Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Panic at SBC Ball Park by Ed Stern

Marty; If panic has not surfaced in the Giants’ yard it is because a reality fix has not yet evidenced itself. This is not a team which simply has problems competing this year. This is a team which needs a major overhaul before it is competitive in the near future. In considering such overhaul, one should not exclude the possibility of taking a hard look at management.

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There is no need to dwell at length on the weekend’s embarrassment. It speaks for itself. The Giants have proven in recent days that they don’t belong on the same field with Kansas City. This isn’t a club which performs abysmally solely as a result of the absence of Barry Bonds. Bonds, in the lineup yesterday, would have had no impact on the 16-0 result.

This team’s pitching is as bad as it gets. The starters are giving up an average of six and seven runs a game. It is probably the worst rotation in either league. An effort has been made to redo the bullpen. Herges and Brower are gone. Munter and Taschner have replaced them. Long term, this is meaningless.

When contemplating the pitching woes, one is inevitably drawn to management’s evaluation of players on the roster who were considered by Sabean unworthy to be retained. Livan Hernandez was traded for Brower, Nathan was given away to the Twins with nothing to show for it today, Ortiz was traded to Atlanta for a left handed pitcher who no longer pitches in the majors and Williams and Ardsma were traded this year for the most expensive setup man in the game.

It is true that Hernandez’ 11 and 2 record with Washington might be misleading. After all, the Nationals are a very good team. With the Giants, Hernadez record would not be as noteworthy. The Giants are noted mainly for hitting into double plays.

The Williams trade is particularly disturbing. This is a pitcher who had shown he could pitch successfully well into late innings. He is twenty three years old. The Giants gave up on him, inexplicably, this year. When they traded him to the Cubs they did so with the gratuitous comment, in effect, that he wasn’t a major league pitcher. Dusty Baker, for one, didn’t agree with that judgement. The Cubs immediately brought Williams up from the minor league the Giants had relegated him to. He has very quickly shown that he is the pitcher most observers believed him to be before the Giants exiled him.

The Giants have nothing to show for Ortiz, Nathan and Hernandez, and very little for Williams and Ardsma. Hawkins was a disaster pitching for Chicago and hasn’t shown much more in his brief appearances with the Giants.

One questions whether the team’s ability to judge pitchers’ talents is sufficient to lead them out of this morass. The front office needs to deal wth this. Sabean has had a free ride for years. This may be the time for a change.

Leaving the pitching aside, there is nothing impressive about this aging team. It is a club which has been carried by Bonds for years. Those years are over. Irrespective of whether Bonds comes back this year; irrespective of how he performs, assuming he returns, he is not going to be here two or three years from now. It will take that long to remake this team. Bonds is not the future.

The Giants have been forced to bring up some young position players from Fresno. Some promise has been shown but, clearly, much more has to be done.

The emphasis on signing veteran players, the reluctance to develop young players or deal for young players, are policies which no longer make any sense. All one needs do is look at the successes one sees elsewhere, clubs spending fewer dollars than the Giants and fielding teams more interesting, more talented and winning. All it takes is a glance across the Bay and one sees a young team with a future and pride. There was little pride involved in the Giants loss yesterday.

These are dark days for Giants fans. The days will not get any brighter until the front office and their chosen on field management, (which means Sabean), take a different approach to their problems than they have shown to date.



1 Anonymous { 06.28.05 at 12:31 am }


Do you remember early April when everyone from ownership to KNBR kept ranting about how this was the best Giants team in years, the clear favorite to sweep thru the West? Do you see over and over the attitude that comes from these guys that they are near perfect, and if the results don’t match it is obviously the players faults?

The A’s do not abandon their players, they teach — Ron Washington is incredible, and the patience the A’s show to their pitchers is the reason for their rise — the A’s have a bright summer ahead

The Giants do not seem to have a program for young pitchers — that to me is the biggest problem — guys are jerked back and forward from Fresno just so some 40 year old guy can come in

Magowan aaaand Baer say the business model governs everything about the roster structure — but this team is unwatchable — early this year seeing KC, Cleveland, Washington, San Diego, Arizona ……..come in with a balanced roster — it was amazing to find ourselves asking why we put down ticket money — the Park is fine but the game is what people need to see

right now only Tampa and Colorado prevent the Giants from defining the bottom of MLB —

you have this exactly right — when buildings fall down architects need to respond — when teams collapse, as the Giants finally did this weekend, management needs to stand up and be accountable.

2 Anonymous { 06.28.05 at 5:26 pm }

In this morning’s paper

3 Anonymous { 06.28.05 at 5:34 pm }

In today’s paper Alou was quoted as saying ” Benitez and Bonds will play again. Then we’re looking at a pretty good ball club.” Alou knows better. He’s putting a good face on a miserable situation. If Benitez and Bonds showed up tomorrow, healthy and ready to play, it wouldn’t add one positive thing to a terrible rotation.

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