Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

the end of the season

The 2005 Major League baseball season ended Wedensday night
with the Chicago White Sox as champs. While they swept the Astos in 4 games, it was a very entertaining close fought
4 games. With a key hit or a break here or there the Astros
could have won 2 games . But they didn’t and an wait of 88 years for a championship has ended for the White Sox.
This is the second time in recent memory that a former
Oakland Athletic has been named MVP of the series in his 1st year with his new club. Jermaine Dye was the MVP in 2005 and Scott Brosius did it with the Yankees in the 1998 series
against the Padres.

This year was delightful as the Astros won for the 1st time in their history. The Cardinals,Yankeess,RedSox,Angels and
Braves made the playoffs. The Padres sort of slid into the
playoff as representative of a bad division.

I enjoyed the run the A’s made after such a woeful start.
They may have made it but the injury to Bobby Crosby
couldn’t be overcome. I enjoyed the success of the pitching staff. Haren,Blanton,Street were terrific as was Zito.
Jay Payton was a nice fit.

The Giants had a tough year as Bonds was not a factor.
They need a lot of retooling for next year.

Some teams are getting older and are in need of makovers.
The Yankees and Red Sox are in thate group. Let’s see
what happens over the winter.

The saddest note of the season was the loss of Bill King.
Much has been written and spoken about Bill. All I can say is that he deserves to be in baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Time to take a breather from baseball.

Jerry Feitelberg


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