Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Stumpers from the fans..I need some help

Karl from Sonora, California writes

Why did the Mets choose the colors they did for their uniforms…orange and light blue? Leonard Koppett, Hall of Fame writer answered this one for me. The colors are the official colors of the city of New York, not to remind folks of the old Dodger (which was a darker blue) and Giant hues. Check the New York Knicks uniforms and the flag of the city of NY. Same colors.

Michael from Phoenix,

Why did the A’s switch from the elephant mascot to the mule when Charlie Finley bought the team in Kansas City?

Charlie was very stubborn and realized that a stubborn Missouri Mule reminded him of himself. Hence, Charlie O, the mule was named and the elephant was gone until the Haas family brought it back in Oakland.

Two that I need help with: Jon and Heather from Alameda ask,

Ichiro can tie a record this season that has only been accomplished once in the early part of the twentieth century, what is it? Hint Ty Cobb..

Hallie from Oakland asks,

Who was the last lefthanded player to play third base in a major league game?

First correct answers receive two vouchers to any A’s game.


1 marty { 04.18.02 at 4:02 am }


Was he the last one to do it?


2 nuevodavo { 04.18.02 at 5:39 pm }

I think it was Mike Squires, when he was on the White Sox

3 marty { 04.18.02 at 9:25 pm }

That was what I thought, but I’m told it may be Don Mattingly. We need verification.

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