Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Dust Settles From the Weekend

With the trading deadline still a few days away, the wild card contenders continue to keep their pennant hopes alive.

Florida and Arizona are only two games behind Philadelphia with the Expos, Dodgers, Cubs, Cards, and (as Iowa Cubs broadcaster Dave Raymond pointed out to me last night) even the Rockies are not out of it as well.

In the AL, Boston is clinging to a two game lead over Oakland with Toronto still hanging on too.

This means that there will be many willing buyers in the market for the few healthy arms that are sure to change teams by the deadline.

Click below for more!Sidney Ponson and Kelvim Escobar seem to still be the two most coveted pitchers on the block.

Atlanta’s meltdown over the weekend in Montreal highlighted the fact that the Braves need bull pen help as well as one more starting pitcher.

All of a sudden the Giants are dangling Felix Rodriguez again for an outfielder or a starting pitcher. Toronto could use Rodriguez in its bull pen, how about Cory Lidle coming back to the Bay Area with the Giants?

The Pirates will almost certainly move Jeff Suppan, but I think the hidden gem in Pittsburgh is hard throwing Kris Benson who could benefit from a change of scenery. Who ever might pry Benson loose from the Pirates could be getting the top pitcher available. He will need some refining, but the arm is there.

Outfielders Reggie Sanders and Matt Stairs would be valuable additions for any contender also.

Is JD Drew the answer for the A’s offense? I’m not convinced he is the one to take the pressure off of the 3-4-5 hitters. In any case the A’s are beginning to hit and could use an upgrade in the oufield but not necessarily an ordinary journeyman like I think Drew is.

I’ve said it over and over again. Once the summer schedule really kicks in teams with deep rotations shine. The A’s are doing just that for the fourth straight summer. If they will just relax and let the pitchers do their thing, I believe they will catch Seattle and cruise into the AL West title.

I saw Chad Harville and Jeremy Fikac pitch last night in Sacramento. I thought Fikac looked very good. He pitched into a fourth inning and by that time he was tiring as he gave up a game winning homer to Iowa’s Midre Cummings. His changeup was effective. Harville blew away the only batter he faced with a terrific 90 plus fastball. I would bring Harville up if I had the choice simply because his power is what the A’s need in the pen, not another changeup artist.

Shortstop Bobby Crosby handled the bat very well. His fielding looked somewhat awkward, his arm is strong, I think he is still in need of more seasoning in the field. To me he doesn’t look like a major league shortstop just yet.

Tonight Barry Zito gets the start against Jarrod Washburn who looks like he is ready to call it a season. Wahburn gives up homers to everybody, unless he digs down deep to rally his team, this weekend may be the last hurrah for the Angels who can fall 9 1/2 behind the A’s with a loss. I wouldn’t want to be chasing Oakland from that far behind with the pitching the A’s have.

Arizona meets Miami in an important series in Miami. What a disappointment as only 12,000 showed up for the finale against the Phillies yesterday in Miami. The Marlins are my pick to click in the wild card, and some fan support would help.

Mark Redman has pitched well and this team is hitting too.

Randy Wolf gets the job of righting the ship as the Phils play Cincinnati. If the Phils don’t win this series there is something seriously wrong with their team.

Javier Vazquez always pitches well against the Braves and tonight he should get some runs against Mike Hampton. I wonder if Bobby Cox would like to move John Smoltz back into the rotation for the playoffs?

Now that’s a thought to end the Dish on this morning.

Smoltzie back on the hill to open the 2003 playoffs in October, it’s not that crazy considering the alternatives.


1 Anonymous { 07.28.03 at 12:58 pm }


Thanks for your insight on Crosby in AAA.

I have been thinking that maybe the A’s would be better off keeping Tejada and moving Chavez for a hitter/corner outfielder before the deadline with an eye to placing Crosby at 3rd base longterm.

I agree that Drew is not the guy for the A’s and I think that come deadline day the price for Giles may drop.

Reno Bill

2 Anonymous { 07.28.03 at 1:19 pm }

great comments as usual, the A’s did what they

had to do to keep up with Boston.The Red Sox got a tremendous lift by not only taking 2 out 3 from the Yanks but the way they did it. A walk off on

Saturday and a come from behind win on Sunday.

Both the Yanks and the Red Sox have potent line-ups. The Yanks have better starting pitching but their middle relievers are suspect and the starters are old. The Sox have Pedro and Lowe

and their other starters are at best journeyman.

Kim helps the bulllpen. The Sox should go

after Colon Ponson or Lidle.

Watched Rich Harden pitch on Saturday and he

is the real deal. He has a lot of poise and while

he didn’t have great command, he got the

batters out.

The A’s still need a big right hand bat and

the would be foolish to lose Tejada. He is the

heart and soul of this team. Coe on,Mr.Schott

pay the guy. It will help you in the long run

Jerry F

3 Anonymous { 07.28.03 at 1:51 pm }

It is interesting to see opinions change about Tejada and Chavez. For a long time people thought Chavez had the better upside and the A’s should sign him long term. Now after his lousy year which has seen many lousy at bats (yesterday with bases loaded swinging at a pitch in the dirt), he seems to have fallen out of grace with many. Chavez seems lost within himself and is not a motivating presence to the team. Tejada, on the other hand, started miserably with all the “we can’t sign you stuff”. But he has moved on and really seems to be inspiring to his teammates. His taking 3rd on Friday night was an example of his stepping up to the challenge. He is the heart and soul of this team. He truly is the Rally Miggy.

Money would be better spent on signing Tejada and trading Chavez for another bat or two.

4 marty { 07.28.03 at 1:57 pm }

I absolutely agree and after seeing Bobby Crosby last night he may be better suited as a third baseman.


5 Anonymous { 07.28.03 at 4:10 pm }

Went to Anaheim this weekend among 72 Oakland A’s Boosters and was surprised to notice many more A’s fans in attendance, which could have been a factor in the batting and pitching brilliance. The chants of “Let go A’s” often drowned out the cheering of the halo fans. Of course they had little to get them excited. Look for a fire sale down there soon as they need to move some payroll and install more youth.

Booster Ralph

6 Ed { 07.28.03 at 6:52 pm }

Marty; I note that all the comments refer to the A’s. How about the Giants? Who do you have in mind to take out of the rotation if they get a starting pitcher? The only prospect I see is Moss and I would like to see another start from him and time is running out. I would be very unhappy to see Foppert removed. I think that the Giants go with the present rotation and their great bullpen ( especially if they dump Rodriguez with whom I am specially disenchanted, if that matters). If they run into trouble they pull Brower out of the pen. The bottom line is that they need a hitter and the need for another starter is not nearly as great. Referring to your Smoltz comment— All I can say is that if Cox does that the Braves better win the game he starts and even if he does the remaining bullpen better come thru. I don’t think Cox will make that call.

7 marty { 07.28.03 at 7:19 pm }


I can give a better answer to the question of the Giants needs after seeing how Schmidt pitches on Wednesday. For the time being, I would give Moss regular work with the hope he can put it together before Sept. 15th or so. Frankly, I never saw the need for another pitcher as one that was that compelling once Williams came on board. Pitching in the playoffs is different, one bad inning can sink you, so you ideally would like to have veterans on the hill, but Williams looks like he can measure up so far. I think the Giants are in realtively good shape without any major additions. They may do something, but with an 11 game lead there is no reason to disrupt the club in any fashion other than adding a bench player for the outfield.


8 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:14 pm }

9 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:51 pm }

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