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September: Time For The Pros To Take Over

Sept 1st is just around the corner. It’s the time of year the “pros” take over in baseball.

Baseball players who carry their teams through the most meaningful games of the pennant race are immortalized in the games history.

The AL West has turned into a two-team race between the A’s and the Angels.

How many wins will it take to nail down the title?

Click below for more!I’ll say 92, but 90 might be enough.

The Athletics are in control of their destiny. Only a collapse greater than the meltdowns of ’04 and ’05 will prevent the A’s from playing in October

Is this year different from the past two?

The A’s have been catching the ball, pitching the ball, and hitting the ball as well as the big boys in the league for the past two months.

Do they have the “pros” to carry the team through the toughest stretch of the year?

Jason Kendall is a legit leadoff hitter. The vet catcher has been a clutch hitter since the break. He hits to right field when the game situation calls for the batter to move a runner over (little ball!). Kendall has such a good eye at the plate that he is a thorn to any pitcher who nibbles around the strike zone.

It takes a tough man to hit third in the lineup. He may not be Albert Pujols, Jim Thome, or David Ortiz, but Milton Bradley has no fear hitting third. Bradley wants to be in the box with the game on the line. Bradley has turned into the A’s best number three hitter since Miguel Tejada.

Frank Thomas has an impact in every game. The DH has erased any doubts about his Hall of Fame credentials.

Jay Payton doesn’t go up to the plate looking for a walk. See ball, hit ball, that’s Payton approach.

Mark Ellis might be hitting .225, but he is one tough out. Ellis continues to foul off countless pitches before putting the ball in play. Check how many hits Kendall gets after Ellis wears down the pitcher with a long at bat.

Eric Chavez and Mark Kotsay contribute big hits from time to time. Experience counts and both players have been down the stretch before.
Entering Saturday’s game, if the A’s go 19-15 over their remaining games (very likely), the Angels would have to go 24-9 (not likely) just to tie Oakland.

With veteran players leading the way, the A’s will hold off the Halos this September.

Texas played its best series of the year last weekend beating the Tigers three of four. Significantly manager Buck Showalter was serving a four game suspension during that series. No coincidence. In my opinion, Buck must go for this team to win.

The Cardinals will make a huge push to sign Barry Zito this winter. With Chris Carpenter the only veteran starter assured of a job next season, St. Louis would love to add the lefty to a rotation that will include youngsters Adam Wainwright and Anthony Reyes in ’07.

Minnesota is looking for a power hitter to help its offense. With starter Brad Radke’s shoulder aching every time he takes the ball, the Twins better comb the waiver wire for a veteran pitcher to help the rotation in September.

The White Sox wouldn’t deal young righty Brandon McCarthy for a hitter last month. With Chicago’s pitching still unsteady, I’d make McCarthy one of my starters right now.

My top teams in baseball this week: Yankees, remember Carl Pavano, NY thinks he’ll help in Sept.; A’s, they are playing their best ball of the season; Tigers, pitching still first rate, although Bonderman now a worry; Mets, they hit like an AL club, but starters pitch like AAA; Minnesota, Silva, Garza, and Bonser make Gardy nervous; White Sox, Jim Thome’s hammy and Jose Contreras’s arm major concerns for Ozzie; Phillies, Ryan Howard plus reliable ‘pen equals wild card.


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