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New Challenges As Schedule Moves On

After three weeks of playing the same teams the major league schedule turns the corner as all the teams get to play new opponents.

How will the AL West fare against the rest of the American league after beating each other up for 19 games?

How will the Giants do on their first trip to Pennsylvania to take on the Pirates and Phillies?

Boston takes their bull pen by committee to Texas and the Yankees take their undefeated starting pitchers to Anaheim to face the Angels, the team that chewed up their pitching staff last October on the way to the World Series.

Click read more and let’s see.Jesse Foppert makes his starting debut for SF tonight in Pittsburgh against Jeff Suppan. The Giants create runs, the Pirates don’t score many. Major league debuts are fraught with peril, this one should follow the typical pattern as well. Perhaps five innings, many pitches, some great moments, then the bull pen better be ready. The Giants got a wake up call in their last game in LA, I think it will help them tonight.

Houston comes limping into New York to face the Mets. The Astros starting staff is is not very secure right now. Good time for the Mets to win this series especially because Lance Berkman is not hitting and the Mets get Pedro Astacio back on Thursday.

The A’s are throwing the big guns at Detroit. Doesn’t seem fair but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. The A’s have knocked around Adam Bernero, face former number one pick Jeremy Bonderman on Wednesday, then clean up on Nate Cornejo on Thursday. Anything short of a decisive three game sweep will be cause for concern.

Greg Myers can still hit the fastball. The A’s miss their lefthanded hitting bench player from last year, yesterday Myers turned around a ninth inning fastball and quicker than you can say Mark Johnson, the ball was in the right field seats in Fenway.

John Lackey hasn’t pitched a good game this season and now gets to face the powerhouse Yankees. Somehow, the Angels will get it done on their home field against Jeff Weaver.

Pedro Martinez goes against Chan Ho park who pitched six decent innings last time out. Texas can hit and has to pleased coming through the West with an 8-11 mark. They will not be too far behind and just may surprise Pedro in a high scoring game.

Kansas City faces another division test when the Twins come to town. After being manhandled by NY, anything will look better to the Twins. Kansas City has beaten every lefty they have seen this season, I say Kenny Rogers throws his junk successfully tonight and brings some joy to Minnesota.

CC Sabathia pitches in Safeco against the Mariners and Freddy Garcia. Cleveland hits lefties pretty well, Garcia is a righty. Sabathia has the stuff to keep this game close.

Can Esteban Loiaza keep it going for the ChiSox against the surprising .500 Orioles? Aftera steady diet of the Devil Rays the Orioles may not hit enough to beat Loiaza.

Colorado leaves Coors Field and begins the road swing in Philadelphia. If this is like every other road trip the Rockies have ever taken, expect the Phillies to shut them down tonight and pound Darren Oliver.

Good test for the Cubbies who throw number five starter Carlos Zambrano against the crafty Brian Lawrence. Believe it or not the Cubs have a better bull pen and Dusty Baker never loses to San Diego, at least he didn’t while managing the Giants.

Russ Ortiz was horrible in his last start and now faces the Cards, a team he beat while a member of the Giants.

The Dodgers get to add to the woes of the Reds in Great American Park. Paul Wilson has been inconsistent which makes me nervous in that home run haven.

This will definitely be an interesting week of match ups as the season begins meandering along.

I like it.


1 Dave { 04.22.03 at 9:23 pm }

37 year old Greg Myers is on pace for 350+ at-bats this season. More like he’s on pace for the DL. He’s put up great numbers so far, but I’d take Mark Johnson for the long-term. Not that it’s as important, considering Ramon Hernandez is on a tear.

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