Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Hot Stove League Report

A Rod is the MVP of the American League. I’ve gone on record many times saying he is overrated, mainly because he sold out and went for the dough by signing with Texas, a team with little chance of reaching the postseason.

It’s no secret if you watch A Rod play that he has disappeared at the critical moments during his tenure with the Rangers. Still with the numbers he puts up he is tough to ignore when the MVP vote is taken. This season he won the award because no player from a playoff team had a knock your socks off type year.

Carlos Delgado and A Rod were the favorites because they were going to be named within the top five on more ballots than anyone else.

A Rod has acknowledged that the Rangers are trying to trade him this off season. He gave the go ahead earlier in the summer when he sent out the trial balloon indicating that he wouldn’t oppose a trade if the Rangers were so inclined.

Will he move on?

Click below and let’s talk some hot stove baseball about A Rod and others.If I was Boston, I’d make a serious push to obtain A Rod. First, the Sox really don’t want to resign Nomar Garciaparra to a big multi year deal in 2005. Nomar struggled in the postseason and has been injury prone, something Rodriguez is not.

So, I would see if Texas would trade Rodriguez straight up for Nomar, just to get rid of his contract. Texas could sign Nomar for 40% of A rod’s money and be thrilled with the savings and Nomar could cash in with a nice contract that he might not get somewhere else.

Now, Boston can take on A Rod’s salary (he may even defer some money). Rodriguez is such an offensive force that it will allow Boston to build around him with relatively inexpensive players, thus saving millions and making this deal possible, plus they are fighting the Yankees and A Rod may get up for the action.

If Texas wants more than Nomar, throw in Kevin Youkillis and whatever minor leaguers John Hart desires.

It’s not crazy because Texas desperately wants to move Rodriguez, Boston needs him to beat the Yankees, and Nomar’s departure will be softened by A Rod’s arrival.

Curt Schilling is considering moving to the Yankees. NY is wary of Bartolo Colon because of his poor work habits and his reliance on throwing fastballs, a pitch which will disappear in time. Schilling wants to make sure Joe Torre is managing the Yankees, which is no guarantee after this season. Nick Johnson would move to Arizona in the deal which means Arizona would no longer be interested in Richie Sexson who they have coveted for two years.

If Schilling doesn’t move to NY, then Sexson will undoubtedly become a Diamondback with Arizona giving up Junior Spivey and one of their top young pitchers. Matt Mantei is tied to any Schilling deal as well which doesn’t excite the Yankees who already are paying one injured relief pitcher, Steve Karsay.

Someone is going to get a bargain with Sidney Ponson. The righty isn’t the brightest bulb on the wall, but he can throw six to seven innings per start and that has got to excite the Angels, White Sox, Orioles, and Red Sox. I see him returning to the American League where life was good for Sir Sidney.

How about Miguel Tejada? With Kaz Matsui now in the mix, Tejada seems to me to be likely to stay on the west coast with only the Orioles east of the Mississippi bidding for him. Tejada seems to have Angels or Mariners written all over him.

The Dodgers may have a new owner if he has the dough to close the deal. All the hesitation around Frank McCourt’s finances leads me to believe that he won’t have the money to make a big splash in the free agent market this winter. One of the Lee’s, Travis or Derek (Orioles may want the Lee’s too) may be in the Dodger’s plans, but probably not Vladimir Guerrero who will be too expensive.

Reliever Paul Quantrill knows something since he turned down three million from LA last month. If the A’s lose Keith Foulke which is getting likelier with each passing day, Quantrill may be one of BB’s cagey moves that he loves to pull off.

Boston will drive up the price on both Foulke and Andy Pettitte, so if they lose them the Yanks will be paying top dollar for Pettitte who they want back. Houston needs Pettitte to help that young rotation. If they get him, maybe Jeff Kent would look good in Boston to replace Todd Walker, thereby freeing up more Houston money.

Todd Walker is ready to be a DH or third baseman for some AL team. Personally, I wouldn’t pay the dough it will take to get him, he makes too many baseball mistakes for me.

LaTroy Hawkins grew up close to Wrigley Field, not too far away in Gary, Indiana. The Yanks and Boston want Hawkins, but I bet he wants to play in Wrigley.

The Cubs passed on Pudge Rodriguez last season, but won’t this year if they have the chance. He can call all the fastballs he wants with Wood, Prior, and Zambrano throwing them.

The Mets like Luis Castillo, but so do the Yankees, so you know who wins that battle. It’s not impossible to see him stay in Miami either. Mike Lowell is one guy the Marlins should move, I think he is overrated off his finish last August.

Billy Koch to the NY Mets? Why not, Rick Peterson and Art Howe know Koch, the Mets are still a year or more away, so if the White Sox will take Roger Cedeno, Koch will become a Met.

The Orioles will make a big push for some power and have targeted Guerrero and Gary Sheffield. I don’t think they will get either one and will have to settle for Rafael Palmiero or Juan Gonzalez or someone like that.

Pat Hentgen is worth a shot. Anaheim or Boston or possibly the Giants should look his way.

Greg Maddux will pitch in the NL West next season. San Diego, Arizona, or the Giants will check with his agent.

Tim Worrell pitched so much the past two years, he becomes a big risk for any long term deal. He’s no spring chicken.

Eddie Guardado doesn’t have the greatest stuff and he has thrived in low pressure Minnesota. I know Boston is considering him, but if I was Everyday Eddie I’d stay home in Minneapolis.

Shannon Stewart would look good in the A’s outfield wouldn’t he? If Tejada and Foulke go, I’d make a serious run for Stewart. Even if Foulke comes back Stewart is worth the investment because he can lead off and play a corner spot.

Would anyone take Jermaine Dye in this his contract year? If Arizona strikes out on Geoff Jenkins and Richie Sexson, watch them jump at Dye.

Roberto Alomar is making noise about playing for the Yankees. The Yankees might bite especially with injury prone Fernando Vina out there as a lonely alternative.

Somehow, I see Jeff Weaver and David Wells pitching somewhere other than NY next season.

Matt Stairs could help the Mariners, he will be a lot better than John mabry who survived the entire season in Seattle without doing anything.

Art Howe loves defense if he can get it. Mike Cameron will be available to play in NY for the Mets.

Shigetoshi Hasegawa had a great year for Seattle, probably qualifies him for a spot with a serious contender next season (Cubs, Sox, or NY).

The A’s should look at Eduardo Perez to take the old Olmedo Saenz role. Wonderful clubhouse presence and he may have some of his father’s power too (Tony Perez).

Also, it’s tough to ignore the power arm of Armando Benitez. Atlanta works wonders with reclamtion projects and he will be undervalued.

If the Giants can add a serious outfield bat, then JT Snow should return at a reasonable salary.

Rich Aurilia? Why not have him as the A’s shortstop until Bobby Crosby is ready, then move him over to third if Eric Chavez leaves in 2005?

David Eckstein will play somewhere other than Anaheim next season and will help someone, he can play the game.

Just what the A’s want to see…AJ Pierzynski in the Bay Area full time.

That’s the hot stove league, one surprise after another.


1 Ed { 11.17.03 at 11:30 pm }

Marty: The A’s have to do better than look forward to an infield with a rookie shortstop and a very ordinary third baseman. Aurillia hasn’t been a winning ballplayer for the better part of three years. The Giants need a “serious outfield bat” in a big way. If they came up with one, as you point out, Snow, at a reduced salary, could continiue to hit second. His on base percentage isn’t bad and his defense is still a major asset. He isn’t going to make 6 million from the Giants or anyone else, however. The Giants need a piece of his salary to get that serious bat.

2 marty { 11.18.03 at 9:36 am }

Rich Aurilia would add much class to the A’s clubhouse plus he can hit in the middle of the order. Defense is critical when you rely on pitching and I’m just not sure one would want to throw an untested rookie into the shortstop role especially when you need him to hit as well because if he starts slowly with the bat it may effect his play in the field. I like Aurilia as a player and a person, and he could help the A’s for two seasons.

3 Anonymous { 11.18.03 at 11:05 am }

Hi Marty, Is there any reason for us to get our hopes up about a new ballpark or is it the same old stuff? Also is there any more news on Ted Robinson? I heard he turned the Giant’s offer down. Susan

4 Anonymous { 11.18.03 at 11:55 am }

I’m a day late but what good reading. A-Rod and
Foulke in Boston. That could be the ingredients
for a pennant for boston. I was in Boston 2 weeks ago and they are still in shock > I agree that nomar was nowhere to be seen in the playoffs
and a-rod’s big bat with that line-up around him-wow.

Jerry f

5 marty { 11.18.03 at 12:34 pm }

The A’s new VP for finding a new ball park, Lew Wolff, is a best friend of Bud Selig which means if the A’s can get something going in San Jose, Selig will get the votes to turn any Giants protest aside. Wolff is a heavy hitter who believes he can get something done. The A;s have nothing to lose investing time with Wolff because Wolff only cashes in if he gets something done (then he gets an equity interest). He may end up buying Hoffman out no matter what anyway and he has money and isn’t afraid to spend it, so that bodes well for the future.

6 Anonymous { 11.18.03 at 1:49 pm }

Ramon and Long to the Padres for Mark Kotsay? I just read it on ESPN.

7 marty { 11.18.03 at 3:19 pm }

Sounds like the deal is done: Mark Kotsay to the A’s for Ramon Hernandez and Terrence Long. Kotsay has an excellent eye at the plate, is an above average outfielder with an excellent arm, should hit between 15-20 homers per year, average around .265 or so, can run the bases correctly, and will be a serious, positive influence in the clubhouse.
Now, who’s going to catch this pitching staff? I assume something else is cooking other than Jeremy Brown, one of the A’s AA catchers.
As far as Terrence was concerned he wasn’t coming back under any circumstances.
If the A’s come up with a big league catcher, I like the deal very much.

8 marty { 11.19.03 at 12:21 am }

Trading Ted Lilly for Bobby Kielty falls more in line with what the A’s are trying to do. Oakland doesn’t arbitrate with its players if they become eligible for the process after their third year in the big leagues (Dye got 30 million instead of arbitrating). Oakland was not comfortable signing Ted Lilly to a multi year deal nor did they want to pay him 4+ million in 2004, so off he goes to Toronto. Lilly may be the best fourth starter in the league, but for the A’s he is replaceable with Rich Harden. Kielty: please fill in the rest: Good eye at the plate, not arbitration eligible, at the stage of his career where he needs a chance to play, not a trouble maker, can play the outfield, switch hitter that bats better from the right side by far, .260 hitter with a .340+on base %, completely fits the A’s philosophy of taking as many pitches as possible. Probably will be the everyday leftfielder or platoon with Billy McMillon if he really struggles against righties. Kielty/McMillon, Kotsay and Dye/ Byrnes (how any homers do you see here?)…are the Yankees or Red Sox worried? Keeping Tejada or Guillen would have made an impact, I’m not sold on this group unless a top flight catcher emerges to replace Ramon Hernandez in the batting order. We shall see…

9 Anonymous { 11.19.03 at 2:47 am }

Regardless of the economic disparity in baseball, the A’s owners are moronic for not making an offer to Tejada. Who can blame him if he goes? The A’s haven’t shown him any respect or indicated that they want him at all. And why not try to keep Guillen? The guy hit better with a broken thumb than anyone else on the A’s team in the playoffs. Is he too aggressive at the plate for Beane? Taking pitches doesn’t mean squat if you can’t hit the ball with authority when you get a good pitch to hit. And very few players are good at taking pitches and hitting behind the count. Beane’ philosophy doesn’t work.
On top of the potential outfield you described, Marty, there’s the potential infield of Chavez, Crosby, Ellis and Hatteberg and maybe Melhuse. The team looks straight up pathetic.
-Mike E.

10 marty { 11.19.03 at 8:27 am }

The A’s must have something else in mind because they are accumulating an offense that may not hold up and if the pitching falters with injuries which can happen as we saw last year, they are putting an awful lot of pressure on a mediocre offense. Kotsay’s back injuries are something to watch. I’ll reserve judgment until all the pieces are in place.

11 Anonymous { 11.19.03 at 9:48 am }

I hope they have something in mind because trading away Ramon is disturbing unless they can get another big league catcher to take his place. I imagine the A’s pitchers are pretty perplexed. Too bad they didn’t get AJ Pier. before the Giants did. He would have been great. Still haven’t heard that the trade is a done deal though. It’s not posted on the A’s website whereas the Lilly trade is. That’s right, I forgot, it was a Peter Gammons rumor. Susan

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