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Red Sox Tough at Home, Rangers Have Injuries

The Boston Red Sox once again are a different team at home than they are on the road.

They hit .290 or so at home and .248 at home. I think this disparity will ultimately cost them the AL East title and perhaps a shot at the playoffs because Oakland and Anaheim will fight them for the wild card all summer.

Curt Schilling is the perfect pitcher to beat the A’s. Schilling throws strikes, and he does it on the first pitch with something on the ball. Once the A’s can’t milk the count they are in trouble.

Tim Hudson got knocked around in his previous start against the Tigers although he got the win. The Tigers hit numerous shots off Hudson and last night the Red Sox knocked him around pretty good too.

This happens periodically to Hudson until he finds his sinker and gets the ball down.

Derek Lowe has gotten hammered recently and should be no mystery for the A’s tonight. The Red Sox bullpen will figure heavily in tonight’s game. Same goes for the A’s. Mark Redman goes about six if everything is looking up. Looking up is what happens when Redman pitches because he is the classic fly ball pitcher.

This one has all the markings of a typical seesaw Fenway Park game with the victor being the team with the last reliever who can get some outs. Keith Foulke versus Arthur Rhodes.

The Angels need a game from Bartolo Colon. It’s hard to say what is up with Colon because he always looks out of shape. With a day off yesterday, the Angels bullpen is rested so if he needs help in the sixth inning, it should be there.

Toronto has Carlos Delgado banged up, never a good sign for the Blue Jays. Pat Hentgen is capable of a decent start, but this one looks like the Angels night.

Click below for more!How long can the A’s keep Justin Duchscherer in the pen? Could they move a pitcher and put the curveballer in the back end of the rotation? Stranger things have happened especially with the offense lacking a legit number three bat.

Texas lost Kevin Mench and Brian Jordan to injuries. They now join Gerald Laird on the DL. At some point, the Rangers will need a hitter for the outfield because the 7-9 spots in the order are looking very ordinary.

The White Sox need a fifth starter, this experiment with Neal Cotts and Jon Adkins going as far as they can, isn’t the sign of a pennant winning pitching staff.

Two middle of the road pitchers match up today in Tampa, Seth Greisinger for the Twins and Rob Bell for Tampa. Minnesota isn’t healthy right now and should look to Seattle for replacements when the time is right.

Rodrigo Lopez was lights out in the bullpen, but failed miserably after four innings in his first start last time out. The Yankees seem to beat the Orioles like a drum so Mike Mussina might get lucky tonight. Baltimore’s lack of effective starting pitching is starting to wear the team down.

The A’s won’t get CC Sabathia this weekend in Cleveland, he goes tonight against Seattle. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Jamie Moyer go to the NL in July as the Mariners clean house. The Tribe’s bullpen can’t get much worse, can it?

Detroit lost a chance to tie the game against Jeremy Affeldt in the ninth inning last night when Carlos Guillen was called out at second base for interference on the shortstop, giving KC the double play. Guillen looked like he rolled into the bag with a late half slide, I guess it was the correct call, what a dumb move by Guillen costing the Tigers the tie.

Gary Knotts looked good against the A’s for five innings last time out throwing 91 mph fastballs and 70 mph curves. Anything will look good to KC since they were silenced by the A’s pitchers over the last two weeks.

Cubs need help. Will Mark Prior be back in two weeks? His next start is in AAA Iowa on Sunday, stay tuned. Rich Aurilia to the Cubs? The GM Jim Hendry says not on his life.

Casey Daigle against Woody Rueter in SBC. Arizona is on the verge of canning Bob Brenly, it could come anytime.

With Richie Sexson out for the year is Shea Hillenbrand back in the picture with Arizona? Not necessarily if they could get a decent pitcher in return.

Jason Schmidt wasn’t as strong as in his last start, but he was certainly sharp with his off speed stuff and that sunk Arizona.

Ray Durham should stay on the DL until he can run around the bases without pain. Of course that might take six months to happen.

Greg Maddux versus Andy Pettitte in Houston. Cubs win. They will hit Pettitte who still isn’t in mid season form.

The Reds are riding excellent starting pitching, clutch homers from Ken Griffey, and a stingy bullpen. Will it last? Probably for another few weeks, but then the starting pitchers will get exposed.

Sean Casey is quite a hitter and the Reds outfield is A Ok.

Tommy Phelps and Todd Van Poppel tonight in Cincy, enjoy this one from afar, it will be ugly.

Keith Ginter tries to make it happen for the Mets against Brett Myers. If the Phillies pitch around Mike Piazza I think they even the series tonight. When will Mike Cameron start hitting again? .210 isn’t going to cut it for the best defensive centerfielder in the game.

Kris Benson, the apple of the scouts eye’s, goes tonight against Jason Marquis, one of the surprise stories of 2004. Benson better jack it up a little if he wants to go to a good team in July.

The Padres are hitting, no surprise because everybody hits in Coors Field. Just tell me the final score and how it happened, it’s too painful to watch.

San Diego has a bullpen that gets hitters out and they will learn how to win at home, to me they are the best team in the West.

The Dodgers desperate for hitting moved Shawn Green into the second spot in the order. Whatever happened to his power stroke? Thank goodness for the LA bullpen, it came to the recuse last night when Kaz Ishii walked the park again.

Why is MLB torturing the Expos in Montreal? 4000 again last night against the Braves. Must seem like an exhibition game in Maryvale. Anyway Tomo Ohka can get people out, he is the best pitcher Montreal has right now. Livan Hernandez is hot and cold so Russ Ortiz coming off an excellent start, should handle the Expos if he isn’t too wild.

If the NL ended today Dodgers, Reds, Cubs, and Phillies are in the playoffs. Trust me, this will change, won’t it?


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