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Craig Carrozzi's Answer to Chronicle Article

To John Shea:
SF Chronicle baseball writer

Your article about the power surge is a joke. Last year you guys were remarking that when homers dropped a bit it was because of the new awareness and increased testing for performance-enhancing substances, implying that it was due in part to you crusading humanists at the Chronicle who are the true guardians of “Truth, Justice, the American Way” and “Cherished and hallowed baseball records.”

Click below for more! Not! Sadly, to use a word you guys seem to favor, I’ll never be able to accept the hypocritical drivel you guys are spooning out on an almost daily basis to ratchet up sales of your colleagues Tabloidesque book about Bonds. Canseco is smirking out there somewhere while simultaneously crying because he received only a fraction of the publicity your boys are getting. Sure Barry used ‘roids. So did how many others for how many years before you guys, or more likely your editor, decided, in the great journalistic tradition of William Randolph Hearst and carried on by his pygmy grandson, to dye the once green sporting pages yellow with urine samples. Boring. I mean, gee, Wally, I was offered steroids at Cal. State Hayward in 1977. Scott Ostler was offered ‘roids at BYU in 1969. Yeah, good old BYU, where good Mormons aren’t even supposed to ingest caffeine. You get my drift. Tip of the iceberg here. And where were all the crusading journalists back in those days? Out-to-lunch? Too rocked by the Three Martinis to notice? Damn if I know. Maybe you can inform me and then I’ll give you all as much credibility as you all gave Canseco when he came out with his book. And on a personal note, I don’t give a damn what professional athletes put into their bodies as long as they know the risks. And I agree with Hank Aaron that there is nothing holy about his homer record. That’s from the man himself. A man who was heartily abused when he was on the verge of breaking Ruth’s record by envious bigots. “Dead Ball” Gavy Cravath is rolling over in his grave at his unfair treatment.

Keep flogging the tottering horse. The boys at the Donut Shop on 10th and Clement are cheering you on. You know, the guys who coulda’ made it if only they hadn’t got that high school sweetheart pregnant. They coulda’ showed these overpaid bums a thing or two. Hell, they’da’ played for free for the love of the game. They coulda’ bin a contendah.

Craig Carrozzi

Note Craig Carrozzi is a published author. Check him out on Google. Craig and I have spoken together at formal functions discussing baseball and his written work.
Marty Lurie


1 Anonymous { 04.18.06 at 12:06 am }

I have read the Chronicle’s articles on BALCO and excerpts from Game of Shadows, and what has struck me in both cases was the methodical journalism taking place in these works. To me, it’s anti-tabloid writing, as things are spelled out in ways that probably many don’t want to read but they’ve really revealed things that I think are important to tell. To me, it’s wonderful that articles and books can still be so powerful, and have such an impact, especially when they’re done so well.

2 Anonymous { 04.18.06 at 9:00 am }

there’s a couple of good books on why Bush should be impeached if you’re interested.
-Mike E.

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