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A's, Seattle, Angels All Have Rough Weekend, So What?

With 65 games to go in the 2003 season the Mariners lead the A’s by 5 and the Angels by 9 and 1/2.

So, big deal. There is so much baseball left to play that it is ridiculous for anyone to feel like their pennant hopes are fading away after a bad weekend in the East or Midwest.

The Mariners have a tight defense, good pitching and a solid bull pen. The A’s have the best three starters in baseball and perhaps one of the top three closers as well. The Angels have true grit and will not go away easily.

It is only July the 21st. So much can happen over the next ten weeks, that you will think you are trapped inside a grade B Hollywood movie.

One solid week of baseball brings anyone over .500 into the chase. You just need a little cooperation from the teams ahead of you in the standings.

And every year it happens somewhere along the way.

Now, the A’s and the Mariners should stop pining for reinforcements. If Eric Chavez, Miguel Tejada, and Erubiel Durazo do what they should be doing everything will be fine. If Bret Boone, Freddy Garcia, Mike Cameron and John Olerud do what they are capable of doing, Seattle will be OK.

To put all your hopes on some mystical trade that a GM may or may not make is erroneous reasoning. No matter who Billy Beane brings in, the big three hitters in the lineup better do their job. Now, a new hitter may give them confidence to play better and if that is what they need to excel, then they have big problems as championship ballplayers anyway.

Ken Macha finally said the right words yesterday. These guys better dig down deep and play baseball and not look to the GM to save their season.

It is time for somebody on the A’s to get dirty, break up a double play, hit a three run homer, lay down a surprise bunt, get a clutch hit, and play some interesting baseball.

The whole team has the look of a deer in headlights.

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The White Sox got a great pitching performance from Esteban Loaiza further taking the heat off Jerry Manuel for another series.

Cleveland comes in today and the Sox send lefty Mario Porzio, 30 years old and a minor league call up last week against Terry Mulholland who actually pitched the eighth inning yesterday in the Bronx.

I assume the Tribe has another pitcher up their sleeve for today or Mullholland is more flexible than I recall.

Paul Konerko is hot with three more hits yesterday. They say baseball is a game of averages and Konerko now has his up to .213.

Jeremy Bonderman tries to slow down the Red sox in Fenway. Boston is holding on for dear life because the Yankees are starting to roll over the weaker teams in the league.

Boston plays well at home, Detroit plays a couple of surprise games per week. Maybe today will be one because John Burkett must be perfect to win anywhere.

Rich Harden has tremendous tutors in the Big Three of Oakland’s starting rotation. They are treating him like a little brother and I think that is a big plus for the rookie who makes his debut today.

Will he follow the lead of Dontrelle Willis, Claudio Vargas, and the Jerome’s, both Williams and Robertson?

Yes, but let the kid settle in and hope for five innings and 90 pitches in the steam of KC.

I like the anicipation around his start tonight, it is positive for a team that lacks life right now.

Seattle has handled Minnesota in the Dome this season. Joel Pineiro is the best Seattle has to offer. Seattle plays great defense and that seperates them from Oakland when they play in Minnesota. The A’s are so shellshocked on the turf that it effects they way they play the entire game. Seattle doesn’t mind the speed of the artificial turf because they are a fast team.

Kyle Lohse has not thrown a good game in weeks, so let’s see what he has tonight.

The Angels are again wasting opportunities against Baltimore and Tampa Bay. They get another crack at the Rays tonight and throw five inning Aaron Sele against Rob Bell.

Randy Johnson looked OK in his first start back in the big leagues in two months. Was it just me or did he rely on sliders almost exclusively for his big pitch?

How did you like Kevin Jarvis yesterday? I told you this righty has it together. Maybe he opened some eyes for the scouts. I think he would bring some value in return for San Diego if they wanted to trade him.

Shawn Estes brings his arsenal into Atlanta today against the most feared righthanded hitting lineup in the game. Estes is working on a changeup to go with his curve and fastball, I’m rooting for him today to beat Shane Reynolds, who is no sure thing anymore.

Elmer Dessens has his hands full with the Giants who have a complete roster of players who get the job done with tremendous confidence. No matter which way Felipe Alou turns he gets results. This is the sign of a good team.

Jerome Williams throws strikes, the key to good pitching.

Matt Morris tries again tonight for St. Louis. With Woody Williams the only thing Tony LaRussa can crow about on the mound, this Cardinal team still plays hard, hits the ball and shows no signs of going away, but this is one situation where a trade for two pitchers is a necessity to compete with Houston in the Central.

The Cards aren’t complaining and saying how much they need help, which is an attitude I like.

Jeff Weaver pitched exrtemely well against Toronto last time out. The Blue Jays have knocked him around before, but something tells me the erratic righty may be ready to pitch some good games. The Yankees are playing quite well and the addition of Armando Benitez is just icing on the cake.

How about Rickey Henderson is he unbelievable or what?

Brooks Kieshnick went one for one to raise his average to .362 and pitched one third of an inning yesterday for the Brewers.

Am I dreaming or are the Pirates becoming very pesky?

The White Sox have 13 games left with the Royals. The A’s play the Mariners twice this week. The Red Sox and Blue Jays haven’t come out to the west coast yet. September brings more division games.

Don’t panic guys, just play baseball, there is a whole season ahead.

No one’s penannt hope’s are flickering or fading away.

Trust me, I know this stuff.


1 Anonymous { 07.21.03 at 12:27 pm }

I did not like the way the A’s played in minnesota. They must get their game going in KC now. Your analysis is correct. They cannot

wait for Beane to make a move. They have to

suck it up and start doing the little things that

win ball game like hitting.

2 Anonymous { 07.21.03 at 12:48 pm }

Yes, they need to remember that they were the team that won 103 games last year. Chavez needs to stop looking for a saviour amd get his act together. Someone needs to step up and get their bat moving. You can’t be waiting for Brian Giles to dig them out. They may be buried too deep pretty soon to be dug out this year.

Poor Harden. The weight of a team on his shoulders. Not a great way to start your major league career. It is good that Hudson has taken him under his wing. He can teach him how to be strong amid alot of adversity.

Thank goodness we do not need to see the Metrodome again this year. Back to real grass. I’m looking forward to Hudson vs. Lima tomorrow.

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