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Sunday Morning Muse

The one player the A’s can least afford to lose, Tim Hudson, got smacked on the back of his pitching hand Saturday by a line drive off the bat of Dave Berg and now must hope that the team doctor has read the x rays of his valuable right hand correctly.

According to Hudson, the doctor said he has a deep bruise and no break in his pitching hand. Sounds similar to the original diagnosis that Curt Schilling received before further tests revealed his broken hand.

Only time will tell the extent of Hudson’s injury, but the pressure now is on Barry Zito to put the one bad inning that has plagued his latest starts behind him and step up in the A’s rotation.

Zito faces Roy Halladay today, a talented, yet understated righthander who wants the baseball every fourth day. Toronto probably will make an effort to resign Kelvim Escobar, then try a four man rotation next season.

In today’s world it is easier to come up with four starters than five, so JP Ricciardi, Toronto GM, wants to add another power pitcher and try to imitate the teams of yesterday who got by with only a four man starting rotation.

Halladay is the cornerstone of that plan.

Jose Guillen crushes mediocre pitchers, he doesn’t wait for a walk, and he has added life to the A’s lineup. I still think he would be better off hitting further down in the order where his homers can do some real damage.

Click below for more on this Sunday morning!The A’s need another arm in the bullpen. Jim Mecir usually comes off the DL and throws pretty well right away. This time he can’t get the feel of his off speed stuff, so the hitters are hammering his 88-90 MPH fastballs.

Chad Harville deserves a shot in the eighth because Chad Bradford and Ricardo Rincon cannot shoulder the burden for this bullpen much longer.

Is it me or is Keith Foulke looking a little weary these days too?

The Cubs can ill afford to lose Kerry Wood. The righty exited with back spasms Saturday and his next start is in jeopardy. Juan Cruz will be back with the Cubs soon.

The Cubs won’t face the challengers in the Central after early September meaning they will be doing a lot of scoreboard watching and hoping for the best. With Houston and St. Louis coming up soon, Wood will be missed if this latest set back for the big guy is serious.

Randall Simon can rake. Hee Seop Choi can’t, so the Cubs went out and got the lefty to platoon with Eric Karros at first base.

The Phillies won a big game Saturday against the Cards who lost JD Drew once again to another muscle injury. Until Matt Morris comes back in good health the Cards are going to struggle especially since it appears undersized Woody Williams may be running out of gas.

Jim Thome has earned his money for the Phillies. He has hit from opening day and is a pleasure in the clubhouse. He should get some serious MVP votes even though Albert Pujols seems to be a lock this year.

Is that really Amaury Telemaco listed to start for the Phillies today?

Next up for Pujols, hit in 31 straight and erase Stan Musial’s 1950 30 gamer from the books.

I take hitting streaks seriously once they get to 30 so I’m on the Pujols watch now.

Pedro loves to pitch against Seattle as he moved to 11-0 lifetime Saturday. His next start is scheduled for Thursday in Boston against the A’s (Tim Hudson?), so this means he will miss the Mariners next weekend.

Freddy Garcia looks to put another good game on the board today against John Burkett. This game typifies the Red Sox chances to succeed in the race to October. Can Burkett last six innings, keep his team in the game, then turn it over to the pen and hope three of the seven relievers out there can get the job done?

Nomar not playing Saturday because of back trouble doesn’t sound too good.

Texas is chewing up any team that shows up in Arlington during the summer. The White Sox and Bartolo Colon were the latest victims Saturday night. Today Neal cotts, rookie lefty gets his chance to stop the Rangers in the friendly heat of Texas. Good luck.

All is not lost because KC moves into NY for three this week, so the Twins and Sox are primed to make a move on the Royals during the next few days.

Runelvys Hernandez doesn’t seem to be throwing the ball freely. He barely lasted into the sixth against Chicago even though he had a good lead last week, then he gets ripped by Minnesota for nine in three innings Saturday.

Rick Reed and Darrell May today in KC.

The Orioles are tanking right on schedule, but they did tie the game off of Mariano Rivera in the ninth forcing the fans to endure another three innings before losing to NY in twelve.

Curt Schilling and Greg Maddux today in Atlanta. Together these two are 17-15, amazing. Atlanta hits the ball so well at the top of their order, they are still the best team I’ve seen on the field this year.

Sidney Ponson tries to bring some relief on the road trip from hell that the Giants are on. If Tomo Ohka shuts the boys down, then they better start worrying about the week coming up against Atlanta and Florida.

Dontrelle Willis hung in through six innings and 116 pitches, good for his endurance, not good for his outlook, since that looks like another shaky outing in my book.

Next Friday night Willis in Pac Bell, I won’t miss it.

Mets rookie shortstop Jose Reyes is up to .311, this kid can play.

Whatever happened to the A’s plan to play more small ball?

Hideo Nomo, one tough cookie pitches in Wrigley against Carlos Zambrano, now that’s a game.

Josh Beckett throws his heat against San Diego and Adam Eaton who has had his good moments occasionally this year in Miami in a game that starts at 1:30 local time. I went to many games in Miami Stadium as a kid on a Sunday to see the AAA Marlins and let me tell you it was always hot. Should be interesting to see how the Californians stand up to the So. Flordia heat today.

Jason Schmidt wouldn’t cut loose Saturday for fear of hurting his elbow. He wouldn’t throw breaking pitches either. You tell me what that means?

AL MVP: Carlos Delgado or Brett Boone unless Nomar goes crazy down the stretch. I think it’s Delgado’s because there isn’t anyone on a winning team having a standout season.

The Red Sox gave up on Chad Fox but he is doing just fine in the Fla. pen setting up Urbina and Looper.

Latest Giants injury, Marquis Grissom and his hand. Jose Cruz is the only regular left who hasn’t gone down yet.

Off day tomorrow for me, we all need one in August.


1 Anonymous { 08.17.03 at 11:27 pm }

Hey Marty,
The Yanks released Todd Zeile. Any chance the A’s could acquire him? Do you think he is worth it? I’m thinking they could use him as the righthanded bench guy they sorely need. He would definately be an upgrade from what they currently have.

2 marty { 08.17.03 at 11:49 pm }

Zeile thought he was out in NY, he was right, I like the suggestion, he could well help the A’s off the bench and wouldn’t cost anything. Good idea,

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