Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Yankees Beat BoSox, Marlins Get By Phillies, Lilly Shines

What a night of baseball.

The Yankees and the Red Sox battled in a classic match up in Fenway Park, won once again by New York 4-3.

Pedro Martinez whose team is 8-13 against the Yanks in the games he has started, battled through 128 pitches to no avail.

It took a single off Mariano Rivera by Jason Varitek in the eighth to get Pedro off the short end of a 3-2 score.

Jesse Orosco came in for the Yankees in the sixth and fanned Johnny Damon with the bases loaded to end the inning. Next frame he got Todd Walker leading off the inning, ending the 45 year old lefties night on the mound.

Some debut for the Yankees newest member of their retooled bullpen.

Byung Hyun Kim who has endured world series nightmares facing the Yankees, came on only to lose the game again in the ninth. Enrique Wilson singled, stole second, went to third on a grounder to the right side by Alfonso Soriano, then came home with the leading run on a sac fly by Derek Jeter.

Small ball at its best.

With two on in the ninth, Rivera got Jeremy Giambi on a soft liner to second to end the game.

Pedro pitched a great game, argued with the umpire Dana Demuth and completely entertained the crowd with a tremendous outing. David Wellses back acted up as he walked five in less than six innings, one less than he had walked all year.

Today John Burkett, who the Yankees own, faces Mike Mussina in another wonderful summer afternoon in Boston.

The Marlins rallied against one of the best bullpens in the NL by scoring eight runs in the eighth inning to beat the Phillies 11-5, thus reducing their deficit to 4 games in the NL Wild Card.

Dontrelle Willis did his thing for six innings, leaving with a 3-1 lead before Placido Palanco hit a three run home roff of Ugueth Urbina in the seventh, which gave the Phillies a short lived lead.

Today the Marlins, who are 7-4 against the Phillies this season, throw youngster Josh Beckett who last threw seven shut out innings against Montreal on Monday against Brandon Duckworth who hasn’t won since May 17th.

And then there was Ted Lilly against the Angels!

Click Below for MoreOh if only Ted Lilly could throw like this more often. Lilly was superb against the Angels through seven tough innings. Miguel Tejada played like the MVP he can be with a tremendous fielding play to end the eighth, had a big double off of Brenden Donnelly to tie the game, and looked like the best player on the field last night.

It may be my imagination, but Keith Foulke is starting to look tired on the mound. His last performance against the Mariners was shaky and last night he came close to giving up two homers in the ninth inning against Anaheim.

Erubiel Durazo cannot be overlooked either for his double which started the winning rally. Good hitting against the fireballing Donnelly.

One at bat by Eric Chavez in the first inning is worth noting. Chavez came up with two on and two out against John Lackey. The Angel righty went 3-0 on Chavez and you knew he needed to throw a strike. He did and Chavez took a beautiful pitch, middle in, for strike one. Then Lackey threw two nasty pitches and struck Chavez out to end the inning.

Here you have the next Mickey Mantle at the plate taking a strike when he should have let it rip at the best pitch he was going to see in that at bat. Not good planning by either Chavez or the hitting coach if the approach was to take a strike.

This is the big leagues, not little league for goodness sakes.

Today Rich Harden is back on the hill facing the five inning man Aaron Sele. The Angels have struggled against righthanders lately, and face Harden today, then Hudson tomorrow.

The A’s are whittling the remaining road games down (now have 31 left as opposed to 29 home) without losing too much ground to either Seattle or Boston. This is a good sign because the A’s play .600 ball at home.

Seattle gets to beat up on Texas again tonight with Joel Pineiro on the hill. Rafael Soriano threw four innings in relief to save last night’s win for the Mariners. Soriano should have a large role in the pen for Seattle from here on out.

Rob Bell has surprised everyone with his last two outings for the Devil Rays. Today he faces the White Sox and just may get the job done.

Roberto Alomar is now playing the way the Mets hoped he would when they brought him over to NY last season, hitting .313 for the Sox.

KC throws Kyle Snyder today against Detroit. KC is dominating when they play in the Central, that is why they must be taken seriuosly even though no one gives them much of a chance to hang on. Jose Lima should be back for tomorrow’s start too.

Kyle Lohse versus lefty Billy Traber. Traber’s one hitter against NY makes him a pitcher to watch today. But oh, that Cleveland bull pen is tough to take.

The Pirates won’t go away no matter how many trade rumors surround the team. How long can St. Louis wait before pulling the trigger on a deal for a couple of pitchers?

Shawn Estes tries once again to help the Cubbies, this time in Houston against a very good righthanded hitting team. Octavio Dotel gave it up last night for one of the few times this season.

Atlanta’s bull pen is making Bobby Cox very unhappy. Atlanta’s shortstop made his 25th error of the season last night too. It all ended up costing the Braves the game against Montreal.

The Braves need bullpen and starting help. Just watch Shane Reynolds and how he does today as exhibit one.

Ron Calloway is going to be a player for Montreal. The A’s should look at acquiring him for their outfield. I’m sure the price is reasonable plus he is from the Bay Area.

Kirk Reuter looked like his old self last night and the Padres cooperated as usual against the Giants.

The Giants have a nice lead, but those injuries just keep piling up, now JT Snow may have a groin pull.

The A’s signed Scott Hatteberg to be their first baseman for two more years. Why?

Kevin Jarvis is being watched closely by the scouts as well and he pitches tonight against Jerome Williams at Pac Bell.

Cliff Politte is back in the eighth inning slot for Toronto. Cory Lidle pitched a nice game for the Blue Jays last night, probably his last in a Blue Jay uniform.

This is Hall of Fame weekend in Cooperstown, someone described the atmosphere there as being similar to New Years Eve, but only for baseball fans.

See you tonight for Inside Baseball Saturday Night on KFRC 610 AM following Extra Innings.


1 Anonymous { 07.26.03 at 12:42 pm }

Hey Marty,

Apparently, Beane likes that Hatteberg can take pitches. Big deal. He can’t hit or field. As a fan, I feel this extension means that the A’s are going to field a weak team next year. An infield of Chavez, Crosby, Ellis and Hatteberg? Crosby and Ellis won’t provide much offensively. Who knows what Chavez will have. Hatteberg? That’s a weak hitting infield. Combine that with a combination of their current outfield? Bleak. Course, someone or more than one players could have great years. But it doesn’t look that good on paper.

Yea, I noticed Chavez took that 3-0 pitch. Was he trying to work a walk to impress Beane? Dumb decision, if so

Foulke needs to throw his slider every now and then. And he needs to use his changeup more against the Angels. They sit on fastballs no matter what the count. Spiezo’s homerun the last series was off a fastball when he was behind the count 1-2. Last night, what does Foulke thrown when he is ahead? A fastball that Spiezo roped.


2 Anonymous { 07.26.03 at 12:44 pm }

So, is Lilley still trade bait or will Billy want to hang onto him?

I have both liked and been frustrated with Lilley this year. We know he can be brilliant at times. Sort of like Corey Lidle –only he makes alot less money. He is also a work in progress since he has had his whole delivery changed this season. I hope the A’s haven’t given up on him. Billy so wanted him that I don’t think he is ready to give him up. He was great last night as he pounded the ball inside. If he can just be aggressive out there he will be fine. Is there a better 4th starter in the league right now for the money?

If Harden comes through again today, maybe the A’s are on their way. Billy can find another bat for a couple of minor leaguers and maybe Piatt thrown in. I think he has a surprise up his sleeve.

We may see the August we have been waiting for. Billy Mc is ready to go and so is Tejada. The pitching is solid and the bats are awakening. Go A’s!!!

3 marty { 07.26.03 at 1:30 pm }

A’s pitching has been superb all week except for Zito’s (six walk four run) game believe it or not. I have said all along once the off days are few, the teams with the deep rotations will take off. It has happened the last three years for the A’s. Offensively, I think they definitely need a legit hitter for the outfield. Ron Calloway of Montreal has caught my eye. Low cost in players and salary he would fit the young player profile BB is preaching these days.


4 Anonymous { 07.26.03 at 2:18 pm }


Funny how a tremendous offensive outburst of 3 runs last nite can boost A’s fans spirits.

You stole my thunder about Chavez’s first inning at bat. If the manager gave him the take sign on 3-0 he should be ashamed. Chavey has great numbers against Lackey and he should have been hackin!!

As you might guess, I am glad we locked up Hatty for 2 more years. I have cited his defensive and offensive numbers in the past so wont belabor the point.

Even though McMillon is giving us hope in the leadoff spot, Miggy is hitting his stride, and Durazo is coming around, we still need to fix this offense and get another bullpen arm.

I say BB sends Long to LA for Shuey as discussed here before and Chavy, Piatt and a minor leaguer to Pittsberg for Giles.

I acknowledge this creates a hole at third base. For the balance of the season we use Menechino and sacrifice Chavez’s defense for Giles bat.

Now what do I think BB will really do? Maybe just go get Escobar and Kielty from the Blue Jays. Lilly’s performance last nite helps trade value.

Reno Bill

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