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Daily Dish April 20th, 2002

Jermaime Dye’s return to the A’s has a look of uncertainty. What’s the hold up?

The A’s have been floundering on offense for the past week. The middle of their order has not been driving in runs on a consistent basis. Dye is a proven big time slugger. As Dye recovers from the broken tibia he suffered in last year’s playoff, he certainly can DH. The A’s signed him to a 30 million dollar contract after Jason Giambi left for NY. Can they really be worried about benching Scott Hatteberg who is a wonderful addition to the roster, but clearly is a .260 hitter with little RBI potential. The rest of the team is waiting for a big guy to start smacking the ball in the four spot. That big guy is Jermaine Dye.

Whatever moves have to be made to put Dye in the line up should be made today whether Dye is ready to play the outfield or not, which seems to be the hang up.

John Burkett pitches for the Red Sox. Spring training all over again for the righty. There is some concern about Burkett’s health since he faded badly down the stretch last season with Atlanta.

Bryan Rekar who flamed out badly in Colorado and Tampa Bay gets a chance for Kansas City today. Maybe he’ll be one of those pitchers who sees the light late in his career. Doubtful.

Kevin Appier shut the A’s down last week easily. Darin Erstad looks very shaky after a collision with the wall earlier in the week. The Angels miss his potentially effective bat. Barry Zito will be very focused today as he wants that first win. He pitches very well in the Coliseum and I would expect that the A’s will hit some homers today as the sun is shining. By the way, Dye hits Appier pretty well, another reason to get him in the line up this afternoon.

Rematch in Seattle tonight with James Baldwin and Dave Burba. Last time these two hooked up, the teams scored 24 runs in a wild game with both pitchers gone early. Even though the scores are lower in Safeco at night, this one will not be a 4-3 game. At some point, the loss of Edgar Martinez will slow down the Seattle attack.

Roy Halladay is the best Toronto has to offer. The Blue Jays have hung with the Yankees and get a shot at Ted Lilly who replaces Andy Pettite in the rotation. Is Mariano Rivera looking mortal lately?

Ryan Drese has been lit up the past few starts, he tries to stop Cleveland’s losing streak today against Matt Kinney who replaces injured Joe Mays in the Twins rotation. Finally, Minnesota beat Cleveland last night. If the Twins are to survive in the Central, they will have to do this on a regular basis.

Nate Cornejo is back in the majors for his start against the Pale Hose today. Cornejo is a raw talent who is far from being able to go deep in the game. Maybe later in the season.

The Dodgers throw Odalis Perez tonight. It’s always interesting to watch a pitcher’s next start after he goes deep in a game in Colorado. Pitching in Coors takes something out of your arm for days, so I’m told. Perez pithced nine innings there, in his last start.

Shawn Estes who will get help from his relievers should get his first win today. Of course, I’ve been saying that for two weeks now, but his defense did him in in his last start. He deserved better.

The Cards are feeling the effects of the injuries to their starting pitching. It’s early in the year, but this isn’t a good sign. Glendon Rusch is pitching the best ball for the Brewers according to pitching coach Dave Stewart. Ray King is back on the active list, which gives the Brew Crew some hope at the end of the game.

If I’m a Phillies fan, I’m very concerned about the pen. Larry Bowa left Vincente Padilla in the game and he lost the lead in the 8th, all because he had no confidence in his relievers.

A lot going on today.

I wonder where Jermaine Dye is right now?


1 athletics_fan { 04.25.02 at 4:09 pm }

Five days later and we’re still wondering where Jermaine Dye is.

Of course, I know that he played in Modesto yesterday (where he went 4-5 with 3 doubles . . . boy, we coulda used that last night.)

But it seems to me the A’s are playing the roster game right now, which accounts for the delay in returning Dye to the lineup. They seem to not know whom to send down in order to bring Jermaine back . . . from reports I’ve read they’ve been waiting for Mulder to be healthy to send Fyhrie down, and then bring both Jermaine and Mulder back.

I don’t think they can wait much longer. Dye says he’s ready. Larry Davis says Dye is ready. We need him desperately. Bring him back now!

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