Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Right Handed Bat and More

Back from the world series and I must say I enjoyed the games in Houston very much.

Each game was packed with managerial decisions and both games went down to the last pitch.

I was very impressed with Bobby Jenks. In game three the atmosphere was electric with the game on the line on every pitch. Jenks throws the ball over the plate at 95-100 mph, it is almost impossible to get a good swing on the ball.

If Jermaine Dye wasn’t MVP, the award should have gone to Jenks.

The A’s are not going to sign Mike Piazza. He is over the hill plus he will want too much money. You can jam Piazza and definitely work on him when he is at the plate. Physically he breaks down all the time and can’t run a lick.

Set your sights on a younger player like someone in Pittsburgh.

Click below for more!I’m suggesting once again, I brought this up over the summer, the A’s should go after Craig Wilson of the Pirates. He has power, is an outfielder, a Californian, and a terrific guy for the clubhouse.

Wilson had a great start in 2004 before tailing off. In 2005 he was hurt, but came back in September.

To me his first half of 2004 was all star caliber. I’d go after him first.

Looks like Jay Witasick is coming back to the A’s bull pen. Why?

I saw the Arizona Fall league on Saturday. Daric Barton didn’t play, but Andre Ethier did. Nothing special in that game (he played right) and he did throw to the wrong base once.

Lefty Matt Lynch pitched. The A’s will need to replace Ricardo Rincon and Lynch has a nice arm, but I didn’t see a biting slider which is necessary for a lefty reliever.

Paul DePodesta was right.

The Dodgers have some outstanding players coming up. I saw some on Saturday. Remember these names. Kemp an outfielder hits with power and can run when he wants to. Abreu a nice second baseman can lead off with speed if he learns to walk once in a while he will be special. Andy LaRoche can absolutely swing the bat, but has little foot speed. James Loney can swing the bat with power and looks like a nice first baseman.

I don’t think DePodesta will return to Oakland. More likely with another team in a more powerful secondary role. In Oakland he would have to step over David Forst, Billy Owens and others to reestablish himself.

All in all a very good world series similar to 1966 when the Dodgers were swept by the Orioles with the final three games in that series extremely close as well.

One final thought. Lance Berkman is a force in that park and don’t underestimate the Sox repeating with that pitching staff next season.

More next time.


1 Anonymous { 10.31.05 at 8:27 pm }


Please let us know when you are on the Hot Stove program (or amy other program) during the winter. I love listening to you–and you talk about other teams besides the Giants.

So, will Zito be traded or not? MY bet is no, but with Billy you never know.

What is your take on Theo Epstein? Are the sabermetric guys falling out of favor?

2 Anonymous { 10.31.05 at 8:34 pm }

Are you planning on doing your
radio show again this winter?
Sure hope so, something to look
forward to during the off season.

3 marty { 10.31.05 at 8:58 pm }

I’m working on a schedule for some winter shows on 1550 am which will lead into Cal basketball. I’ll post a notice when the details are finalized.

When Paul DePodesta was fired on Saturday the first thought that came into my mind was that Theo would go to Hollywood and become a Dodger. Now that Theo quit the Red Sox this can happen.

Tommy La Sorda has a big part in the Dodger front office Theo and Tommy would be a good match if Theo can humor him.

I think Zito will stay with the A’s this season especially because this team is basically set without the need to make a major trade.

I have real doubts about the A’s signing him long term. Is Zito a “1” or a “2”? What DH/first baseman would he bring via trade? The outfield is set, I see Zito walking after the 2006 serason because the A’s won’t pay 10 million a year to keep him and they are right, he’s not worth it.


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