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Batter Up July 24th

With Jermaine Dye hitting home runs in addition to fielding his position like the gold glove right fielder he was before his last two injury plagued seasons, it’s time for the club to consider resigning him before he hits the free agent market this winter.

The A’s and Dye have all sorts of mutual options and buyouts complicating the situation. All that should be put aside and a deal should be put on the table right now.

Just consider what the A’s offense will look like next year without Dye. Replacing his power won’t be easy. Bobby Crosby and Eric Chavez will eventually hit three-four in the lineup. Until that happens there is no one on the club now or in the high minors ready to hit clean up for the team.

The Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Cubs, Royals and Red Sox will pursue Dye if the A’s don’t step up and try to get something done before the free agent feeding frenzy starts in November.

Click below for more of the complete version of Batter Up.The Yankees are very confident that they will acquire Randy Johnson when it is all said and done next week. Because of the money involved, only the Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Cards are seriously in the hunt for Johnson.

By the way, keep in mind the 40 year old Johnson has bad knees and is no lock to lead any pitching staff to the series. The lack of quality arms in the market is inflating his value.

The most important addition for the Yankees may be the return of El Duque. Not only has he pitched well, but many believe he will be a very positive influence on fellow Cuban Jose Contreras who has had trouble adjusting to big league life.

The Dodgers should make a serious run at acquiring Royals first baseman Mike Sweeney who has repeatedly expressed interest in returning to play near his home in Southern California.

Amazing that Carlos Delgado won’t give the Blue Jays permission to trade him. Delgado, a five and ten year man, has been paid over 80 million dollars over the course of his last contract. Delgado isn’t going to resign with Toronto and still won’t let the Blue Jays recoup some of the investment via a trade. Nice gratitude Carlos, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

The Reds aren’t going to make the playoffs.They should pull the trigger and trade pitchers Paul Wilson, Danny Graves, Cory Lidle, and Todd Jones while the market is hot. The Giants could use Graves and Jones right now.

Twins rookie catcher Joe Mauer has a bad knee. If things go well, Mauer will be restricted to catching about three times per week for the balance of the season. Mariners catcher Dan Wilson would be a great pickup for Minnesota.

New Yorkers love their baseball heroes. The Mets should thank veteran reliever John Franco and release him now, this way Art Howe can add a needed arm in the pen, a lefty who can actually get batters out.

The Marlins have turned to Billy Koch to solve their set up problems. Thursday Koch threw 19 pitches, 5 for strikes, somehow the Marlins survived and Armando Benitez got a five out save. Benitez won’t last the summer if Jack McKeon keeps using him that way.

The Cubs should just keep their eye on the wild card. If the Chicago pitching stays healthy and Sammy Sosa heats up, the Cubs can make the playoffs and do some damage in the fall.

All of a sudden Gary Sheffield is in the AL MVP race.

Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds, and Scott Rolen are still the favorites in the NL.

Cy Young: Right now, Mark Mulder and Jason Schmidt. I will be no surprise to see the east coast press push for Curt Schilling over Mulder. The A’s lefty may need 23 wins to hold off Schilling.

The winner in the AL West will be the team that plays best on the road. In the AL, only the Yankees, Twins, and Angels have winning records away from home.

Whoever ends up with Pirate pitcher Kris Benson next week may have to take over priced catcher Jason Kendall too.

Rumors persist that the Red Sox have spies somewhere in Fenway Park since the Sox hit almost forty points higher at home than on the road.

After watching Mariner third basemen Justin Leone and Scott Spiezio play this week, it is clear that Seattle is keeping the hot corner reserved for Angel free agent to be Troy Glaus, who won’t resign with Anaheim next season.

Angel reliever Troy Percival is still not right. Percival used to throw 96 to 97 with ease, not any more. The health of the Angels players will be their biggest hurdle the next two months.

It’s difficult for the A’s to add to the bullpen until they know the status of Arthur Rhodes. When will he be back? How long will it take him to get into playing shape once his back stops hurting? Manager Ken Macha is handcuffed in the late innings with only one lefty (Ricardo Rincon) currently in the pen.

The only player I’d consider trading Barry Zito for is Texas second year hitter Mark Teixeira. Otherwise, Zito is still an untouchable, no matter how much he struggles with his curve ball.

Can Texas really go down the stretch with Jaoquin Benoit, RA Dickey, and John Wasdin in the starting rotation?

After watching the A’s struggle on the road, how does the next week’s road trip to Texas (4), New York (3), and Minnesota (4) grab you?

The Marlins need their starting pitching to come together more than they need to trade for oft injured, very expensive, and pain in the neck outfielder Larry Walker of the Rockies.

With Freddy Garcia anchoring their staff, the White Sox are a team to watch. If the Twins hang on to win the Central and the other wild card contenders keep tripping over themselves, Chicago will make it into the playoffs.


1 Anonymous { 07.24.04 at 11:27 am }

Sounds like the A’s are keeping a tight lip on Rhodes’ injury. How did it all of a sudden appear? Is it from overuse? I hope they aren’t just planning on trading him. The A’s need him in the pen to win the division and for the playoffs. If they want to trade someone, trade Rincon. Many teams would take him. As for Dye, he can’t hit an offspeed pitch. He has looked terrible for almost two months now. I think fatigue is a factor here too. The A’s should only make an offer to him if there is absolutely noone else available.
Anyone else notice how big the Rangers players are? I wonder if the Feds are going to serve a warrant in their locker room anytime soon.
-Mike E.

2 Anonymous { 07.25.04 at 12:57 am }

How could the A’s not sign Tejada last year. I know
it’s water over the dam, but miggy is hitting over .300 with 19 homers and 90 runs batted in.
Couldn’t Crosby play second? No knock on Crosby.
He probaby will be Rookie of the year. But I miss
Tejada. He was the heart and soul of the A’s.
I have to remember not to cry over spilled milk

Jerry F

3 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:14 pm }

4 Anonymous { 09.22.07 at 1:51 pm }

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