 million

#7 Oakland Athletics 157 million

Overall: The most expensive


Washington Redskins $845 million


New York Yankees 730 million


Phoenix Suns 266 million


Detroit Red Wings 266 million

The “bargains” are:

NHL Edmonton Oilers $ 86 million

MLB Montreal Expos 108 million

The question is:

Who is for sale ?

A good capitalistic approach is

that “everything is for sale if

the right price comes along”

therefore we must always

have that in mind and do not

really fall to the PR propaganda

when a specific team

spokesperson says:

“we’re not for sale”.

This is almost as reliable

as when a “Presidential

material” politician tells the

Media: “I’m not runing for


Here in Bay Area we know

that the Oakland Athletics

could be sold anytime, the

49ers should not be a

surprised to anybody if

Doctor York stops performing

“surgery”and gives up.

The Warriors with Chris

Cohan at the helm are

always a candidate for

sale. Maybe the Giants,

Raiders and Sharks are the

three most likely teams to

keep their ownership for

many years to come.

Sharks because they are

the show in the NHL in the

Bay Area. Giants because

Peter Magowan enjoys baseball

and being an owner to much

to sell the team and the Raiders,

well…it is more likely that

Al Davis moves out of Oakland

again, that he sells the franchise.

For Al Davis the Raiders are his life.

Hasta la vista muchachos !



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