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Monday Morning Baseball

The Super bowl has past, the one day I wait for each year, because it signifies that there is nothing in the way of the impending baseball season.

Within the next two weeks the teams will all have reported for training in Arizona and Florida.

I remember reading that the Brooklyn Dodgers trained in both Havana and Panama in 1946 and 47 because the city fathers in Vero Beach Florida wouldn’t permit black players to live or train in Vero Beach.

59 years is not that long ago when considering periods of history, baseball mirrors life and American culture in so many ways, segregation was just one of them, which should never be forgotten.

Steroids and how they helped bodybuilers win championships weren’t ignored by baseball players who also were looking for an edge.

This morning Jose Canseco is back in the news revealing more of the sacred secrets of the clubhouse.

One thing is common when reading all the comments about Jose’s revelations about his teammates steroid use: no one is calling him a liar.

Click below for more!Dave Stewart made it very clear in his comments about Jose when he said that Jose was a real problem for his teammates. Canseco stopped preparing for games once he got his big contract, and even made the blasphemous comment in 1990 as the A’s got ready to meet the Reds as to how he wished that the team wouldn’t have to play in October each year so he could begin his off season partying when the regular seaosn ended in September.

Mark McGwire has stayed under the steroid radar the past few years as more has been revealed about illegal drug use in baseball.

So much for his low profile, Canseco says McGwire shot steroids.

What’s the evidence?

Jason Giambi is a known steroid user. Giambi credits McGwire for teaching him about big league life. Giambi has always labeled McGwire as his mentor in life. It seems that two plus two equals four and McGwire more than likely introduced Giambi to steriods or at the least didn’t discourage him from taking that path.

So if that is the case and working backwards, McGwire probably did do what Canseco has written, and that is took steroids to gain bulk and bat speed.

So much for his 70 homers.

It’s tough for baseball players to ever accept the fact one of their teammates is ratting on them. The comments today vilify Canseco in many ways but as I said earlier no one has out and out called Jose a liar.

Rafael Palmeiro has Hall of Fame numbers. Most baseball pundits don’t acknowledge the fact that Palmiero is a sure thing for the hall. Canseco says Palmiero used steroids too, this is will be used against Palmeiro when his time for election comes up in about six years.

Will it knock him out? Probably not, but I’ll bet you he won’t go in on the first ballot.

McGwire and Barry Bonds now fall into the class of sluggers who were no doubt some of the best home run hitters of all time, but their numbers will always have a cloud over them when comparing them to, (and even Sammy Sosa is in this group), to Ralph Kiner, Jimmy Foxx, Hank Aaron, and Harmon Killebrew. Babe Ruth, let’s not even go there, because Ruth could do so much more than any of these current players. I’m not listing Josh Gibson, black catcher from the 30’s who couldn’t play in the white majors who many consider on a par with Ruth as a slugger.

How excited will you be when Bonds passes Ruth’s 714?

It will be something to see because of the walks involved, meaning Bonds gets very few pitches to hit and he doesn’t miss, but you have to wonder how many homers were steroid aided.

Baseball has its hands full with the steroid mess and Jose has stirred the pot very well with his revelations.

Mark McGwire welcome to the party.

Detroit was desperate to spend some money so they went out and landed Magglio Ordonez. You have to hand it to Scott Boras, he knows his market. As long as one team is interested he gets his price, sort of like Bonds hitting that one good pitch for a homer.

Ordonez will be a fine addition to the Tigers who are probably one year away from competing in the AL Central if his knee holds up.

75 million, that is a ridiculous figure for Ordonez even if healthy.

Texas still doesn’t have a DH. The Ranger rotation has Chan Ho Park, Kenny Rogers, Ryan Drese, and Chris Young among others, I assume they know something I don’t about how they will make it through the season with that crowd.

I like Arizona getting Jose Cruz Jr. He can fall into 25 homers, and play excellent defense, but oh those strikeouts, they always bring him down.

Some day Casey Fossum will help someone. He has a good arm, is a good kid, and is a lefty, maybe Tampa Bay will get lucky in this trade.

Eric Byrnes? He is still an Athletic, but as long as Mike Cameron is a disgruntled Met, there is a possibility the A’s will make a move.

Cliff Floyd to the Cubs? Not impossible. The Cubs need a left fielder and Floyd has already trashed the Mets spring training home in print. I say Texas may look at Floyd too as their DH.

Nobody has reported yet and the fur has already started to fly.


1 Anonymous { 02.07.05 at 4:24 pm }

Good point, Marty. The media is so caught up in bashing Canseco that they have overlooked what he’s saying.

Yes, Canseco was a selfish teammate, an ego-maniac, and beat to his own drum, but his claim shouldn’t have taken people by suprise.

We all had strong suspicions of McGwire’s steroid use, but when Canseco says it, people laugh.

As much as people dislike Canseco, I still think he’s telling the truth––an ugly truth.

2 Anonymous { 02.08.05 at 1:05 pm }

There’s also the case of Scott Spiezio–another rookie McGwire took under his wing who then appeared in camp the following season much bigger than he had even been in the past.

3 Anonymous { 02.08.05 at 11:12 pm }

Interesting to consider the ramifications of Spezio using juice if you are a Giant fan……….(not that the Giants are innocent, but interesting nonetheless)

4 Anonymous { 02.09.05 at 6:57 pm }

dont even say “spiezio” to a giants fan and expect to walk away under your own power

5 Anonymous { 08.16.05 at 3:11 pm }
6 Anonymous { 05.28.06 at 6:09 am }

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