Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball


The greatest rivalry in baseball made the lead story on all the sports shows. The brawl between A-Rod and Jason Varitek continues the saga of the bad blood between the two teams. The yanks have eaten the sox’ lunch since 1920. No matter what, the
sox are always chasing the yanks and sometimes adrenaline
and testosterone take over. The rivalry reflects the
rivalry of the cities. Boston against New York. The Bostonians believe they have a better quality of llife.
The old refrain was ” New York is a nice place to visit but who would want to live there?”. New York.the financial capitol of the world, Show business and home to the news networks. THe Big Apple. Bostonians and New Englanders live on hope.
Every year they hope that this year will be the one . So far 2004 doesn’t look like it will be their year. Derek Lowe has been a major disappointment. Bronson Arroyo and Tim Wakefield
are erratic. The Yanks have an all-star team but their pitching has been banged up and it looked like
they might falter. However, they have the second best record in the majors. Will they be caught ?
Perhaps not. Saturday’s game may be a turning point for the Red Sox only if they win on Sunday.
They go on the road and their performance there has been less than stellar. If they win they will be 7 1/2 games back and will have a chance to overtake
the Yanks. But don’t count on it. They have a much better chance at the wild card. It should be interesting Sunday. Keep your eyes on this one.

Jerry Feitelberg


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