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Start Packing For New york, Stomper

Rick Kaplan
Staff Writer

OAKLAND (October 5) – Forget about worrying about being over-confident and the danger of letting the Twins sneak back in the series.

It’s in the bag. Start counting your chickens right now.

Let’s be serious. Mark Ellis, Oakland’s very solid second sacker, has a broken index finger. Brad Radke, the Twins starter in game three, has a broken shoulder.

Advantage, A’s.

Click below for more!Hey, ESPN, and especially Karl Ravech. You can take the “Piranhas” and the vaunted Twins bullpen and give them a job doing commentary with all the other losers on Baseball Tonight, after the A’s close out the ALDS in a blow-out on Friday afternoon.


MB spilled some coffee. Esteban Loaiza, got wet and maybe even annoyed. There was a commotion in the dugout, a few rounds of “It-was-your-fault-no-it-wasn’t-it-was-your-fault-a-hole” were played, tempers flared, everyone made up, and then the A’s went back to dismantling the Twins.

Except ESPN tried to make a federal case out of it.

Is Rick Sutcliffe completely out of his mind, or was he just drunk again yesterday on the air?

“Milton Bradley needs to learn to respect other people’s property and space,” muttered the national poster boy for foot-in-mouth disease. Sutcliffe, who turned a local Padre’s broadcast into a kegger this summer, and was barely reprimanded, has anointed himself the national spokesman for good old boys and bed sheet wearers throughout the game.

And listening to Ravitch’s breathless reports throughout the evening, you would have thought there was a hostage situation in the A’s dugout.

Does anybody remember the World Champion (1972-73-74) SWINGING A’s. They brawled their way to three titles, and the discord is now fondly recalled as a “boys will be boys” kind of story in the media.

Personally, I prefer not mixing reality and baseball. However, if you insist on doing so, let’s be fair.


Why does this guy get a free pass?

He can bean Piazza, then throw a virtual spear at him, and he’s just a “great competitor.”

Everybody wants to know why he has bigger breasts than a steroid-pumped Thanksgiving turkey, or why his stats IMPROVED after he was thirty-eight (38 !!) years old.

But he calls the LA Times story about the Grimsley testimony including his name “malicious.”

Then, naturally, the U.S. Attorney for San Francisco, presumably the same one that has been after Barry Bonds for three years, feels compelled to make an unusual public statement that the Los Angeles Times’ version of Jason Grimsley’s testimony naming Clemens and Andy Pettitte as drug users contains factual irregularities.

And suddenly Grimsley himself, the human growth hormone trafficker who, incidentally, trained with Roger Clemens personal trainer and guru, issues a statement that “Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte would never use performance enhancing substances.”

Does anyone of you out there believe that?


1 Anonymous { 10.05.06 at 9:10 pm }

haha..good stuff, Rick. yea, ESPN blowing up that Bradley incident was a real joke. I used that in my class today as a prime example of media sensationalism. we have been covering the media this past week in my Amer. Govt. class. i’ll be at the game tomorrow to watch the A’s sweep! that does blow about Ellis.
-Mike E.

2 Anonymous { 10.05.06 at 9:11 pm }


You should know better.

It ain’t over til it’s over.

I’m going to Game 3…and I won’t say more until the A’s take care of business.

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