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Mussina Best on the Yankees, Next Weekend Special

Mike Mussina is pitching the way he did a few years ago when he came close to throwing two perfect games. Friday night he handled the Rangers in Arlington with the skill of a surgeon.

Mussina’s knucklecurve is sharp, but his velocity is up to the mid nineties, a tremendous jump from last year. Can it last for the Yankee righty? Yes, the Yankees seem to pace their older pitchers very well during the season.

Next weekend The A’s and the Yankees meet for three games in New York. Say what you will, but I think this series will be a preview to the ALCS in October.

I’m curious to see how the A’s set the rotation for the series in NY. Barry Zito will pitch for sure, so will Tim Hudson, but who goes third? If Mulder pitches Wednesday in Chicago, then he’s out in NY. If Lilly pitches Thursday in Chicago, then he ‘s out too. I’d pitch Halama in Chicago Thursday and open with Lilly Friday against the Yankees.

I’ll figure out the Yankees possible starters tomorrow.

Click Read more for more on today.The SARS epidemic is making baseball very wierd in Toronto. Teams don’t want to leave their hotel rooms in Toronto when coming to play the Blue Jays, crowds are down, and wives don’t want to travel there as well.

At least the Blue Jays cooperated last night. Even though Kelvim Escobar blew the save for Roy Halladay on an unearned run in the ninth, they held on to beat Kansas City.

Miguel Ascencio brings his fastball into SkyDome against Cory Lidle who is giving the Blue Jays around six innings per start although he gets tagged doing it.

Kyle Lohse who was victimized by the Yankees in his last outing tries to make it two in a row for the Twins over the White Sox. Mark Buerhle lost last night for the Sox and will next face Oakland and mark Mulder Wednesday in Comiskey.

The Rangers are giving soft tossing Doug Davis another chance today against NY and David Wells.

Scott Shields has an excellent chance of staying in the Angels rotation. He has a power arm, but has been used out of the pen so far and might not go more than five today, but watch him, he might surprise the Red Sox today.

Jermaine Dye’s knee injury may be more significant than first believed. Eric Byrnes deserves a shot, but I still doubt if he can be an everyday hitter in the majors because of his inability to adjust to breaking stuff in the big leagues. Byrnes is an exciting player and perhaps will be a mistake hitter, which would prolong his stay in the line up.

Shawn Estes in Colorado, this will be a busy day for the scorekeepers in Coors Field.

Danny Graves tries to make it through the lineup twice without getting ripped. Hasn’t happened so far, let’s see what the Padres can do with him in TGABP in Cincy.

Giants get a break throwing Jerome Williams against a recovering Brandon Duckworth in Philly. Local team needs this one and tomorrows game to take the series, decent chance with Milwood pitching on Sunday against Jesse Foppert.

Richie Sexson would look good in Arizona, but his three homer game in Atlanta last night probably knocked that deal off the table.

See you at the park.


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