Marty Lurie Talks San Francisco Giants Baseball

Do Players Add to the Fans Violence?

The other day I mentioned that I thought the nature of how a baseball game is played today adds to the fans violent reactions twoards umpires and players.

Here’s what I mean.

The pitchers used to brush back batters routinely as part of the game until the last ten years or so.

Now, if a batter is merely moved off the plate with an inside pitch he glares at the mound. If the batter is actually hit by the pitch, then he takes a menacing step towards the pitcher and motions toward the shocked moundsmen with his fist or even his bat.

Fans see this and get in the spirit of wanting to club the pitcher or the batter depending on where the incident takes place. By the time this scenario is repeated two or three times during the game, the fans are now part of the action taking place on the field.

No wonder with drinking in the park by the later stages of the game, someone from the stands vents his frustration and jumps the fence or throws something at the player.

If the players would play good ole country hardball and not flip out every time the ball comes close to the batter, I think the fans would be calmer and you’d see fewer incidents.

Just an observation, but watch the batter and how he threatens the pitcher when he is brushed back and watch the crowd reaction at the same time.

Now, back to the game. Click below.Kazuhiro Sasaki blew another game for Seattle last night. No question in my mind the reliever is not at full strength and should be given some help in the closers role. Don’t worry about him losing face, if Arthur Rhodes, Jeff Nelson or even Giovanni Carrarra have sailed through the eighth, let them finish the game or start the ninth until Sasaki is healthy.

Francisco Rodriguez finally is learning that his slider is good enough to throw close to the plate instead of trying to make it break three inches off the dish, By coming closer to the strike zone, he is not falling behind in the count, his slider breaks so much it is unhittable before his adjustment when the batter took his slider it was a ball, now if you take it, it’s strike one.

The Angels have great late game comeback moxie that only comes from supremely confident hitters. I like it.

Perhaps another marquee matchup today in Minnesota. NY’s Mike Mussina is throwing with the same power he did when he struck out 15 Indians in the playoffs for the Orioles. Kyle Lohse is dominating with his hard stuff. This game if played in July when pitching is hot would be 1-0, today who knows, but if both pitchers stay on their early season pace, you could see a great game, say 3-2 Yankees just because they don’t lose to the Twins.

Mark Mulder was hit on the forearm of his pitching arm by a line drive. After the hit Mulder clearly was uncomfortable and said he had trouble with his change up as the game wore on. Texas is so bad defensively and the A’s are hitting gap shots for doubles so often against this staff, that even a one pitch pitcher can beat Texas.

Ted Lilly today versus Colby Lewis and bull pen friends for the Rangers who clearly are being embarrassed in Oakland.

Jason Davis is a physically big pitcher and he throws for the Indians today. With CC Sabathia, Davis, and Ricardo Rodriguez in a series, the Indians aren’t that bad. Oh yes, I forgot they have to bat also, which they don’t do very well unless a lefty is pitching against them. Today they face lefty Mark Buehrle in Chicago so they have a chance.

The White Sox bull pen is better than you think and may be a strength they can ride in this division. I’m feeling better about the Sox.

The Tigers come to the west coast next Tuesday and would like to not be on another seven game losing streak when they land in Oakland tomorrow. The only way to avoid it and another disastrous week is to win today. They pin their hopes on lefty Mike Maroth, who hasn’t pitched badly, against hard throwing Miguel Ascencio of KC.

The Red Sox keep pounding the Blue Jays and today they get another shot at Roy Halladay. More importantly, they would like to see Casey Fossum go seven innings like he did in his last start.

The Giants can do no wrong. JT Snow goes out with an injury, Marquis Grissom goes down after a collision at first base, and their replacements win the game for the team. Damian Moss showed what he can do if he doesn’t walk the park with seven solid innings pitched. SF goes for its second sweep of LA behind Kurt Ainsworth who simply blew the Dodgers away in his last outing.

The Mets must be patient with Armando Benitez who blew his fourth save Saturday as Art Howe waited for his 1000th win as a major league manager. Tom Glavine tries to get it done for Art today. The Marlins stole four more bases yesterday against Mike Piazza, I say Piazza is on the bench this afternoon. Pedro Astacio is on his way back to the Mets, but who do they drop Jae Seo or David Cone? A no brainer, unless the GM’s heart gets in the way.

This looks like one of those starcrossed seasons for the Diamondbacks. Curt Schilling is out with an appendectomy, Randy Johnson’s knee hurts, and Mike Myers, lefty specialist can’t get anyone out. What next for Arizona?

Pitchers to watch today:

Shawn Estes: Can he do it again against the light hitting Pirates?

Danny Graves: Can he get past the fifth inning as a converted starter for the Reds?

Shane Reynolds: Can he follow up his five scoreless innings with another whitewash today against the Phillies?

Brandon Duckworth: Is he healthy for Philadelphia?

Jake Peavy: Can he continue his good pitching even though he is in Coors Field?

Jeroime Roberstson: Can he get by with his wild delivery as the Astros play in Milwaukee?

Josh Beckett: Great stuff, NY makes young pitchers nervous, let’s see if he dominates the Mets?

Miguel Batista: Can he concentrate enough to beat the Cards and Brett Tomko?

Hideo Nomo: Can he be the stopper for LA and beat the Giants, a team he usually dominates?

One thought to remember: A’s farmhand, starting pitcher and righty, Rich Harden struck out 11 in relief last night in Sacramento. BB was there and saw Jim Mecir throw two good innings as well. I see both pitchers on the A’s soon, Mecir next week and Harden in about a month.

This is a Sunday with stories, just watch.

See you


1 Anonymous { 04.20.03 at 1:15 pm }

Hey Marty,

So, you think Harden will take the 5th spot in the rotation in a month? If so, that will be great. Halama can then be demoted to the bullpenn and be the long relieft guy the A’s sorely need. Bowie is only good for batting practice, in my opinion.

2 marty { 04.20.03 at 1:47 pm }

I just get the feeling that the A’s will have short leash with Halama. Harden is dominating in AAA also, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him up in the majors after about eight to ten minor league starts if all goes well for him. The A’s don’t have to rush him if they are winning which they should be.


3 Anonymous { 09.15.10 at 10:53 pm }

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