Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Sitting out in right field.

I went to the A’s game yesterday and was a guest of Good Neighbor Pharmacy. The had the right field
bbq pavilion available for their guests and after a great lunch we watched the game from the seats there in right field. For me, it was an interesting perspective and brought back many memories of
my childhood. When I was a young kid back in the 50’s, I would go to Fenway Park and sit in the bleachers in right field right in back of the bullpens. You could hang over the railing and talk to the players in the bullpen. You can’t do that at the coliseum but the feeling was the same.

The A’s played a terrific game. They had 4 homeruns and Rich Harden pitched well. He was
sharp in the 1st inning but by the 5th inning his pitch count was up to 119 pitches. He was saved by one of the best catches that a fan will ever see.
Mark Kotsay made a spectacular catch going for a ball off the bat of Mark Texeira that made Sportscenter last night. It looked like the ball was over the 400 ft marker and Kotsay leapt high and
caught the ball in the web of his glove as it was about to leave the park. It deflated the Rangers
and the A’s cruised to 9-2 win. Kotsay also homered. He is a terrific ballplayer and has brought
a lot the A’s Billy Beane took a chance on a player
that was injured last year and Beane’s faith in Kotsay has been rewarded. Good hitter and good
defense. The A’s are in good position to overtake the Rangers as Hudson will be back soon and
I don’t think the Rangers pitching will hold up.

Jerry Feitelberg


1 Anonymous { 07.26.04 at 3:27 pm }

Great description of a beautiful afternoon at the Net. I was sitting in Sec 216 and the collective “oh, my God’s” and dropped jaws was something after Kotsay’s catch. It was truly one of the best I have ever seen–it went right over the 400 foot mark. Amazing. Kotsay has been the best player in the last 2 months that no one talks about. Once again, it looks like Billy has stuck gold. The guy is excelling in every aspect of the game.

The second best thing at the game for me was seeing Hatteburg get 4 hits. I hope he is back from his little slump. We need him badly.

And Chavez complaining he has no power yet in his right hand–and then hits 2 homers. Wow, can’t wait until the power returns.

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