Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

something new, something blue

After last night’s game between the Dodgers and the Cardinals, I saw something that I had never seen occur
in baseball. I had seen it in hockey when after a hard
fought playoff series , the two teams would line up and
shake hands and congratulate each other. It is an
admirable show of sportsmanship. However, in baseball, one team usually jumps up and down and the
losers walk glum-faced back to to the clubhouse with
their heads down. Last night, the Dodgers came on the field and congratulated the Cardinals. Shook hands
and hugs for the players and managers. I know the object is winning but when teams show their appreciation to each other for the hard work and effort to get to the playoffs and each team plays as hard as they can, there are really no losers. Yes the Cardinals will advance and the Dodgers will go home
but baseball now is better off for what those two teams did after the game. Let’s hope they have started a new tradition in baseball.

Jerry Feitelberg


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