Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Don't Beat Yourself, Words to Live by….by Jerry Feitelberg

How much does good defense play ? It matters a lot.
Last night’s game between the A’s and the Mariners
emphasize the importance of good fielding. The A’s
made 3 double plays. The double play is the pitcher’s best friend. How many times have you seen an infielder
allow a runner to make it to 1st base by making a miscue and that play comes back to haunt the team.
Right now the A’s are leading the American League in best fielding percentage. That means pitchers know that they can count on the guys to make the plays to get the hitters out. Many times a game has turned
because the pitcher got the batter to make an out but has to go an extra batter due to a botched play.
As we are now entering the final 3rd of the season
every facet of the game is important.The A’s seem
to be putting it all together for the stretch. Good
hitting,good pitching especially the bullpen the last
few games, and good fielding. These are the ingredients for success.

Jerry Feitelberg


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