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A's Go For Record Win, Red Sox Hope For Any Win, Mariners Hopes Slipping

Barry Zito versus Shawn Sedlacek, is there any doubt as to whether or not the A’s end the road trip 10-0 and with a new Oakland consecutive game win streak at 15?

The A’s are on an amazing roll for the second time this year, they did this to the NL in June, too.

The gap is widening between Oakland and the Angels and Mariners. More importantly the A’s are building a cushion, just in case they slip once the win streak ends.

With 29 games to go, you tell me which pitchers left on the schedule will be favored to beat this team. Maybe seven or eight, simply because they will be road games for Oakland.

Who are they, click below and let’s see.When the A’s play Minnesota possibly Radke or Milton if he is healthy (and he is due back the first week in September), Washburn or Appier in Anaheim, Moyer, Garcia, and possibly Pineiro in Seattle. Nobody in Texas, not even the 65 million dollar man, Chan Ho Park.

So, the A’s should win 19 of their last 29 at worst, giving them 101 wins.

Starting tonight in KC with consecutive win number 15 against a pitcher that has given up 30 or more runs in his last 30 or so innings. You tell me why Sedlacek deserves a start.

Simply amazing.

Art Howe’s moves of putting Ray Durham in full time as DH, moving Dave Justice down in the order, putting Eric Chavez fourth, Jermaine Dye fifth, and dropping Mark Ellis down as well, have been pure genius as the players have responded to the moves. Justice especially, now that the pressure of hitting clean up has been lifted from his weary shoulders.

The A’s are hitting up and down the line up and murdering any pitcher who is not on top of his game.

This run has put Oakland in great shape and now they must root for the Angels or Mariners to be the wild card team, so the A’s can open up with Minnesota in the ALDS.

No more Yankees in the five game series if all goes according to plan, and good riddance. If the A’s meet NY in the ALCS, a seven game series will look much different, especially if the A’s end up with the odd game (7) at home.

Seattle is reeling folks, you better believe it. Lou Piniella’s team is as tough as they come, but they are not hitting enough to offset their problems on the mound. Without a bona fide starting staff, the Mariner bull pen has been weakened, and they now face an up hill battle to beat the Angels.

Joel Pineiro goes against Johan Santana in game two. The Twins are into the series and are using their next 12 games against Seattle and Oakland as a tune up for October.

The Angels are just hoping that they continue to play good baseball and they should since the Devil Rays are in town for more games.

The Angels bull pen is being worked very hard. Someone must step up and give them a complete game and give Ben Weber and company a night off. The overuse of the pen is something to watch for the next week.

Boston now turns to Pedro to get a game in Boston. Mike Mussina hasn’t thrown well for over one month, but has shown he can win in Fenway, so maybe it will be close. What pressure for Pedro, heaven forbid if he falls short when he goes to the mound.

LA’s centerfielder Dave Roberts wears number 30, numerals made famous by the all time Dodger base stealer, Maury Wills in the 60’s. Tuesday night Roberts 39th stolen base of the year ignited the Dodgers win over the Diamondbacks. The Dodgers lack offense, even with the great season being turned in by Shawn Green.

The Giants have their hands full facing Jason Jennings in Colorado. Bonds and Kent came up big Tuesday, but others must chip in to help Russ Ortiz. The righty has not made the big jump and this game is one that the Giants need to win before wrapping up the series Thursday and embarking on the trip to Arizona to meet Johnson and Schilling.

Houston, St. Louis and Cincy continue on their treadmill to nowhere. Chuck Finley has been a big plus for the Cards, today Garrett Stephenson brings his injury plagued body to the hill to face Shawn Estes. Trust me, anything can happen in this game. Can Roy Oswalt pitch Houston past San Diego, anything is possible when the Astros play, too.

No news from NY, but the hard line owners must be fit to be tied, this is one battle they want to win and win convincingly. I don’t trust them. I think they want a fight.

We’ll see.


1 Anonymous { 08.28.02 at 7:14 pm }

Some thoughts while praying for no strike:

Wow. The A’s run has been incredible. Their pitching has been there for quite a while, but it is nice to see the offense finally clean up against second-rate pitching. Early in the season, it seemed like such a struggle just to get four runs, but now, wow!

It is great that the A’s build up a bit of a cushion right now to take some of the pressure off in September. It is easy to forget that this streak has been built against the poor excuse for baseball posing as the central division. I’m really excited to get Minnesota into town to offer the A’s new offense a real test. Then, we’ll see how good they really are as they return to the real baseball of the AL West.

How perfectly ironic would it be for the A’s to take out the Yankees this year and leave Jason (I wanted to play on a team with a chance to win a World Series) Giambi sitting at home yet again for the Fall Classic.

With high hopes and deep fears about Friday.

Steve B.

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