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Sunday Morning Muse

The Red Sox are living right. Not only does Jeremy Giambi (.195) get a hit to start their winning rally in the ninth inning, but the slowest man on the field also steals second for his first career stolen base.

Maybe Giambi’s karma is turning around for him. Giambi who is infamous for not sliding in a close play at home in the 2001 division series, angering every A’s fan in the world, got the call as the replay showed he was out at second on his steal attempt.

The Red Sox should just let Byung Hyun Kim rest during the Yankee series. Not only did he figure in virtually every world series decision between the Diamondbacks and the Bombers in 2001, but he has been the hill for every crucial pitch between the Sox and the Yankees since coming to Boston. Yesterday he barely came out on top over much maligned set up man, righty Armando Benitez for NY.

More of the same on tap today with Derek Lowe against Jeff Weaver.

I don’t care what anyone says the Yankees rotation doesn’t scare me, all right maybe Andy Pettitte, but the rest can be beaten. Just watch tonight.

Kevin Millar has not only given the Red sox good at bats, but he is a lively presence in the clubhouse, a trait which is unknown by club outsiders.

The most impressive thing about Rich Harden is the stuff he throws when he is behind in the count, which is very often. Once Harden gets it together in the majors, he will be very difficult to beat.

I hate to say it, but Harden’s ascent means that Billy Beane now can pull the trigger on a deal trading one of the big three, if necessary.

My prediction is Tim Hudson is the one to go if it happens.

Click below for more!Billy McMillon is so slow he makes Jeremy Giambi seem like Maury Wills.

The A’s offense has awoken the past two days. Now if they could just do it for another two weeks things might get calmer around computer printout central.

How does Rod Beck do it? Another save last night. The Giants were off balance on every swing. Nothing over 84 MPH and nothing lower than 74. Amazing.

Kevin Jarvis can pitch in the majors and should be on the Cardinals before too long. His 4.5 million dollar salary is a bargain if he stays healthy.

Shea Hillenbrand can hit with anyone, but his defense screams for a shift from third to first.

Randy Johnson threw like the old Randy Johnson Friday night against LA. Let’s see his next start before getting too excited. Curt Schilling pitches against Nomo today and if LA hits Schilling then the Arizona should worry about their other superstar pitcher. LA doesn’t hit anybody hard.

You can count on Tampa Bay for at least one surprise victory every series. It came yesterday against the White Sox.

All right I’m off the Kyle Lohse bandwagon until further notice. When Cleveland hits you for an 8 spot in the second, something is amiss.

The A’s throw Hudson, Zito, and Mulder at the Yankees next weekend in Oakland. Who says Rick Peterson doesn’t plan ahead?

John Mabry is the DH for Seattle, hitting eighth and at .155. The M’s miss Greg Colbrunn and Edgar big time.

Joel Pineiro is the best pitcher on the Seattle staff right now. If they pick up Rondell White what happens to Randy Winn?

The A’s should look at Jay Payton more closely. BB has burned the Rockies in trades before, so maybe the hesitation is on the Colorado side.

Shawn Estes goes today for the Cubbies against hot rookie Jeriome Robertson. What I said yesterday still goes, tough game for Chicago.

The Marlins beat the Phillies last night 10-5 to close within three of the wild card leaders. Am I still the only one giving the Fish a chance to make the playoffs?

Miami has beaten the Phillies like a drum this year and today they get to face the Phillies top pitcher Kevin Millwood in Miami. Marlin fifth starter Carl Pavano is no slouch, but he is inconsistent which worries me.

Woody Williams is 14-3, quick name another healthy starter for St. Louis who is over .500.

Richie Sexson would look good in an Arizona uniform. Heck, he would look better in any uniform other than Milwaukee’s.

Where will Jeff Suppan be pitching next weeeknd? I’ll bet Ted Lilly is still with the A’s when the dust settles.

Peter Gammons is hyping Joe Blanton for Billy Beane as any good shill should. If you read “Money Ball”, you know BB likes to have Gammons as his own personal PR dept. Now he has Gammons praising the talent of a polished college pitcher (Blanton) who is dominating a low “A” league, so the other pursuers of the more advanced A’s talent will be led onto the Blanton trail, who Peter hypes as the next Rich Harden.

Pretty smart stuff.

That is why BB is the master of the trading world.

Can the Red sox get it done with Ramiro Mendoza, John Burkett, and Tim Wakefield as starting pitchers?

Burkett and Wakefield give the A’s trouble, but Bartolo Colon would sure make this staff much better.

Come to think of it, if the A’s face Pedro, Lowe, Burkett, and Wakefield Aug 11-14, Oakland might be in for a long week. Sounds like the big four better be ready to throw some gems at the hard hitting Sox.

The Giants are holding their breath that Jason Schmidt’s next start will be pain free.

The A’s are down to 30 road games and 29 home left on the schedule. They haven’t been buried on this road trip which is a very positive sign.

Jose Lima returns today for KC. Ever think that would be a big deal, but it is with Lima one of the stars of the KC rotation.

That is either good news or bad news depending how you want to view Lima, who is a true journeyman pitcher.

Will Freddy Garcia, who is known as Mr. Nightlife in Seattle, be traded? Let’s see how he does against Texas today.

The Braves are pursuing Sidney Ponson very hard, so are the Red Sox. Wouldn’t the minors walking man, Boston farmhand Kevin Youkillis, be enough to get Ponson from Baltimore?

The more I watch the Angels I just don’t think a repeat is in the cards for them.

I say Rodrigo Lopez stops Roy Halladay’s streak today. If it doesn’t happen today then the A’s will beat him in August because they did the same thing to Gaylord Perry in 1974 when he was going for his 16th in a row, one rainy night in Oakland.

OK it is a stretch but it could happen that way.

Steve Trachsel gets to show the scouts his stuff one more time today against the Reds.

Jeremy Giambi stole a base.

You see something strange at the park every day.

That had to be it for yesterday, what will happen today?

Maybe Shawn Estes will beat Houston?

Hey, anything is possible.

See ya again. Have a nice day.


1 Anonymous { 07.27.03 at 11:09 am }

Trade Hudson? I sure hope not. He is the ace and the one with heart. I liken him to Greg Maddox.

Please tell us why you made this comment?

2 marty { 07.27.03 at 12:16 pm }

The A’s are always throwing names out there. Hudson could bring the type of players the A’s need to continually retool with. I’m not saying he is going tomorrow, but don’t be surprised if he isn’t shopped this winter. Hudson is a high energy pitcher relying on a fastball to set up his sinking pitches, the A’s may think he is more vulnerable to injury than Zito or Mulder. Anyway, this organization is continually on the look out for players they can control for six years, with Harden’s emergence so far, I think it gives BB some options that he might explore next season.


3 Anonymous { 07.27.03 at 12:40 pm }

Dear Marty, I’m an Angel fan, but I just wanted to say keep up the good work. Your insights about the AL West race always informative. Harden looked good yesterday. I don’t think this year’s version of the A’s is as good as last year’s (a lot of guys seem to be having down years). But, the Angels can’t put together all of the phases of the game on a single day. Boston seems to be winning a lot of come from behind games this year — like the Angels last year. Do you see any possibility that Seattle might collapse and only win 92 games or so?

4 Anonymous { 07.27.03 at 6:48 pm }

Jeremy Giambi steals a base on Saturday.

The Dodgers score a run on Sunday.

Now I have seen it all.

5 marty { 07.28.03 at 10:57 am }

Message: Marty–

I love your shows and interviews; you are filling the vacuum left with the passing of Bill Rigney. You keep alive the bonds between the present and baseball’s past, which to me is as important as the play-by-play of daily games. I think we are contemporaries–b. 1943, grew up in Connecticut equidistant between Boston and New York, $6.86 roundtrip train ticket to Bosox or Yanks. Jimmy Piersall Knothole Gang. Never cared for the Nat’l league, still don’t. I look forward to your brodacasts, but you’ve got me worried about Hudson’s possible departure. I know it will happen at some time but I’m trying to live in the present and enjoying the A’s day by day. And–Billy Gardner worked at Chas. Pfizer in the off-season. My father also worked there, and I was a Yankee fan briefly when Billy was at second for them. Later I called him when he was managing the Royals and Twins, and he’d always arrange for tickets for me and my kids who met Bo Jackson when he was a rookie. I was thrilled and grateful for the need for off-season work for Major Leaguers in the 50’s. Please keep the past alive, we need (and love) the continuity. Thanks. Jeremy (UConn ’70)

6 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:14 pm }

7 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:51 pm }

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