Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Giants over 3 million again

The San Francisco Giants

for the third consecutive

season since they opened

Pac Bell Park have

surpassed 3 million fans

in attendance.

By Amaury Pi-González

Yes, many would say “that is the new ballpark”. But the truth is that the Giants

have one of the best records at home

in all of baseball since they opened Pacific

Bell Park. So, it is also the team performance

and one guy by the name of Bonds, Barry.

With just five more home games this season

the Giants should end with something like

3,200,000 fans. Not bad for such a

competitive sports area. On Sunday

September 15, 2002 against the Padres,

the same day the A’S drew 38,783 against

Seattle at the Network Associates Coliseum

and the 49ers against the Broncos at

Candlestick Park 67,685. The Giants had

their “regular”consistent 41,116 (sellout).

Oh yes, the Grand Prix was also in town

in downtown San Francisco with one of

the worlds greatest athletes, the incredible

Lance Armstrong going up and down the

hills with his famous Tour’de France bicycle.

The trick for the Giants will be to keep ’em

coming in the future.Remember, this is

the Bay Area, we are not in Boston or Chicago. Some games have not been sellouts in the recent history of this most beautiful Park (the word here is Park) and that, it is.

A beautiful setting next to

the Bay with fine restaurants, walking areas

makes Pac Bell Park a real jewel.

Still teams like Montreal,San Diego,Milwaukee

when they visit they usually do not sell out,

but all weekend games were sold out prior

to the first game of the season. Still the

Giants attendance since 2000 at Pac Bell

Park has been among the highest in Major

League Baseball, right there with Diamondbacks,Yankees and Mariners.

Jorge Costa, Senior Vice President of

Ballpark Operations, a veteran, has done

a wonderful job keeping this park safe

for all fans. Of course, Barry Bonds’ homeruns

have caused some concern. But you cannot

stop anybody diving into cement to catch

a homerun ball worth $1 million (like Bonds

HR #73). That ball is in court, in the hands

of a San Francisco Judge who will determine

who really owns that piece of history.

A walk inside or outside the Park is always


The promenade from right field(Mc Covey Cove)all the way to behind center field, where you will

see a Seal statue and history of the old

San Francisco Seals Team of the Pacific

Coast League. Where a young man by the

name of Joe DiMaggio had a 61 consecutive

game hitting streak and where his brother

Dom DiMaggio also had a couple of long

hitting streaks. If you keep walking behind the

Park around from behind centerfield, going

to Fisherman’s Wharf, you can see the Java

House. A landmark, here they serve a great

hamburger and beer or fish and chips, just

five minute walk from the Park, next to

the docks, is relaxing, is it a great nice little


San Francisco a liberal city always thinking

of minorities and people with little or no

means is evident at Pac Bell Park. Behind the

right field fence, anybody can watch the game

for free. And some homeless people usually

do. Like the late Herb Caen used to say

“Only in San Francisco”. Only in San Francisco

you can watch a Major League game and

at the same time ask people for money.

Well, this is not a perfect world and neither

is beautiful San Francisco. But right there

you could see homeless people mixing with

people that didn’t have any tickets but

parked their BMW a few blocks away and

wanted to see a part of the game.

Right accross the street from the Park, on

King Street, you have Momo’s one of the

most popular restaurants in the area, with

Max’s Grill a few steps away. In this area the

Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum hopes

to open its doors very soon.

If you wish to be on a Pacific Bell Ballpark

Tour, all you have to do is visit any Giants

dugout stores or any

outlets. You will see the Press Box,

The Giants Dugout,Visitor’s Clubhouse,

Luxury Suites as well as other very interesting

ballpark features and great views.

If you have a group you can call (415)972-200

same if a school wants to request a tour.

Download a fax in request

Here is a recommendation: When you have tickets or are going to a game, get there a couple or three hours early and take a walk around,

see what is within minute(s)walk from the

Park, enjoy it, it is a beatiful area and there

is a lot to see.

The City of San Francisco has another Park,

and I do not mean Golden Gate Park, but

that place where the local NFL team plays

their local games ? Yes, it is also called a

Park, but there is absolutely no comparison

from Pac Bell Park, not only the facility but

the surroundings, it is like you are in two

different cities ! Enjoy.


Amaury Pi-González is on his eight season as

Spanish Radio Voice of the S.F Giants,on KZSF 1370 AM (La Caliente)Previously for 17 seasons with A’S.——– During the

Postseason with LBC network doing Playoffs

and World Series for US and Latinamerica.

Amaury has also worked the last two Caribbean World Series as English play by

play announcer for Fox Sports International.

Vice President of the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum, a popular non profit

organization founded in this city in 1999.

Amaury’s biography was recently selected

by the prestigious Marquis Who’s Who in

America to be published in 2003.

His articles can also be found in various

newspapers accross the country as well

as on



1 Anonymous { 09.16.02 at 5:50 pm }

Wow! At least nobody can accuse you of writing columns that just shill for the Giants. Oops! My bad.

2 Anonymous { 09.16.02 at 7:55 pm }

Is anyone else getting sick of this Giant’s homer? At least he’s amusing. I still say he must have had a very bad experience with the A’s when he was employed by them.

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