Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Inside Baseball Thursday January 5th

Tonight we will have Inside Baseball here in the Bay Area on 1550 AM beginning at 6 PM live from Crogan’s Montclair.

Shooty Babitt will join Carl Foster and Steve Kroner writer from the SF Chronicle on the show. We’ll talk some Cal hoops too.

How does Jeromy Burnitz fit into the picture in Pittsburgh? Can his signing impact the A’s?

Click below for the answer.I have contended that the Pirates Craig Wilson is a decent righthanded hitter with some power that could help the A’s.

Now with Burnitz and Jason Bey on the corners in their outfield and Sean Casey at first base, the Pirates can absolutely aggresively field offers for Wilson.

The A’s should step up unless they still are one of the pieces in the Manny-Tejada quagmire.

Knowing Arte Moreno’s penchant for high profile Latin players (He signed Vlad, not Bill Stoneman) I still say the Angels are laying in the weeds waiting to make the last offer for Ramirez or Tejada.

Seems clear to me that Ramirez has burned his bridges in Boston and won’t return.

Anyway the Orioles say they want the Tejada matter put to rest by early next week, so stay tuned.

Will Barry Zito be part of the rebuilt Cub rotation if they part with Mark Prior or Carlos Zambrano in a trade for Tejada?

Zito more than likely would only be a one year rental because he is going to get 14 million on the market next winter, so I don’t see the Cubs offering the A’s enough to make the deal.

The Mets are adding every reliever the Yankees can’t get in hopes of finally having enough chips to make a deal for the Devil Rays closer Danys Baez. Tampa Bay is impossible to deal with so I don’t expect anything to happen in TB until spring training when they realize they have seven outfielders for three positions.

Anyway the Mets better be careful because their starting pitching still is sub par when assessing the quality you need to win a pennant.

See you tonight on the air.



1 Anonymous { 01.09.06 at 8:29 pm }


Can you tell me why Bobby Kielty gets a raise every year? He’s going to make almost $2 mil. this year.

I do believe he can have a solid year, but based on his performance, he hasn’t proven himself worthy of these annual raises he’s received each of the last two years.


2 Anonymous { 01.09.06 at 10:34 pm }

Eric Brynes getting megabucks to butcher CF for the DBacks kinda shows you the state of affairs when it comes to outfielder compensation.

My guess is Payton is getting ready to go bye bye and the Big Hurt will be signed to DH making Kielty our 4th outfielder at roughly half Jay Pay’s salary.

Reno Bill

3 marty { 01.10.06 at 12:24 am }

The Boston Globe speculated this morning that Payton could come back to Boston in a three way deal with the Dodgers getting David Wells. If LA gets Wells, then who comes to Oakland?
How about Jayson Werth, that way the A’s can reclaim another of deposed LA GM Paul DePodesta’s moves. First was Milton Bradley, how about Werth as the A’s try to vindicate Paul’s judgement.
As far as Kielty is concerned the A’s see some righthanded power there and they did trade for him so he’ll get every opportunity to play until his salary becomes prohibitive like Eric Byrnes’s did. Then it’s bye bye if he hasn’t broken loose with a 25 home run season.
With arbitration based on years in the majors a four year outfielder who has lasted that long is guaranteed a nice bump in salary.
Looks like the Orioles want to keep Tejada (teammate Melvin Mora called Tejada from the O’s fanfest and Tejada was so overwhelmed by the call that he said he wanted to stay) and the Red Sox still want to deal Manny. It’s too quiet in Anaheim, they can’t go into the season with two aging players like Garret Anderson and Darin Erstad can they?
If they do they will be dethroned by the A’s.
Check the calendar only about a month until pitchers and catchers report for spring training.
One more thing:
How about the writers who say the A’s can’t make moves because they would cost the owners too much money?
If the Fishers are billionaires let them bring Tejada back if that improves the team’s chances of winning, if not let the owners bellyache about money and not the writers on their behalf.

4 Anonymous { 01.10.06 at 10:53 am }

An outfield of Payton, Kotsay and Bradley is one of the best defensive outfields in the league. Until the A’s can prove they can hit, I’d keep it as is. Payton provides just as much righthanded pop as Kielty anyways. Plus, we know Kotsay’s back is going to be trouble. When he goes down, do people really like an outfield of Kielty, Bradley and Charles Thomas? That’s pathetic.

5 Anonymous { 01.10.06 at 1:10 pm }

If Payton goes or if Kotsay gets hurt, trust me, Charles Thomas is NOT in the outfield mix.

Nick Swisher goes back to the outfield…probably left field and Johnson goes back to first.

To be honest, I feel really good about Payton in left field this year. I’d like him to be out there everyday. He was the A’s most reliable, exciting, and clutch hitter, not to mention productive (outside of Mark Ellis), down the stretch last year and he’s much better than the baseball world gives him credit for.

Frank Thomas is an exciting name. But I just get nervous getting rid of Payton for him. Thomas is not what he used to be by a long shot. DHing didn’t keep him healthy last year when Konerko was at first base for the Sox.

But I’m pretty sure we will see Frank Thomas in an A’s uniform this year.


6 Anonymous { 01.12.06 at 1:09 am }

Are you having an Inside Baseball tomorrow night(Thursday)? or Friday before the Bears beat Stanfurd?


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