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Billy Beane morphs into Charlie Finley

It would seem that a similar pattern of the field Manager revolving door may be starting with the A’s. Today’s Contra Costa Times leads one to believe that Ken Macha may want to leave the Manager’s job due to Beane’s resistance to deviate from the old Baltimore strategy of two walks and wait for the home run. All the years Baltimore employed this strategy they won three championships from 1966-1983. They lost more than they won, including three playoffs to the A’s. Lighting and lumber will always beat those who wait for things to happen.

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Finley was always controlling the manager, endless phone calls to the dugout during the game angered many of his managers, and prompted Bobby Winkels to quit during a game in 1978 while the team was in first place. Finley had a new manager almost every season, except for Williams 1971-1973, Dark 1974-1975. With his team in shambles in 1979, losing 108 games, he hires Billy Martin, and takes a hands off approach. The team wins 83 games the next year. Beane needs to pay attention to history, let the manager manage, and forget Baltimore, it did not work. Bunt, steal, and force the issue, and reduce the number of runners left on base.


1 Anonymous { 10.06.04 at 4:16 am }

For the sweet mother of mollases THANK YOU!!! It’s the most frustrating thing I’ve experienced as a sports fan. And that is watching an A’s game. I’m so tired of watching them walk and then stand there until, every now and again someone hits one out of the park. The A’s are the most boring team in baseball.

It was torture watching this last Anaheim series, as the A’s went down 1-2-3 inning after inning. Bunt A’s! Run A’s! Make something happen A’s! They looked like a scared dog with its tail between its legs…as they did trying to finish off four playoff series in a row.

They will be better next year. And this is coming from a big pessimist. Bullpen? Makeover.
Dye? Gone. Rhodes/Mecir/Dotel? Gone. $20 mil? Here to spend.

So how do you explain the team wide late season slump this year? I’ll tell you.
When you have superb pitching and weak hitting you’re gonna have a lot of low scoring, close games. A lot of close games mean starting position players are always playing nine innings. Therefore mental and physical fatique takes more of a toll not only on the pitchers, but also on the hitters. And thats why we saw the pitching and the hitting go south towards the end of the year. Its just exhausting playing close games day after day as the A’s seemed to do all year long.

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