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Did You Know, Ted Williams' Mother was born in México ?

Amid all the confusion and the big family

feud on what to do with Ted Williams

body (which will soon be decided by a

Florida judge) and be careful for those

judges in Florida !

History has it that Ted Williams mother

was born in México.

By Amaury Pi-GonzálezYou can do the research and even write

to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown if

you wish to verify.

Ted Williams mother, María Hernández

Benzor was born in Ciudad Juárez, México

just south of El Paso, Texas. Therefore,

The Splendid Splinter was of some

Hispanic lineage.

During a Hall of Fame induction ceremony

for the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum

in San Francisco this past February the Museum inducted Ted Williams to their


On behalf of Ted Williams, Mr. Bill Nowlin,

a friend of Ted came from the East

Coast to receive the award.

In the 1940’S it was not “politically correct”for

any baseball player to admit of their

Hispanic lineage. It was not until 1947

that Jackie Robinson broke the color

barrier and most of the Latino players

could not play until then, exceptions were

players like Cuban Adolfo Luque, who

won 27 games in 1923 leading the

National League in wins with the Cincinnati

Reds. Luque and other Latinos of fair

skin played in the Major Leagues prior

to 1947. Then after Robinson broke the

color barrier, Orestes”Minnie”Miñoso also

from Cuba became the first Latino of

color to play in the Major Leagues as a

rookie with the Cleveland Indians.

The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum

inducted into its Hall of Fame Orestes

“Minnie”Miñoso that same night in

the Hyatt Regency(Union Square)

San Francisco together with Ted Williams

and Orlando Cepeda.

When Ted learned about him being

honored in the Hispanic Heritage Baseball

Museum he was very proud and told

his representatives to let everybody

know about his mother(who was born

in México). This is a little known fact

among baseball. The more you research

history the more amazing stuff you

will find.

For example, Roberto Clemente, maybe

the greatest player born in Latin America

to play in the Major Leagues was a US

Marine. Many times you read about Clemente

and his Gold Gloves and batting titles

and his great arm, but seldom do you

read about Clemente serving in the

US military. Clemente was born in Puerto

Rico which is considered an associate Free

State of the US.

Our country today is more a melting pot

than ever before. I remember when I

first arrived in the US, back in 1961 and

filled my first Immigration form, there were

only a handful of races to choose from.

Anglo, Black, Hispanic, or Asian. Today that

same form has approximately 8 different

categories as we grow with a population

of close to 280 million people.

Baseball sometimes is like a “private club”

and many things do not come out. But today

we can see with assurance that Ted

Williams had Hispanic blood on his

mother side.


Amaury Pi-González

is in his eight season

as Spanish Radio Play by Play

Announcer for the S.F Giants.

Previously for 17 seasons did

same for the Oakland Athletics.

During Postseason works for

the ESPN/LBX Spanish Radio

Network as well as Fox Sports.

Also Play by Play for Fox Sports

(English)during the last two

Caribbean World Series of Baseball.

His columns are also available on


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